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How to immigrate to Austria. PART 1.

How to immigrate to Austria. PART 1.
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One of the most cultured, clean, neat and beautiful countries of Europe is Austria. In addition, Austria boasts a fairly high level of social services and a strong, sustainable economy. And although the prices in the country are quite high, but the income of citizens allows you to feel confident. In this regard, for a very long period, a large number of foreigners seek to immigrate to Austria and obtain a permanent residence permit.
Foreigners can get one of the four types of visas that are offered for temporary residence in the state, but none of them allows work in Austria. The first type A gives it to those who want to fly over the country, a transit option. Type B is issued to those who want to travel through the country on land transport, five days. The third type of S-guest is received by tourists or citizens of other countries who want to stay with friends or relatives in Austria. This visa allows you to stay for a short time in the country, no more than three months. And the last type D gives an opportunity to stay in the country. The difference with the other types of visas is that the latter is a purely national Austrian visa and operates only within the state, and all the rest are common to the Schengen countries.
In Austria, you can stay for a longer time, in addition, have more rights than give visas, but for this you need to make a residence permit or a residence permit. They are unlimited, and can have a strict duration. The residence permit is issued to students who study in Austria, as well as employees of international companies and their families. The residence permit is issued to foreigners who live in the country for a long time, have real estate in the country or their business, are reunited with the family, etc. We should not forget that the number of residence permits issued by the Austrian authorities during the year is severely restricted quotas.
The Austrian government determines the size of quotas every year based on the situation in the state and the situation on the labor exchange. There are groups of target immigration that clearly share the quota. Three groups are distinguished as basic, they are hired workers and their families, and traders; family members of foreigners who already live in Austria; foreigners who want to live in this country without working.
Some immigrants do not need to have quotas. They are refugees (they can stay in the country for a long time based on the convention on the rights of refugees), employees of religious communities and institutions, churches recognized by Austrian law; politicians, as well as employees of various international institutions that have diplomatic status; representatives of international cultural and scientific institutions; scientists, educators, teachers, teachers invited by state organizations or educational institutions in Austria; Husbands or wives of Austrian citizens, as well as their children (even non-native); A citizen of any of the countries of the European Union, as well as his family, and for the family, EU citizenship is not necessary.
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