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How to leave for the USA? Is it possible to obtain the citizenship of America?

How to leave for the USA? Is it possible to obtain the citizenship of America?
Have you longed to leave for America? It's time for your dreams to come true! Immigration from Ukraine to the United States is very relevant in our time, if you have made this decision, then we are ready to help you.
There are many ways to go live in the US and we will tell you about them.
The first way to immigrate to the US is to marry a US citizen. This is especially true for girls, because then they are immediately guaranteed & # 171; Green Card & # 187; . And after three years of living together with a citizen of the states, the girl will legally obtain the passport of a citizen of America. But do not play with a fictitious marriage, because the seriousness of the intentions of lovers is seriously checked, and in case of exposure you will be deported and banned from entering the country for life. So get married only for your loved ones and you will be happy.
If this option does not suit you, then it's worth thinking about "political asylum". You can say that your rights are infringed upon with your religion, political beliefs or race. In America, people take seriously the infringement of the rights of citizens, so it is likely that you will be able to stay for a long time, if not always, in the land of your dreams. It will not be cheap, but then you will get the benefits that are right for you. The amount of benefits starts from $ 2000, and you can also study at the university for free. If you are worried about the question of how to start simply go to America, you can go with a tourist visa (press Visa in the US), and there it's up to you, but it's always harder to stay in the country.
Green Card Lottery: what does Green Card give and how to win it?
Do you consider yourself lucky person? Then try your luck and get in the lottery & # 171; Green Card & # 187; . Once a year, the US State Department conducts a Diversity Visa Lottery to attract immigrants. If you are lucky, then you can legally go to America. But to stay in the country you need at least 6 months. This is a very interesting way, but no one will give you a guarantee that this year will be your luck. If you are this lucky person, then you will not need a tourist visa to America !!
If you are thinking about working in a dream country, then you need a US working visa. Of course, you will have to work hard to interest the employer and he agreed to spend several thousand dollars for your visa to America. The main condition is the presence of your higher education. With this visa you can not only live and work in the territory of America, but also learn, get rights and credit cards, you will become a full-fledged citizen of the country.
You are still a student and the above listed options do not suit you, then you can leave on a student visa J-1. But here you need to convince the staff of the US Consulate that you are not going to stay there forever. This visa can be obtained through various exchange programs from different countries. Also, staying on the last university courses, you can go to an internship in the US.
The easiest way to go to the US is to get a call from relatives who live in this country. Then, under the program "Family reunification" you can easily leave.
A legal and quick way to move to the States and obtain a residence permit is to open your business there or buy an existing business.
Business immigration is good in terms of processing documents, because for the embassy you will be a person ready to work for the American economy. But this method is very expensive, so not everyone will be able to use it.
In case you are in a religious organization that is recognized as non-profit in the United States for more than two years, you can get a religious visa for 5 years. Thanks to it you can come and go from America. To do this, you need to bring your connection with this religious organization. Such immigration will be relevant for many, so the matter is in your hands.
Did you think very well and decided that there would be a better life for you? Are you sure you want this? Then forward to your dream! And we will help you, what option you would not choose, you will receive support and help from us.
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