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How to leave for a permanent residence in a Czech greenhouse

How to leave for a permanent residence in a Czech greenhouse
russian portal of the city of Teplice.
How is it in Teplice?
The answer is simple: as in the resort.
And what do you need at the resort? The answer is even simpler: it is clear that money.
Everything else is here, from the sanatoriums and ending with the local air club: pay and fly. This is the oldest resort in Europe, kings, writers, composers, rich people went to the waters here. And now everyone can go, there is this pleasure in comparison with other possibilities of rest is quite inexpensive.
What is specific and charming?
If someone heard, for example, about Karlovy Vary, he knows that there is local water curative for the stomach, liver, kidneys.
And in Teplice, the thermal waters of the generic sources are bubbling under the earth, which treats all possible nervous disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (for example, cerebral palsy).
In addition, their property, however, not only them, but the whole city, the entire local nature in that people here really rest, restore their strength.
It's no wonder that Russian cosmonauts are brought here for rehabilitation.
The city is quiet, beautiful, green.
Parks, fountains, ancient architecture, leisurely people. By the way, there are about 50 000 of them.
Despite the fact that the population is so small, trolleybuses and buses go here, and at present there are 5 huge supermarkets that would fit any capital of the world.
The landscape is amazing, distinctly hilly, here and there remains of medieval ruins, here and there super-modern buildings.
Everything is compact and cozy, I want to walk, although there are enough cars.
In the city one of the best football teams in Europe, so among cars is not uncommon all kinds of "bantley" and "Ferrari".
There are areas of old and new mansions, panel houses and beautiful brick houses in Art Nouveau, Art Deco, etc. The streets are often quiet and crowded. Everything is restored everywhere, and if not, it is already on its way.
The city has changed very much over the past 6-7 years.
Until that time, he practically remained without attention from the postwar period. Then many Slovak Gypsies moved here, as it was the territory of the former Sudeten, that is, the one that Hitler decided to open from the Czech Republic and forever to make part of the new Germany. Even if in view of the fact that there were many ethnic Germans living there, but his adventure with the war failed, the Sudetenes again became Czech land, the Germans preferred to retire more quickly, and the Czechs still somehow did not rush to return here.
It is said that when the Germans fled at the end of the war, there were mansions full of all kinds of belongings in the city. They settled in Roma families, lived and dined on expensive Saxon porcelain, but were lazy even to wash the dishes, so they simply threw it out the window, the house was spoiled, and when it seemed to them that it had already become somehow very dirty, they simply moved to the next a mansion where such lawlessness and barbarity continued, as the next series of some kind of surrealistic series.
Since those times the biggest disadvantage of Teplice was the high unemployment rate. The few industrial enterprises that exist in this region clearly do not satisfy the demand in the labor market. And the balneological sector, naturally, does not need all these thousands of people.
Therefore, those of our compatriots who move here to live permanently can often only do their own suitable business, few find work in Czech enterprises.
We must also say why, in fact, ours every year comes more and more, and do not even rest, namely, to live.
The thing is, apparently, because of the large percentage of unemployment (officially about 10%), there is a fairly large selection of real estate. A solid private house can be bought, starting from the amount of 120,000 euros. A cooperative three-room apartment in a panel house, an area of about 75 square meters. m is from 8000 (!) euros and above.
That is, for any resident of the former Union, these prices seem incredible, ridiculous and fantastic at the same time.
A chic European resort with such prices for real estate. It seems that it simply does not happen. And nevertheless - it's true. But we must understand that no beautiful situation, including this one, is eternal. Now it is difficult to say how long it will take until the prices are equalized to the level of the usual prices of central Europe.
In short, for all comers and able to live quietly and comfortably, this is an excellent chance to change your life for the better.
In addition to the beauty of the city and many beautiful sanatoria, what else to please the soul in Teplice and its surroundings? I am convinced that the nature of these places can not disappoint anyone.
And any village looks so neat and civilized that even the biggest in the world townspeople would not refuse from the coziness of local villages. Moreover, everything is close, to get to the nearest supermarket, probably, it is much easier and faster than to the nearest district in Moscow.
And besides, it is worth noting that to the border of Germany only 8 km along the highway. The Czech Republic is included in the Schengen area, so if you want, go freely, even to the ocean coast or even further. It is clear that Czechs and Germans on the other side of the border are also happy to visit shopping centers, historical places, and even all kinds of entertainment places. Probably, in order to compare the impressions, try the taste of a non-existent strawberry. Or simply out of curiosity, a desire to save something somewhere, than you will explain.
Of course, there are enough clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos in Teplice, but what is more pleasant and cheaper is, for example, the presence of beautiful parks, lakes with hand carps, a local monkey and a botanical garden and even a solid astronomical observatory (Teplitska is mainly engaged in observation of the sun).
Well, a little further, in the neighboring city of Usti nad Labem, which is larger in size and more industrial, there is still a lot of all sorts of useful and entertaining objects, starting from the same supermarkets and ending with the famous zoo.
If you remember again about people, then probably you should re-isolate two ethnic groups, these are the same gypsies and Arabs. His Arabs in Teplice are very few, they do not present any inconvenience or problems. "Nesvoi" Arabs come to heal themselves or treat their children every year, there are a lot of them, and apparently they like it very much. A plus. They say that the treatment here is actually the most effective of all available in the world, especially for children it helps and they are happy with it.
In a small central park in the summer vacationers, the Arabs make up a very calorie picture. Some say that it becomes like some Beirut or Dubai.
Gypsies often live in cooperative panel houses and are neighbors, both Czechs and our former compatriots. Half of the gypsy families are quite normal, half of them are noisy, yet education, genes, lack of a certain level of culture. At the same time, we can not say that they are dangerous or aggressive, not at all. Exceptions are very rare, but they are always reacted promptly by the Czech police.
Gypsies do not like how the Czechs treat them, they are the latter called racists. And I must say that they do not like them, but often, they just do not digest it precisely because of bad manners and shouting.
It is natural that gypsies trade drugs and are engaged in prostitution, so it seems to them more interesting and reliable than working somewhere in difficult, unskilled conditions. Well, for example, digging ditches, laying asphalt, doing repair work on water and gas lines, etc.
I must say that the Czechs do not want to take gypsies to work, there are many reasons for this, but nevertheless, the fact remains that the Roma life is squeezed into a corner and this only contributes to the growth of crime.
Nevertheless, I repeat once again that it is quite easy to live with them, because they are afraid of us. The Russians for the Czechs and Gypsies are basically mafia and barbarians.
In the first question - no, in the second - yes.
Our people often had a difficult, nervous life in the conditions of underdeveloped socialism, the lack of everything you want, in constant gnawing and fighting in queues, etc. Naturally, all this could not but affect the image, customs and characters.
And the Czechs are calm, they have a relatively normal life and developing culture behind their shoulders, so when confronted with them and our mentality, all sorts of misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations often occur in which we, the post-Soviet ones, differ in their behavior for the better.
But who wants to, it eventually changes. Somehow everyone calms down here.
It is also true that if you want a normal life for your children, then the Czech Republic in general and Teplice in particular is a good, as they say, right place for their development and maturation. And with all the difficulties that, of course, there is here, to live in Teplice is a reward, a gift of fate, compensation. It is possible that it is for everything that is bad, difficult and difficult that you experienced in your time there, in your abnormal and unique homeland.

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