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How to leave Turkey for Europe

How to leave Turkey for Europe
If you begin to express discontent with our flag, our faith or our way of life, I highly insist that you take advantage of one of the main Australian civil liberties - the right to leave.
& copy; Brendan Nelson, the Minister of Defense of Australia, the message to the Muslims of Australia.
A very unpleasant predicament awaited us in Dresden. Already entering the city we saw a large, multi-colored building with a huge dome and minaret, similar to a large cathedral mosque. Later we asked the guide what kind of building it was and how to get there. What was our surprise and indignation when we learned that this building, which looks like a mosque, is actually a tobacco factory! The owner, you see, liked this example of eastern architecture and he built his factory in the form of a mosque. And what can be taken for a minaret is in fact a pipe from which waste products are emitted in the form of smoke. I do not understand why the public so calmly reacts to such blasphemy!
Further - more, further - Paris. Here Muslims are everywhere - we understood that already approaching the hotel and looking at the bus windows. In the center of the city in a souvenir shop, a nice young Pakistani man gave us a 30% discount on everything. He is the only one in Paris who knew about the Tatars - "I read in the book that this is the kind of people who once effectively spread Islam." Parisian Muslim women are walking: they are mostly dressed in black, but very stylish and with bright handbags and accessories. After watching the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and other central Parisian sights, the next day we take the subway to Montmartre. In the famous grocery store "At Ali" (in which many scenes from the movie "Ameli" were shot), we are greeted by good Arab salesmen. With the words "Bismillah" they treat us with the sweetest tangerines and marmalade. Then we come across the Muslim wedding salon. About this Kazan only dream of - the outfits are terrific and in general, at reasonable prices. I buy myself here three handkerchiefs of only 1.5 euros each. After that, we get to the Muslim Quarter, where any passerby with joy gestures or in broken English explains to us how to "walk" to the mosque.
It becomes a little sad, we in Kazan still have to study and learn such a true Muslim brotherhood.

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