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How to get to Georgia from Russia by all means & # 8230;

How to get to Georgia from Russia by all means & # 8230;
How to get from Russia to Batumi: fly, arrive or sail.
Today, Russia can be reached by Georgia in all possible ways: by air, by sea, by car and by bus.
In this article we will try to give complete and up-to-date information of all routes.
The content of the article:
1. By plane.
Direct flights from Russia to Batumi and Georgia are carried out by four airlines. These flights depart from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg, so if you are from another city, you will have to travel to one of these cities on your own or buy a ticket with a transfer.
The price of the ticket in the summer season in both directions is from 11,686 rubles.
These three airlines fly to Georgia:
And here you can find and buy all tickets, not only direct, but also pick up a flight with a transfer
Starting from March to November, once a week, and in season - 2 times, flights are carried out on the comet in the direction of Sochi-Batumi. In detail about the voyage, schedule and price read in the article "the port in Batumi"
3. By car.
On your personal transport to Georgia, you can easily get through Vladikavkaz (Verkhny Lars checkpoint, phone +7 867 225 27 53).
On the Russian border, everything happens quite quickly, especially if you have Russian license plates. As for the Georgian, everything is simple there, no one carps, but only with a smile welcomes. Therefore, lovers of traveling are advised, especially since the road there is very beautiful at any time of the year.
The entry from Russia to Georgia through South Ossetia or Abkhazia is considered illegal.
Find and book accommodation in advance.
4. By bus.
The choice of bus routes is quite large, which makes it possible to get from different points of Russia to Georgia.
Almost all flights arrive in Tbilisi, but we learned the carriers that provide direct routes to Batumi, although also with a small transfer (from the bus to the bus) in the capital, except the direction from St. Petersburg.
The detailed route of the bus Moscow-Batumi: Moscow > Voronezh > Rostov > Kropotkin > Armavir > Nevinnomyssk > Mineral Waters > Pyatigorsk > Nalchik > Vladikavkaz > Batumi.
Ticket price: from $ 50 to $ 95, depending on the distance and course of exchange rates.
Telephones of the carrier: Russia +7 925 246 04 05; Batumi +995 568 01 09 24, +995 422 22 33 40, +995 599 40 44 88.
The bus Krasnodar - Batumi also goes: tel .: +7 928 27953 05; +7 928 884 62 00.
And it is still possible to get by bus from Orenburg, Volgograd and St. Petersburg.
Come to sunny Batumi in any way!
Book your hotel before the trip.
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Many more flights fly from Moscow to Batumi, not 2 airlines as you have written.
Hello Maria. We have nothing written not about flights, not about airlines. We have written that two airlines fly from Moscow to Batumi, which now make 5 direct flights a week, they also fly all year round, in summer more flights, in winter - less. If you know what others please write.
It is written that you can get to Batumi from Orenburg. Can I find out how?
Hello Oksana. From Orenburg you can get on the bus, unfortunately the Russian phone can not tell, try to find out at the bus station or by calling the Georgian number: +995 422 22 33 40, +995 599 40 44 88.
Dear tourists. I'm flying Ekaterinburg-Batumi three years in a row.
The ticket 2��� and 2� costs 61 000 rubles. Through Moscow transfer from 3-8 hours. Do not be afraid to come to Batumi will not regret it.
Hello. Is it possible to get to Batumi from Sochi or Adler by bus or shuttle bus? What is the price and how much in time? Thank you )
Hello Anna. As far as we know, there is no such flight, we'll have to get to the nearest city (listed in the article), where the bus goes from.
I decided to write, I think anyone can be interested. Opening hours of the Upper Lars border to enter Georgia from 4 to 18:30, passed on August 11, 2015. We drove to the border at 12 o'clock in the morning and were somewhere in the 20th line. The road is good, the border passed in 30 minutes. Young people approach the Ossetian border, which for 3000 offer to go without a queue, but we decided to save money and did not regret it. All the happy way!)
Yana, your opinion is interesting to me). Yana, if possible, describe in detail how to get from Vladikavkaz (airport) to Batumi, how many times, money and moral costs it cost you. Thank you very much. Or is it better not to take risks and fly directly to Batumi or Tbilisi?
When they stop this mess on the border of the Ossetian side. There really 10-15 years of extorting money. And in the heat with children in general a nightmare. Shame on Russia!
From Vladikavkaz can be reached by shuttle bus, just for 500r
Hello! Maybe someone will tell? On the map you can see a road along the coast from Sochi to Batumi. I think this road is very beautiful. However, nowhere is there information about how to cross the border that this road crosses. Is there a checkpoint there? Somebody went this way? Thank you.
Hello Olesya. This road passes through Abkhazia, and entry into Georgia through Abkhazia is considered illegal, such crossing of the border is regarded by the authorities as illegal.
Hello. Question to those who traveled by car in a car. When you zaezhat in kavkaz.gorod Nalchik.Vladikavkaz.Net any tension on the roads?
Hello. We drove by car last year in February, it was all right, no problem.
Hello. Can you please tell us we can get from Batumi to Nevinnomyssk? Or to Pyatigorsk? What will be the price and how long does the road take? And is there a reservation?
Hello. You can get from Batumi to Nevinnomyssk and to Pyatigorsk. Buses leave from the new bus station. Gogol 1, the price is 120-140 GEL. The journey time is 13-14 hours, all depends on the passage of the border. Book tickets and learn everything in detail you can by calling the numbers listed in the article.
Good afternoon, tell me please, how is it best to get from Krasnodar to Batumi, and the approximate price of the issue ?! 1 adult and 1 child.
Hello Julia. Faster to fly by plane, longer by bus but cheaper.
Strangely, I live in St. Petersburg, I did not find direct flights to Batumi ..
Hello Vadim. Look on the website "Ural Airlines" -
Since 2011, I fly by airplanes of Belarusian airlines "Belavia": Peter - Minsk - Batumi. And no problem! Highly recommend.
Good afternoon! Tell me, please, is enough for a trip to Georgia a general power of attorney for a car in Russian. Where did you see the information that you need a general power of attorney in English?
We are not competent in this matter, call better at the Upper Lars checkpoint, tel. is in the article.
Good afternoon! In June 2015. went to Batumi in an office car, made a power of attorney, as it should be in English, assured the notary (cost 2500 rubles.), BUT no one at the customs did not ask her. But again case of the case, according to the law should be. In general, Georgian customs officers are very loyal to Russian tourists. I also want to pay attention to the speed regime. Throughout the road to Batumi, many video cameras fix the speed. If the speed is exceeded, the police are unlikely to stop, the surprise will be on the way back. When passing customs. The fine is 50 GEL minimum (1500-1600 rubles).
Hello. We are coming from Belarus by transit through Russia to Georgia. We go on the Sprinter cargo-passenger, in which officially 8 seats. Together with the drivers, we are only 12 people (in it self-made beds, because the beads are large). Question: will we have difficulty crossing the border and will we be able to pass it at all?
Hello, do not tell me, the border checkpoint at the border now still works up to 18 or they stopped closing for the night. generally it is interesting what the situation with the queues at the border is now.
Kind all day and night!
We eat with my husband in Tbilisi on vacation and back want to go to the Caucasus.
That is the route: Tbilisi - Pyatigorsk in mid-July by bus. More options I do not know how else to get.
And then literally read that in this direction in the mountains a collapse.
When I disassemble it, I do not know.
So the question arises, how else can I go?
If there are any routes for buses, trains, planes?
As they say on the news, the pass will be closed for at least another three weeks, perhaps before your departure it will be opened.
The nearest transport to Pyatigorsk is a comet from Batumi to Sochi, and you can also get to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg by plane.
The international connection of trains is only with Azerbaijan (Baku) and Armenia (Yerevan).
On the bus, except through the Upper Lars, to reach in any way.
Good afternoon, I'm going to Nalchik in Batumi by car with my family at the end of July, I have already booked a hotel, but we can not get there because of the collapse in the mountains, do I understand correctly?
Hello Vlad. Until the middle of July, the collapse should be cleared, I think until the end of July, everything will work. To avoid worrying, monitor sites about Upper Lars, they practically every day post news and current information.
Yes. We drove into Georgia via Upper Lars in our own car. Now in connection with the collapse do not know how to leave. Can you advise something?
Hello Anna. You can wait 2 weeks until everything is restored or you can go through Azerbaijan, but you will not have to make a small circle.
Hello. A citizen of Kazakhstan, I'll go from the Crimea. What is the best way to get to Batumi? By car to Sochi-Comet, by car through Vladikavkaz or by bus.? The car with Voronezh numbers. And how BENEFITABLE for money?
Hello, Natalia. The fact that the car with the Voronezh numbers is not a problem, but as profitable do not know. We only know that the price of the comet of Sochi-Batumi is about $ 100, and the cost of a bus from Vladikavkaz, if not mistaken, is somewhere around 3,000 rubles.
The entry into Georgia through Abkhazia and South Ossetia is considered illegal. Therefore, if by car it is only through Upper Lars (North Ossetia). BUT. as far as I know, to leave Georgia by car through Abkhazia is possible and this is not a violation. Through the Upper Lars extra 400km for me. If so, then at least on the way back you can save time and gasoline. Russian domestic rights issued from 2011 and later (pink with a bar code) for a trip to Georgia are valid without international rights. If the rights of the old model are international ones.
When you enter Georgia via Upper Lars, you are stamped on the entrance. And when you go through Abkhazia, you will not get a stamp about going out to you. Accordingly, according to the documents, you did not leave Georgia.
Hello, due to the closure of V. Lars on July 2, 2016, they returned to Russia through Abkhazia. Through Azerbaijan could not get through, unnecessarily for the car of Euro 3, it was necessary to deposit a deposit of $ 3000, there were no such money, so it turned out to be chosen not a legal way. The police on the exit from Georgia scanned the documents and believed that in the future there would be no problems with visiting Georgia. But these are just words. I liked it very much in Georgia, I would like to come again. Please tell me where to go to say that it was a forced measure.
Hello! We are going with my husband from Moscow to Batumi for a holiday !! want to go by bus! are there any other buses than mentioned in the article. Just called the number, we were given an address, looked at the map and there some warehouses are, somehow scary! Can someone use their services and we have nothing to fear?
Hello. Try to call these numbers: +7 925 246 04 05; +7 925 067 26 44, took at the railway station in Batumi.
Good afternoon! Tell me, how can I get from Anapa to Tbilisi or Batumi! Thank you!
You can get to Sochi, and from Sochi by sea on a comet in Batumi.
Hello! We left today by car from St. Petersburg. Tell me, please, what is the situation on the border? And the time of the border crossing? Thank you.
Hello. Yesterday acquaintances drove through, there is a queue, but passes quickly. The schedule of work is from 04.30 to 18.00.
How bad that through Abkhazia can not be passed. There from Krasnodar to Batumi, 666 km in a straight line, and as a round to give: (and let's leave from Georgia to Abkhazia can be interesting? To at least the time to save money?
We find it difficult to answer this question, but still it is impossible, because you will not be able to deliver a stamp on leaving Georgia.
Hello. You have it written that a bus goes from Batumi to Krasnodar. And it is possible more in detail about this direction: how often, from where otpr.i and how much it costs. Thank you.
Hello. We do not know the schedule and all these details, call the phone number indicated in the article, there you will be answered all the questions.
Tell me please plan a car trip for two adults.
What kind of documents to take with me is not international rights.
On the border, what documents are needed?
Is it enough to have passports and rights?
We are not competent in these matters, call the border by phone indicated in this article.
Where from Tbilisi go routs. Can the phones have.
Read in the article "How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi", there are no telephones.
Can you tell me if there are buses from Batumi to Moscow?
Anywhere I can not find any information (((
Good afternoon. From Batumi to Moscow there are buses, call the numbers indicated in the article or on this +995 557 41 41 64.
Important, about what here did not speak!
In early June, with friends went on their cars to Georgia,
a friend recently bought a car and when he was registered he was given a Crimean region of 82 numbers for this car. The Rostov 161 ended.
The Russian customs passed quickly, and the Georgians wrapped up., Citing the fact that it was an occupied territory and the argument in the form of a technical passport with the Rostov residence permit did not affect them.
We were advised to do a re-registration in Vladikavkaz, which we did in 15 minutes. and 3500 rubles. Who would say - did not believe. With 15 region numbers passed without problems. Now, according to Rostov wheels with Ossetian numbers. And in Georgia we really enjoyed it. They were in Tbilisi, Alazani Valley, Batumi. Attitude in the vast majority of us is beautiful, especially in the old generation. The young Russians know little or nothing at all on it. From Tbilisi to Batumi it is possible to get through Kutaisi, and it is possible in the south of Georgia. We drove on both routes. The first is fast, and the second is longer, more complex, but incomparably more beautiful. This route is the most impressive thing that remains of Georgia, not counting people. Beautiful people, a wonderful country.
They do not have traffic police, this function is performed by the police. Polite, benevolent, but incorruptible. Fine on the spot-gives a check-you pay it yourself to the bank. No one observes the rules. The transition for them is generally outlawed, but during the entire stay (10 days) I did not see a single accident, even a petty one, did not hear abuse, "Kozel, where to go!" In this case, the rod, but respectfully.
T.K. visited the Alazani Valley, I was primarily interested in "PROMILE". The police did not give me the number of grams of wine allowed to be taken on the chest before the trip, citing the fact that one from the glass will be "in the trash" and the other after two liters - "in no one's eye." "You yourself must feel how much to drink." Which is what we did.
And what about the direct flights to 2017 (summer) from Moscow.
While all flights are bypassed through Turkey = (((Are any changes planned? I would like very much a direct flight)
Tell me please whether it is possible to go to Georgia in some way without a passport because it is very urgent to make a passport very long. thank you in advance.
It is possible only illegally.
For more details, you can pzhl. At me there the father is hardly sick I need to be in time legally or not important.
You can try it through Abkhazia, but if they catch you, they can plant you. And not the fact that it will turn out.
As far as we know, an accelerated passport can be done in one week.
I heard by sea through Sochi in Batumi on a comet do not need a zagan afterward?
This is not true, foreign passport is required.
Hello, tell me, if you go by car from Ukraine to Georgia, is it necessary to drive at the car should be the owner of those. passport or is it not important?
Not necessarily behind the wheel, but the owner must be in the car.
Good afternoon. Tell me what is the situation with booking hotels in the private sector. It is heard that I book by mail or phone in advance, arriving on the spot is not a fact that I settle in the room. Interested in the region of Batumi, Kakheti resort. Were there any problems with settling or with friends?
Good afternoon! Do you know where and how much you can rent a car?
Good afternoon! Look here, they also say inexpensive rent at the airport.
Do not know if there are any problems on the website of the Georgian railways, tickets are currently sold only on June 9, although they should be on the 21st ??
No, I do not know. Try through an arch site or a couple of days on the same site look, maybe will.
2 years ago we rested in Poti. All perfectly! People-GOLD! The sea, the landscape is all BEAUTIFUL! Beauty!
Tell me please how it's easier to get to Batumi by car or by bus or on a comet from Sochi.
About buses, we do not know, and after looking at the mileage on the map, the car is about the same at a price like a comet, but by sea faster.
On which bus station in Batumi do buses come from Moscow? How many of them? Can I get an address? Thanks in advance.
Most likely to a new bus station. Gogol 1. But it is better to check with the carrier company with which you will go from Moscow.
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