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How to go to India for permanent residence.

How to go to India for permanent residence.
India ranks second after China in terms of population. So additional residents do not really need it. There are no active migration programs in the country, employers are not very willing to hire foreigners, they also have enough of their staff. Get a permanent residence in India is very difficult.
Migration rules.
Despite the rather low standard of living of the main population, India attracts many foreigners, primarily its culture and customs, as well as the warm climate and cheap cost of living.
In this country come on time to plunge into the atmosphere of Hinduism or just relax and pobozhevat. For those keen on spiritual practices, the months allocated for a tourist visa are usually not enough. So you need to learn how to obtain a residence permit.
In India, there are two options for residence permits - temporary and permanent.
The temporary is issued for one year, it will have to be extended continuously. A permanent permit actually lasts five or ten years.
To obtain a residence permit, you must meet certain requirements, and if they are not fulfilled, you can also take a residence permit. Or do not extend it.
Business immigration.
To leave for India for permanent residence, you can open your business, although this is risky. Your main advantage in obtaining a residence permit is that you will create jobs for Hindus.
To get permission from the authorities to conduct business, you need to provide a business plan, describe the industry in which you will work, and also prove that you have enough money. Starting a business in India, you need to have a very serious personal reason to live in this country.
Indian universities produce a large number of good specialists, and the best of them immediately after the release of dismantling large companies. Indian graduates are worthy of competition not only in the Indian, but also in the international labor market. If you want to get into their number - pay for training. For the entire period of study you will be provided with a residence permit. Well, if you want to stay in India and after studying & # 8211; Look for work!
Marriage with a citizen of India.
Nowhere like fictitious marriages, India is no exception. So the new husband will have to settle for the first five years with a residence permit, however, with the right to work. Then you can get permanent residence, and two years later (after seven years of marriage) and citizenship.
There are more men in India than women, so that the non-spoiled Slavic girls have every chance to snatch an Indian groom.
There are no vacancies in India for foreigners, they have nowhere to put their own labor force, and, as we see, not only unskilled workers, but also fully educated specialists. But if you have a very rare profession (anything can happen), then get ready for the fact that contracts in India are concluded for a very short time. That is, you will constantly have to worry about the legality of your residence.
After living in the country for more than ten years, you can apply for citizenship. There is no dual citizenship in India, so I will have to give up my former homeland. This can be done not only in Russia, but also by contacting the Russian Embassy in India.
Thus, you can fulfill one more requirement & # 8211; about continuous residence in the country for 12 months before submitting the application.
There are other conditions for obtaining citizenship:
do not have problems with local law enforcement agencies; have a job or other source of permanent income; good knowledge of English and Hindi (except for official Hindi, there are a lot of dialects); know the history, culture and customs of the country.
As you can see, the requirements are not very different from other countries. But here there are some nuances. The decision on citizenship will be taken a long time, and it is almost impossible to win and convince local officials.
To all who want to move to India for permanent residence, we recommend that you first visit the country as a tourist.

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