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How to go on vacation if there is a cat.

How to go on vacation if there is a cat.
Leave from the owner.
Where to attach the cat for the time of its absence?
I recall the times when one of the main arguments against the animal's establishment was the inability to go anywhere. Cats were taken into the house only if there were reliable relatives, kind neighbors or "restricted" family members. Times have changed: travel around the world and the weekend on the coast have become familiar. Therefore, if you are going to fly from winter to summer for New Year's holidays, you can not avoid solving the problem of what to do with a cat. There are many options, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
"If a friend was suddenly."
The simplest and, it seems, reliable solution & mdash; attach the cat for a time to a friend, friend, relatives. First, the services "for friendship" and "but related", as a rule, are not paid in any way. Secondly, who, if not close people, who love and respect you, will take care of the creature you adore in the best way?
However, in practice, everything turns out differently. People can agree to take a cat only from a good attitude towards you, not wanting to upset you with a refusal. At the same time, evaluating one's own strengths and even considering one's own desires recedes into the background. But do not worry, as soon as you fly to the sea with a free heart, these circumstances will come to the fore. If the temporary hosts of your pet have another cat, then it's not a fact that they get along with each other. Territorial instincts are manifested even in very compliant animals. Far from everyone is prepared to tolerate cat disassembly with stoic calm.
If friends do not have animals, then the situation can be even more difficult. There is a whole class of people who are very fond of cats / dogs / children, but only with friends. Facing the inevitable hassle of caring for the animal, they make for themselves a few unpleasant ones open.
On vacation with a cat.
Girls, someone went with a cat (cat) to another city? If yes, how did you settle with him and where? We plan to go to Odessa on business and on the sea at the same time :), but here's our kitten we do not have to leave. Kotenku 8 July will be 5 months, I do not know how to leave it in a hotel for animals from strangers, and it's too expensive for us if honestly. And if he disaccustoms us?
Our kitten is very sociable, he can not be ignored, he is always side by side with me or with my husband. There is an option to leave in the apartment so that someone will come and feed, clean for a fee, but he is wild. In general, I worry about the cat, I tend to decide to take it with me.
author, take a phone call and arrange to have a telly with the kitten. Look at the websites of Odessa newspapers / boards of announcements.
In general, for cats and cats, a trip to a new place is very stressful, and then the animal can even start writing and kicking in different places. + To everything, you generally eat in a scoop, so the hotel (even private) with the animal you will not be allowed (or will milk for a lot of money)
Two basins with water (one in the usual place of feeding, another somewhere else but in such a place where the cat does not turn it), the same with the food - a couple of large containers one in the usual place the other in the other.
We are just from 6 months. began to accustom to remain alone. On the tray, he goes to the trellis (without any stuffing), Therefore we leave for 7-8 days freely, I put 3 toilets and basins with food water. We always come all the way, we are met by 7-8 heaps of shit in trays, eaten a half bowl and eaten Timosha.
Aah, by the way, I close the doors tightly (on a rag, and then our door can open) into the kitchen and into the bathroom (in the bathroom blocking the water), this that he would not go anywhere in a dangerous place.
He only has a living room and a large corridor.
On the joint living of two cats.
It's good to have a coteyka in the house! - You are always provided with warmth, comfort and soft, but persistent attention from a fluffy pet. It's good when your acquaintances also have a murring buddy or girlfriend.
It's bad when your friends need to go on vacation or a long business trip, and you already have time! - not one, but two cats in the house! It's bad if you can not provide them (and most importantly - yourself) if not a friendly environment, then at least peaceful coexistence "under the roof of your house." It is not easy to do this, because we are talking about cats - the creatures of independent, jealous and highly distrustful of their species.
A cat is not a schooling animal, it does not need any special ones in the company, moreover it has a pronounced individualism and can be vindictive and even vindictive.
How can you put a second one in such an individual, just like the house and you yourself are safe, while a couple of these worthy animals try to get along on your territory? To start, they need to be properly introduced!
Point one. Acquaintance.
This is a very important point! On how to get acquainted with two previously unknown kitties, it will depend on whether they will continue to follow the subordination, and even make friends.
Do not shake the evil from the tightness of the carrying and the cat-scared cat with a new smell on the head of your sleeping pet with a joyful exclamation: "Here's your new friend!" The consequences of such human behavior can have unpredictable consequences, from an innocuous pool on the carpet to the arrest of the heart of one of the animals, especially if the cat or cat is already at a respectable age.
To fight did not happen in the first minute, a new tenant must be brought into the house in a cat's transfer and put this house in the middle of the room.
Let the new tenant stay in the container behind the closed dv.
simply miu.
Where to go, if not at all to whom to leave? Did you use the services of feline hotels and how is it tolerated by cats? Did they take with themselves and with what difficulties did they encounter it?
Great question! I have friends who took cats on vacation, and even let them out without a leash at the airport or at the hotel "take a walk." For me it is an unthinkable situation, potmou that all the cats that I have ever had, in an unfamiliar terrible situation, fled to the nearest shelter, and there they desperately hid. Those. let it out somewhere, it will run to the closest closet, under it it will be blocked, and then under it for three days! I can not imagine what to do if it happens at the airport. I also know that a frightened feline can fend off and scratch if tried to catch and fold back into the basket. In general, extremely unpleasant scenes could arise here, it's even scary to think about this.
But, as already said, there are people who took cats somewhere. I would have dragged a cat somewhere, if I really needed to move, i.e. be sure to transport the cat to a new place of residence. But on vacation? This for me would mean spoiling a vacation for a person (this extra care, but if a cat gets sick from stress, gets sick, does not eat or something?). And for a cat, it seems to me, this is not pleasant. She just does not understand why she lived quietly, and then suddenly she was dragged somewhere.
On the other hand - if the cat is more or less healthy and balanced, it is not so difficult to take care of it. Leave the cat for a week alone, if someone puts her food on time and removes the tray - you can without problems. Well, of course it would be nice for a person to be sane, and at least look at the cat. For example, to notice that she fell ill, if suddenly. But in general I am for asking friends or neighbors, or at least giving someone for it de.
We went on vacation for 2 weeks (far), agreed with a neighbor that she would feed the cat. Two days everything was fine (even played), and on the third the cat was attacked by the neighbor: rose on its hind legs, hissed, screamed in a throbbing voice, did not let me leave the apartment. The same thing happened the next day. Now the neighbor flatly refuses even to leave the food at the border: he is afraid even to open the door, thinks that the cat will jump into her face. No persuasion helped. We arrive only on the 8th night (today is the 30th), for 2 days the cat is no longer fed - for a total of 1.5 weeks. As luck would have it, all relatives and friends left on New Year's holidays.
Yes, the cat is also shocked that it was left with a stranger: 001:. Maybe it will not die in this time, if there is water, but the head will move even more, cats can not starve, this is their physiology, it may fall into anorexia, develop hepatic lipidosis (especially in well-fed cats: 073 :: 073 :: 073 🙂 and it will cost a lot of effort to get it out of him. Although mental disorders in cats are even more difficult to correct: wife: .Should be now, then there will be nobody.: 091:
Saving something like. Only in the new house have moved, and the countryside. I do not know anyone, but my acquaintances will not go far by definition (moreover, the weather is so!), And why the alien cat gave up to them. Even if a neighbor (good, in principle, a girl!) For any caviar does not even want to open the door!
Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) in animals is often enough. Pathologies are susceptible to all kinds of pets, regardless of breed and age. It has been observed that cases of obstruction are more frequent.
PS I also somehow fed a cat of friends, who in life was very aggressive and did not let anyone in with her masters. It was scary. the cat hissed at me, snorted. she also did not let me out of the apartment, and I sat for a few hours at the door, even at work I was late one time))) it seems ridiculous: like a cat! Think about it. but it was really uncomfortable. but I tried to quietly, without unnecessary movements, to distract her, busy with something, not to twitch and not to irritate the animal once again. quietly-quiet.
Leave the cat alone for a long time.
I'm going to go on vacation for 2 weeks. Usually when the cat was leaving the cat was taken by a friend, and I in turn took her animals. Now it turned out that her friend is leaving at the same time. The neighbors go to the country house till the end of the summer. Another friend has a big dog and lives at the other end of Moscow, can not come. How do you think 2 weeks a long time, what would keep the cat alone at home? If there is a lot of food, a lot of water. I do not want to give a paid overexposure, there is a very unpleasant experience with friends. And maybe you can advise what else is another option, I do not know what to think of.
Ask neighbors to come in once a day, change the water / clean the pot for money. A cat is dangerous to leave one for so long, because water can spill or deteriorate, and the cat will die. And in general, in animals, the roof begins to travel from a long loneliness.
It was 25 years ago (I do not remember exactly). Comrade my father lived alone, went to sea. It so happened that he was given a month to live a cat, while the owners were in the house. He lived with a cat for a day or two, and then some work came to him, which it was simply impossible to refuse. Just for a month on the flight! Well, what to do? Give someone an animal, no one takes. In short, the man went to the store, bought 30 cans of saury, opened them, put them in a row, like a cat every day will come up and eat one at a time. So he went to sea with a calm soul. But something was lost with the work, and he was at home the next day. Opens the apartment, and there. All canned goods are eaten, the cat lies on the floor, bends from overeating. In short, the cat barely pumped)))
Ringworm is one of the most common diseases that cats are infected with. It arises because of the formation of a harmful animal fungus on the animal's skin. To confound the lichen with other diseases is difficult. Is manifested about.
It was 25 years ago (I do not remember exactly). Comrade my father lived alone, went to sea. It so happened that he was given a month to live a cat, while the owners were in the house. He lived with a cat for a day or two, and then some work came to him, which it was simply impossible to refuse. Just for a month on the flight! Well, what to do? Give it to someone.
Vacation: where to attach the cat?
In fact, all pet owners are sure that nobody can look after their pet better than they do. And more often than not it is. After all, only the owner knows everything about his pet: his habits, the character that he prefers for breakfast and similar important things. And what if you suddenly have to leave? For example, the long-awaited vacation began, vouchers for the sea have already been obtained, and there is no one to leave the cat. Decide who to entrust care of your pet - it's not easy and responsible. Relatives? Or maybe friends? Or maybe it's worth to book a hotel room for animals?
Very many kotovladeltsy, leaving for resorts, entrust at this time care for their wards friends or relatives. Some transfer the cat into the hands of the "caretakers", accompanying the procedure with the appropriate TSU: how and when to feed, how to show affection and which veterinary specialist to contact (if necessary, suddenly arise). Others pass on the keys to their friends from their own apartment, explaining when their arrival will be important for the pet. Best of all, if you look after the cat will be a familiar person: especially it concerns those purrs whose character leaves much to be desired - an outsider should not be shocked by their erratic behavior.
Giving the cat to the hands of friends, co-workers, the owner should convey with the animal the objects familiar to him. In the hope of reminding the python about the father's house, it is not worth dragging a sofa into the apartment of friends or relatives about which she regularly sharpens the claws, or a chair-bed, on which she is used to rest. It is enough to put in the "new house of her favorite lounger or a nail-pillar, so that native smells helped to adapt quickly. Toilet for a cat, you can say - the second house, so let your pet send the needs in the tray to which she was used, pu.

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