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How to leave in Nepal

How to leave in Nepal
May 4, 2015 at 1:47 pm by Daria Kuznetsova.
In Ukraine, it seems, the next scandal is coming to an end: the acting head of the State Service for Emergency Situations Zoryan Shkiryak is on the fifth day in India and Nepal, where, according to his own confession, the Ukrainians, who were in the terrible earthquake zone, arrived to evacuate. And the official is not in a hurry to return home with our fellow citizens.
The Chernobyl forests did not have time to extinct yet, and the Kievans ran around the capital with a dosimeter, measuring whether it was worthwhile to stock up with iodine, gauze bandages and red wine, or wait, and acting. SSNS, meanwhile, wrote in Facebook that it flies to Nepal, where everyone is about to rescue. There were, of course, without the traditional "Selfie" against the backdrop of an airplane, in an airplane and after an airplane.
However, as it turned out after arriving in Delhi, no one in Nepal Shkiryaka is allowed to let anyone go. But even then the chief rescuer decided not to lose heart, and just stayed with the team in May in the Indian capital. That's only the Internet, he said, a little "disappointed." "There is practically no Internet, the connection is terrible," Shkiryak lamented in social networks, although a couple of new photos, we will note, nevertheless "climbed through the network" despite all the difficulties.
A day later, they were informed by Kathmandu that they were ready to accept Shkiryak, though, here is the ill luck - here the Ukrainian plane ... broke down. About this IO himself. head of the State Emergency Situations Service told the "Ukrainian Truth" correspondent. And, according to the official, "Nepal allowed the plane to land at four in the morning on May 2, but by this time the details for repairing the aircraft from Kiev will not be transferred, so now diplomats and rescuers are thinking how to solve this problem." Well, the delegation, meanwhile, continued to stay in Delhi.
Soon the place of the dislocation was managed to change, and even despite the fact that the Ukrainian capital did not deliver the spare parts. "Arrived in Kathmandu with several employees of the State Emergency Service of the regular flight from Delhi," Zoryan Shkiryak wrote in Facebook, adding that several of his colleagues would join him in the near future, while the rest are still in India, waiting for the aircraft to be repaired.
Such a trip cost the budget at least 6 million hryvnia, - says opposition politician Konstantin Stogniy.
"I asked the specialists how much the trip to Kathmandu could cost. For example, a direct flight to the IL-76 costs 240 thousand dollars. Here, almost six million hryvnia. Add parking in Delhi, accommodation, accommodation. As a result, the flight of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to Nepal looks like a very expensive vacation, "he wrote on Facebook.
And, according to Stognia, he managed to communicate with the already returned Ukrainians from Nepal, and there was no salvation from the State Emergency Service. "I talked with people who have just returned from Nepal. It turned out almost a "representative sample" - 17 people. Everyone got home on their own. For his own "kosht." From the help of Russians and Kazakhs refused. Some of the patriotic considerations and fears that "stuck" in Moscow, others did not want because of the fact that there are no seats on rescue flights. Not comfortable. When asked why they did not use the Ukrainian plane, the answer was one: "everything has already ended," said Constantin Stogniy.
The oppositionist is convinced that if the mindset, then send a rescue flight to Kathmandu was immediately after the earthquake, and not wait a few days - until the May holidays.
Ukrainians themselves complain about the absence of evacuation - 80 our fellow citizens still remain in Kathmandu.
"I came to understand what situation? No one gives any information: neither on the state of roads, nor on the destruction. Nobody knows anything. I understand that we will fly away, but when - it's not clear. Breakfast feeds us every day! After the earthquake, the delegation arrived, but nothing really changes, "- said in a commentary on the TV channel" Ukraine "Oleg Zhdanov, a Ukrainian tourist.
The tourists have complaints about the work of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. They say the evacuation process is delayed. You can call the consulate, but it's very difficult. Some rescuers flew to Kathmandu. But there was no one to save. Ukrainians are simply asked to take them out. Today 6 more Ukrainian tourists came from the mountains. Now the number of those who want to leave - 74 people and 16 foreigners.
The Ukrainian tourists have not collected their belongings yet, since they do not know how quickly it will be possible to repair the IL-76, which is now waiting for them in Delhi.

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