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How to go to study in New Zealand.

How to go to study in New Zealand.
If you are thinking about the possibility to go to study in New Zealand, you probably already know that the collection and processing of documents for admission to any educational institution, be it a college or a language school? It is a process that requires great attention to detail. On the one hand, the official website of the Immigration Service of New Zealand has collected exhaustive information about which documents should be collected and presented. However, in practice it usually turns out that many moments for students are still unclear, and the process itself seems incredibly difficult, especially for those who are going to go to New Zealand for the first time.
To this may be added and difficulties with the choice of educational institution, especially if it is a language school. Due to the specifics of New Zealand's economic relations with Asian countries and, first of all, with China (see article "Want to live in New Zealand? Learn Chinese!"), There are a lot of language centers created by Asians in the country and for Asians. More precisely, mostly for Asians. The recruitment of such language schools for representatives of other nationalities is, of course, unlimited. However, if you go to study at a similar institution, over 90% of your group will be students from Asia, and the teachers themselves, too, are likely to come from Asian countries. Considering the budget of the trip to New Zealand, this is unlikely to be what you expect to receive from school.
That's why those who have already encountered such a situation, or who are just starting to choose an educational institution in New Zealand, I want to recommend the resource This is a site where you can find the educational institution that suits you and get qualified help in preparing all the documents for admission to the chosen course for free.
With the creator & # 8220; Zealands & # 8221; Artem Verbovikov we are personally acquainted. Artem & # 8211; Web developer and lives in New Zealand. Once he himself went to study in New Zealand, got there IT education, and then started to work and stayed to live. Now he helps to travel to New Zealand to other students, for which the resource "Zelandovka & # 8221;" was created.
On the site there are tested schools where students from CIS countries regularly come and who have a good reputation in New Zealand.
Currently, Zelandovka & # 8221; is engaged in two areas: 1) English and 2) IT and multimedia design.
In the direction of & # 8220; English & # 8221; there are language schools that offer students both short-term and long-term language courses from the Beginners to Advanced level. Among the highly specialized courses there are courses of business English, academic English and special courses for teachers of English.
The IT direction includes such specialties as system administration, programming, 3D-graphics, video post-production, animation, digital design. There are IT programs that allow after a year of training to get an annual visa for job search in New Zealand. These courses will be especially interesting for those IT professionals or people who want to become them, who consider studying in New Zealand as a way of immigration, and is looking for relatively inexpensive educational institutions for this. In general, if you ever were interested in this topic, you probably know that the direction of IT in principle is considered one of the most promising in terms of immigration, not only in New Zealand, but in many other developed countries.
With & # 8220; Zealandki & # 8221; Dozens of Russian-speaking students have already left for New Zealand. Some of their success stories you can see in the videos on the blog on
Why is it for students to help? & Zealands & # 8221; free?
For students who turn to Artem and the guys from Zelandovki, their help is not worth anything at all. That is, the price that you pay for a particular course on the site will be the same for you as if you directly agreed with this institution.
Why? The fact is that the agency commission is always put in the cost of any course. At the same time, even if you yourself conduct all negotiations with the educational institution, the cost of this commission will not be compensated to you by anyone # 8211; she will leave for school. Thus, by contacting an educational institution through a representative, you directly benefit from this. For the same money that you, in any case, pay the school, you additionally receive the help of people who know many details and subtleties of the process of processing documents upon admission to the educational institution and will be able to competently guide you through this process.
This, by the way, is the main difference between representatives (such as Zelandovka & # 8221;) from educational companies in Russia who, for the very same services, will take very decent money from you.
What educational institutions cooperate with Zelandovka & # 8221 ;?
In the number of educational institutions with which it cooperates & Zelandovka & # 8221; currently includes:
Yoobee Design School (formerly Natcoll Design Technology) & # 8211; is a college of digital design. It was founded in 1997 and has three branches in the largest cities of New Zealand: Oakland, Wellington and Christchurch. Nutcall once won a strong reputation as one of the leading educational institutions in New Zealand in the field of digital design, and, changing the brand, remains true to its philosophy and traditions.
College programs include such programs as: web development, graphic design, interactive design, animation and digital video, video production. In college there is also a preparatory course for applicants.
Media Design School & # 8211; this is the school of design, won the greatest number of awards for the programs of digital design and creative technologies. Graduates of the school work in the world's leading design agencies and animation studios, develop computer games and filmmaking, participate in the production of blockbusters, including such well-known artists as King Kong and Hong Kong. and the Lord of the Rings.
In Media Design School you can get a bachelor's degree in the following specialties: art and design, game programming, game art, or undergo a degree course in 3D animation, VFX and Motion graphics, creative advertising, digital media design, graphic design.
Regent International Education Group offers very accessible language courses and courses for IT and business. At the same time, since the college is large enough and exists long ago (founded in 1989), it can afford to give discounts to students up to 50% of the cost of the program.
Regent International Education Group offers two degree programs & # 8211; Information Technologies (Diploma 6) and Information Technologies (Diploma 7). Both programs are very popular with IT people (or those who want to become them) as a relatively fast and relatively budgetary method of immigration through education.
Regent also has good serious language courses, which are often brought to tighten by those who plan to continue to receive a diploma in information technology.
And another of the pleasant & # 8211; The Regent International Education Group is located in the heart of Auckland on Queen Street.
The School of Languages International is considered one of the best in New Zealand. Since 2007, it has consistently been included in the top five schools of the Southern Hemisphere according to the LTM Star Awards. If in other schools it is sometimes possible to meet English teachers not from English-speaking countries, for example, from China, then in Languages International all teachers " only high-level professionals from countries such as England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Naturally, and at prices this school is more expensive than the rest.
Languages International offer a very wide range of courses, including general English, English for the University and business English. Here you can prepare for the delivery of a number of international tests & # 8211; IELTS, TOEFL, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC. And, in addition, the school has specialized courses for teachers & # 8211; CELTA and TESOL.
Campus Languages International is located in Auckland and Christchurch. The cost of studying in Christchurch is slightly less, because This city is less popular among students, if you compare it with Oakland. But in both cities the schools are located in the center.
The Cornell Institute offers quite a number of courses of a different orientation, but due to its specificity, Zelandovka & # 8221; first of all, those that are connected with the direction of IT. There are several such courses, and they assume the receipt of diplomas of various levels on information technologies (direction of system administration).
This is the most budgetary of the partner schools & # 8220; Zelandovki & # 8221; but at the same time offering a very decent level of training.
At the Auckland Goldstar Institute, you can study general English courses from beginners to advanced levels, as well as prepare for an IELTS academic test.
The NZLC language center was founded in 1984, ie, This is one of the oldest schools in New Zealand with a very good reputation. The campuses of the school are in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, although the latter is temporarily not working after the earthquake in 2011.
Last year, the NZLC Auckland campus moved to the Viaduct watefront and is now located just a few steps from the coast and just a short walk from Auckland's main transport hub, Britomart, which means you can easily get to school from anywhere in the city.
The school has general English, business English courses, preparation courses for international tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC and specialized courses for TESOL and CELTA teachers.
By the way, in this school I studied myself, so I can tell a lot about it.
NZIoS (New Zealand Institute of Studies) & # 8211; is a language school located in the heart of Auckland on Queen Street. NZIoS offers various programs for teaching English at very democratic prices. For example, the cost of classes in general English courses with a standard number of hours (20 hours per week) is only 230 NZD per week.
The atmosphere in NZIoS is homely and cozy, and as a plus for those who still do not speak English well, a Russian-speaking manager works at the school, which will help in the event of various kinds of problems, both connected and not related to the school.
In NZIoS there are general English courses for different levels of readiness (from beginner to advanced), academic English courses, including preparation for international IELTS or Cambridge FCE tests, and English language courses for teachers, which make it possible to get the TESL qualification widely recognized in the world.
Auckland English Academy & # 8211; This is a small private educational institution, located like NZIoS on Queen Street in Oakland. The school is known for its progressive approach to learning, it introduces and applies the newest and modern methods of teaching English. Auckland English Academy sets high standards for teachers, that's why they are distinguished by creative approach to teaching and the desire for constant development both professional and personal.
Auckland English Academy offers general English courses for any level of preparation, academic English courses and preparation for the IELTS test, English language courses for teachers and specialized courses for children and adolescents, including an active cultural and entertainment program.
Especially the strength of Auckland English Academy is the academic English course. To pass the IELTS test, the school has been successfully preparing students for more than 20 years. The school itself was founded in 1988, i.e. has been around for 25 years.
Since this institution is small enough, maximum attention and individual approach to each student is guaranteed.
For more information about all schools and courses, you will find out if you look at the website "Zelandovka & # 8221 ;. If you have any questions, you can also write to Artem and ask them. I hope one of you will help answer the question & # 8211; "How to go to New Zealand for study". # 8221 ;.
And once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that, through & # 8220; Zelandovka & # 8221 ;, or without it the cost of any of the above courses will be the same for you.
I wish you good luck in achieving your goals, especially if this goal & # 8211; travel and study in New Zealand!
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Comments on the entry & # 8220; How to go to study in New Zealand & # 8221;
I hasten to inform you that the NZIOS is currently holding a price action for English courses.
Only 120 USD per week (for studies from 12 weeks).
Price action for the diploma program Diploma in Business level 7 & # 8211; Only 6000 USD for the year of study.
The Institute has long and closely cooperated with Zelandovka.
Ask about the promotions of Maria!
Maria, in Hamilton, where can you go to study? Do you have information about language courses and IT training in Hamilton?
Mila, I responded to your mail and wrote the options.
I'm interested in training programs in the specialty & # 8211; graphic design.
What is the average duration, and the cost of training? And also the conditions of admission for emigrants?
Nina, hello! Answered you by email.
Tell me, please, and in the direction of IT-Quality Assurance or Project Management in the range of 6-7 US dollars, can you offer something?
I'm planning a summer for admission.
And another question, I have two children, which I like as an option two would like to take with them for the duration of their studies.
There is a question: what are the financial requirements for me from the NZ government?
Can I put them in a free school (they speak English)
Thank you, Yana.
I mean .. 6-7 thousand American dollars 🙂
Good afternoon, Yana.
we have so far only one program left 7 & # 8211; Diploma in Business Management.
Children with you can fly, but will be on visitor's visas.
On these visas can attend kindergarten (20 hours per week free of charge), but for school it is necessary to pay.
Or do not send the children while in school, and replace it with the study of English.
Attend an extended day group at each school for $ 15 per day (from 3-00 to 6-00). During the year, children will learn English and after your studies, when you get a work visa, they can go to school for free with good English and will understand what the teacher tells them.
Manager of marketing department.
Olga, thank you very much for your reply and advice!
Good afternoon. Interested in learning in New Zealand. My mail is [email protected]
Catherine, hello! I answered you by e-mail.
Tell me, please, what language courses in Christchurch can you offer? If there are those that give a guarantee for a student visa? Can I combine them with work?
I'm planning an end of the summer & # 8211; Autumn for admission.
Elena, hello! I answered you by e-mail.
Interested in courses for teachers of English, what can you offer?
Answered you by email. If something of the proposed options are of interest, please write, ask!
Maria hello, I would like to migrate with 2 children to the NZ, but to get a profession in demand, tell me who to unlear? You can in PM.
Jeanne, hello! Answered you in PM.
What are the variants of educational institutions for a 16 year old teenager. Their payment and the cost of living?
Svetlana, hello! Answered in a personal.
Hello! I would also like to know if this is possible, how can I move to New Zealand for a permanent residence (I'm 23 years old, unmarried, have a bachelor's degree in international law (two languages-English and French), now in a magistracy (studying taxes). Can I somehow get a job in such a specialty or is there basically everything connected with IT? Maybe then it's worth the language course, if it will give something? Thank you in advance!
Anna, hello! I answered you by e-mail.

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