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How to go to Germany.

How to go to Germany.
Do you dream of leaving for Germany? For a year, for two, for permanent residence? Then this article will come in handy! In it, we list all possible ways to go to Germany. Know one more way? Add to the comments!
1. School exchanges.
Who is suitable: schoolchildren who are already sufficiently proficient in language to be able to communicate on simple everyday topics in the family and school.
Finances: due to various funds and programs in which the school participates, also at one's own expense.
Information on school and youth exchanges is also available on the website of the German Consulate General.
2. Language courses and any other courses in the specialty.
Who is suitable for: school leavers, students, graduates, language proficiency & ndash; from zero to advanced, depending on the course.
3. Study at a German university & ndash; semester or year of exchange.
Who is suitable for: students of Russian universities with a good knowledge of German.
4. Training in a German university in order to obtain a diploma.
Who is suitable: those who have studied at least two years in a Russian university or have already received a diploma of a specialist or a bachelor.
5. Education in a German university immediately after school - Studienkolleg.
Studienkolleg & ndash; it is a specialized educational institution, a college that deals with pre-university training of foreign students in order to smooth the difference between German and foreign education systems and prepare young people to study in a university in German. To date, the network of preparatory colleges has thirty-seven institutions, in which students from more than forty countries of the world are studying.
Who is suitable for: those who graduated from school in their country with good grades (not a certificate of secondary education)
Who does not resemble: those who have not finished school, those who already have two completed university courses (you need item 4), those who do not have enough money to finance themselves in Germany, as college students are often forbidden to earn extra money.
Timing: a course of study in such a college is designed for at least one year. Studienkolleg's educational course includes studying from 5 to 7 subjects, classes take place within 28 & ndash; 32 hours a week. Unlike the university, where the presence at the lectures & ndash; the case is voluntary, attending classes and passing examinations in school studs are mandatory. Training lasts two semesters, after each of which, as in all universities, a session is held.
Where to find the detailed information: site
6. Internship or practice in a German firm.
Who is suitable for: senior students and magistracy of the Russian challenge, as well as graduates and young professionals.
7. Voluntary ecological or social year.
Who is eligible: if you are 16-27 years old (in some areas up to 24), you have sufficient language level (A2 - B1) and one year of free time.
Who does not resemble: the one who is afraid of "getting your hands dirty". After all, you have to work in nature or in hospitals. You must be physically strong, hardy, open to communication with other people and not be squeamish.
8. Au-pair in Germany.
Who is suitable for you: you are 18 to 24 years old (at the time of applying for a visa), you have no children and you are not married, speak German (A1-A2).
Who does not resemble: the one who is afraid of "getting your hands dirty". After all, you will have to sit with children, do housework and many other sometimes unpleasant duties.
Timing: standard - one full year.
Finances: you will receive 260 euros, also you will have a separate room and meals, 1.5-2 days off per week, 4 weeks of paid vacation (provided that you spend 12 months there), the opportunity to attend language courses, the opportunity to travel inexpensively in Europe.
Where to find the detailed information: on the sites,
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