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How to leave to live from Volgograd to Mauritius.

How to leave to live from Volgograd to Mauritius.
To see a paradise island in a glossy magazine and move there to live is a real Russian dream. But, alas, this happens only with those whose fathers own oil wells. Or husbands - factories. Well, in the most extreme case - in a fairy tale.
We open the section of permanent residence with a real story about how a simple girl from an average Russian family changed her place of residence. From Volgograd - and immediately to Mauritius!
SmartExplorer has learned all the details, and here's the proof: this is possible.
Who: Svetlana Ustyuzhanina.
Rent a house on the beach every 15 cheaper than a hotel.
It all started in my Volgograd school. I remember very well the moment when I opened the glossy magazine and saw the picture & ndash; white sand, turquoise water and a palm tree hanging over the shore. This is usually drawn paradise. And I took a deep breath and a dream came true - I want to see it with my own eyes. But it is worth adding that our family lived fairly modestly, even at the domestic sea, I still had not time to visit.
When the Internet and ICQ appeared in my life, the first thing I did was to find friends in Mauritius. By that time I had already graduated from the institute and worked. The first salaries went to the piggy bank for a ticket. I already planned everything. Friends helped me to rent an inexpensive house on the beach, which was 15 times cheaper than renting a hotel. I could only buy tickets.
Everyone laughed at me, but I already imagined myself on a white sand.
And this day has come. My family and friends were amazed that the money for which I could buy an old, but still a car, I spent on a trip alone to the end of the world, and only for 9 days! The flight Volgograd-Moscow-Paris-Mauritius took almost 24 hours. The feeling I experienced when I saw the same island in the porthole can not be described, it is magical. My dream has come true! This inimitable tropical smell, mixed with Indian incense, palm, sand, sun and Indian Ocean, which they call simply "sea & raquo ;.
Already on the 3rd day of my vacation, I realized: I want to live here!
Why and the details:
Local people often asked me: probably, living in Russia is very bad, so you moved? Not at all. I had an excellent life, but this desire to be there on the island is inside of you and completely inexplicable. It had to be quenched, otherwise I could not rest.
In the company, my rate was high, because the skin color is white.
In one of the magazines I found the layout of prices for air tickets and hotels. For me it was sky-high figures, dollars! Thought that I could afford only 40 years, and then with a successful scenario. But the dream was already born & hellip;
And from that moment I began to everywhere and everywhere to meet the mention of this little-known place then, to my eyes, as an illusion came across the articles, on TV - stories ...
Everyone laughed at me, even the closest. But, I have already decided everything and slowly began to hang pictures from magazines, presenting myself on a white sand. It seems to me that this is the case when there can be no variants. Only one - Mauritius. In addition, the whole island the size of Volgograd, so that in terms of scale everything turned out to be static.
How to earn:
My local friends told me that it was not difficult to arrange, and gave me several business contacts. With my managerial education, English and Russian languages, I found a job in a major tour operator, which is focused on the Russian market. I returned home and after 6 months with a business visa I moved to Mauritius.
At that moment, I realized what the stars felt.
But literally from the first working days I felt on myself how far we are from the notion of equality. In our company, the rate was determined individually. My colleague, who graduated from the University in the field of tourism and who has been practicing abroad, with more than 3 years of experience in this company, received the same salary as me, who has no education in tourism and no experience in this field, with the same amount of work . And all because the color of my skin is white. I was even told once that I can make a career very easily. Needless to say, I have enough money for living, food, everything necessary and entertainment. On the last, however, not always enough time.
The island is interesting not only for ideal beaches, but also for seven-colored lands, waterfalls and a crocodile farm. There are a lot of their unique customs, features, quirks.
Once I still had to use the bus, although it is not welcome - it's dangerous. But it was a day off, at the other end of the city my friends were waiting for me, and no one could drive me by car this day. Local people said that the bus can only sit on the front seats, in the tail ride the very, very poor people. But I grew up in Russia! Since childhood, I have read instructive literature on the lack of racial prejudice in the modern world, the equality of all people, etc. Of course, I did not attach any importance to this. And here I am on the bus. Many benches in a row of 3 seats on each, on both sides, and all are occupied. But it was embarrassing for me to go back out into the street, and I went across the bus to the last seats. At that moment, I realized what the stars felt. The whole bus was looking at me! I sat on one seat next to the window and buried myself in it, and was glad that I had glasses from the sun that created at least some kind of barrier between me and all these eyes. The last few rows just turned around and did not hesitate to study me. Nearby, no one sat down, but looked all the way from head to toe. A memorable moment in my life, I want to tell you!
The most popular flight to Mauritius via Dubai is by the airline Emirates:
- Departures from Moscow twice a day. Docking in Dubai is good, 3 and 4 hours. The cost of a flight in an economy class is from 42,000 rubles. per person.
Cheaply fly to Mauritius Austrian Airlines through Vienna.
- Flight is only performed once a week, on Saturdays. Docking in Vienna - 1.5 hours on the way there, and 50 min. on the way back.
Cost of flight in both directions in economy class - from 1020 euros + fees.
You can fly and Air France through Paris:
- daily, docking 50 minutes and 7 hours, cost from 1300 euros.
There are many more options to fly through the cities of Europe to Air Mauritius.
The cost of the flight in the combination "European carrier + Air Mauritius" - from 1160 euros + fees.
From 150 euros per day (three stars).
There are some professions, which are usually taken by foreigners, and not by residents of Mauritius. These are, in the main, positions in the banking sector, as well as in tourism and education.
The average salary is about 750 dollars.
When traveling to Mauritius for Russian citizens, except for holders of diplomatic passports, the visa regime applies.
Persons arriving in the country for tourist or business purposes for up to 15 days receive a visa directly at the airport of Mauritius subject to the availability of return tickets, sufficient financial resources (at the rate of about $ 100 per day) and documents confirming the purpose of the trip and residence during your stay in the country. Russians planning to travel to Mauritius for other purposes (study, work, etc.) for a longer period or who do not have return tickets must first contact the Mauritian Embassy in Moscow. To enter the country requires a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

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