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How to go to work in South Korea.

How to go to work in South Korea.
Many residents of Kazakhstan recently leave to work in South Korea. At the same time, our compatriots go abroad both legally and illegally. In this regard, they and their relatives have many problems. The portal Otyrar.KZ asked the lawyer to answer how all this should happen from the point of view of the law.
According to the specialist, if you are planning to go abroad for work, first of all you need to issue a work visa, because only she gives the right to work in the territory of another state.
"Usually this visa is issued through agencies that have a license for employment of Kazakhstani citizens abroad.What is the right way to arrange an agreement with such an organization? First of all, check whether the agency that sends you to work abroad has a license for this type of activity.
The next step is to conclude a contract with the agency. It clearly states the rights and obligations of the parties. And no matter how attractive prospects may seem, do not rush to sign an agreement without consulting a lawyer whom you trust. Any serious company will allow you to take the contract with you, without requiring you to sign it here and now. Often firms engaged in employment, immediately say where you have to work, and even provide an employment contract. Learn all the details.
If the agency does not fulfill its obligations, and you have already paid them a certain amount for employment, you can file a complaint with the department for coordination of employment and social programs of the city, or directly to the court. That is why it is so important not only to conclude a treaty, but to study it carefully before concluding. If all the details are agreed and you need to leave, then always leave a copy of your passport, address, where you are going to go, and your photo. With you, be sure to take the contacts of the embassy and organizations that could help you in case of anything.
Another surprise that you might be trapped in - you negotiated a single amount of salary, and upon arrival at the place the employer tells you that it will pay less. In this case, it is worth considering - whether it is necessary to conclude a labor contract with him at all ", - said the lawyer Leyla Khaliulin in detail.
At the same time, the interviewee told about an instructive story showing the importance of having a work visa: "The mother of a man who traveled to South Korea 15 years ago on a tourist visa turned to us.The most interesting thing is that he earned a good salary here too - worked as a train driver , but decided to go for big money.In South Korea, he worked in a garbage processing plant, but he was deported for violating migration legislation, and according to their laws, deportation is made to the nearest border. We learned about deportation recently, when one of our employees was on a business trip in South Korea, she began to look for him, and then the details were clarified. "We turned to the Kazakh embassy in Russia, the Migration Service of Russia confirmed that he crossed the border and that's all. All our requests to the search services, to the "Wait for Me" program have not given anything yet. "
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