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How to hire a lawyer?

How to hire a lawyer?
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Gentlemen, tell the teapot how to do this?
Those. you need to sign with him some kind of contract, to establish what that permanent payment, or they take money for solving specific issues arising from me?
Well, I've never come across this.
The lawyer is in the spotlight - the one who led the deal about buying me at home ..
But how to continue to be - what to ask - what to offer - I do not know.
After reading the forum, I realized that for a quiet life in Greece (even a couple of months a year) you need to hire a lawyer (and, possibly, an accountant.).
After reading the forum, I realized that for a quiet life in Greece (even a couple of months a year) you need to hire a lawyer (and, possibly, an accountant.).
As for lawyers, there can be several for different cases. Because you will not find universal lawyers in Greece, they do not exist in nature. There are lawyers for financial transactions, there are divorce cases, there are specialists only on the cadastre. It all depends on why you need a lawyer.
Even for a quiet life it's good to have your dentist.
But you all once were so.
Since that section of the forum is not intended for legal issues - asked here.
Erroneous - tax on the car and real estate to pay, razuyetsya, will come. I had all kinds of income in mind.
As I understand it - the tax on real estate and municipal fees.
It is necessary to declare something else?
Where they made out the divorce, you must put an apostille on the certificate of divorce.
P.S. Hello everyone. Please help the old forum member. Thank you.
1). The court order on divorce in Russia. (a month ago they were already bred).
2). He trusts with a notary.
4) Then in Greece translates into Greek, assures and forward.
4) In view of the fact that she does not want to go to Greece, she gives it to him in writing, certified by the notary paper that she is not against divorce in Greece, that she no longer has a foot (never say never), but this requires her and his Greek passports (also in translation with an apostille). This is for a notary.
That's what they told me. At the moment, he went to Greece to arrange apostills with a translation into Greek documents.
Formed in the Consulate of Kazakhstan in Greece. In theory, the signature and seal of the Consulate General (Embassy) is an apostille. But in Lixiarkhio (Greek registry office) they do not have enough, they say it is necessary to go to the Greek court (either to divorce in Greece or to recognize through this court this Kazakhstan divorce).
And he says, I do not know for sure, but there seems to be a simple procedure for recognizing a divorce, which can be done within 1 week. These are his words. Advise the lawyer, pliz.

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