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How to get there.

How to get there.
Transfer to the resorts and back is easiest to implement from the neighboring regional center - Odessa.
In the direction to Koblevo, the South can be reached:
From the suburban bus station & quot; Privoz & quot; (500 m from the railway station), buses (directly to the resorts). From the intercity bus station by any shuttle bus going to Nikolaevsky direction. By taxi.
Getting to Odessa is easy. Many buses, trains of Ukrainian and international importance go to the city, as well as planes fly. The following Internet resources will help you to choose the desired route:
Dozens of daily flights connect Ukraine and Russia. Regular flights to Kiev (1.5 hours from Moscow) are performed from many large Russian cities. Eight flights are carried out from Moscow to Kiev on the day. In the regional centers of Ukraine, as a rule, there is a daily flight from Moscow and in many cases regular flights from other cities. The main carriers on the lines between Russia and Ukraine: Aeroflot & quot; (, & quot; Aerosvit & quot; (, & quot; Siberia & quot; (, & quot; Russia & quot; ( and & quot; Transaero & quot; (
From other countries, the main international airport of Ukraine, Kiev Borispol, is connected by regular flights with almost all European capitals, as well as with New York, Toronto, Bangkok, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cairo and other cities. The main international carrier & ndash; & quot; Aerosvit & quot; (
Between Russia and Ukraine, a large number of railway lines. Trains follow from all major cities of Russia to Ukraine. The main areas are:
Moscow - Kiev - Lviv & ndash; Uzhgorod; Moscow - Kiev - Ternopol & ndash; Chernivtsi; Moscow - Kiev & ndash; Odessa; Moscow & ndash; Kharkiv; Moscow & ndash; Donetsk; Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye & ndash; Sevastopol; St. Petersburg & ndash; Kiev; St. Petersburg & ndash; Lviv; St. Petersburg & ndash; Chernivtsi; St. Petersburg & ndash; Kharkiv; St. Petersburg & ndash; Sevastopol.
The transplant can be made in Moscow (15 hours before Kiev), Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don and other cities. In case you need to travel by train far into Ukraine, it is more economical to buy a ticket to the first major Ukrainian station, and from there, & ndash; ticket to the destination. This will make it possible to pay for fare across Ukraine at a cheap intra-Ukrainian tariff, rather than on an expensive interstate tariff.
From Poland Regular trains connect Kiev with Warsaw via Kovel and Lublin (Poland). The daily train follows from Kiev to Krakow through Lviv. The border train connects Lviv and Przemysl twice a day.
From Slovakia Direct train Kiev-Bratislava through Chop, Kosice and Zhilina. The border train 5 times a day follows from Chop in Cerna nad Tisu (Slovakia).
From Hungary Direct train Kiev - Budapest. Several transit trains from Russia to Hungary via Kiev and Lviv. Frontier train from Chop to Zahony (Hungary).
From Romania Direct train Kiev - Bucharest, going through Chernivtsi and Vadul-Siret. Transit train from Moscow to Bucharest, passing through Kiev and Chernivtsi. Cross-border train from Chernivtsi to Suceava (Romania).
From Moldova Direct trains from Kiev to Chisinau via Zhmerinka and Mogilev-Podolsky. Several transit trains to Moldova from Russia, both through Mogilev-Podolsky, and through Kuchurgan, Tiraspol and Bender. The train operates 4 times a day from Odessa to Chisinau via Kuchurgan and Tiraspol.
Regular communication between Kerch and Port-Caucasus through the Kerch Strait. Large cargo passenger ferry. From 5 to 12 flights per day depending on the season. Regular communication is provided between Ilyichevsk (30 kilometers west of Odessa) and Varna (Bulgaria), Erinj and Istanbul (Turkey), Poti (Georgia), Haifa (Israel). The schedule and tariffs can be viewed on the website of the ferry company Ukrferry (
Bus trips to Ukraine are carried out from all adjacent to Ukraine and several other regions of Russia. This is the cheapest form of transport. Some of these flights are displayed on the Ukrainian bus server ( On private roads private transportation through the border is spread at very low rates.
A very large number of regular bus routes operate between Ukraine and Hungary, especially in the cities of Transcarpathia. Direct buses to Budapest are from Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. From the Transcarpathian cities of Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Khust and a number of others, up to 10 buses and shuttles to neighboring Hungary are sent daily. The fare varies from $ 50 for departure from Kiev to Budapest to $ 5-10 when traveling from Uzhgorod to Nyudredhaza (eastern Hungary). In the latter case, it is important to keep in mind that the bulk of passengers are small merchants, which can lead to delays at the border due to increased customs screening.
Distances to Kiev along the motorway: Moscow & ndash; 855 kilometers, St. Petersburg & ndash; 1200 kilometers, Voronezh & ndash; 826 kilometers, Rostov-on-Don & ndash; 984 kilometers, Nizhny Novgorod & ndash; 1266 kilometers, Samara & ndash; 1722 kilometers. The distance from Kiev to Odessa is 489 km.
On the vehicle, the entry is made on the basis of documents confirming ownership and the right to manage, or by a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle. Handwritten Russian powers of attorney in Ukraine are invalid. The vehicle itself is imported on the basis of the completed declaration. When traveling for a period of more than two months (but not more than a year), registration with the traffic police at the place of temporary stay is required. When crossing a border on a vehicle, fees are collected for the environmental control of the vehicle (about $ 1) for insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (depending on the type of vehicle and the length of stay in the country). When leaving the territory of Ukraine, a toll fee of $ 10-25 is paid.
From the highway E-95 (Kiev - Odessa)
- We reach the Clover Bridge (the first bridge in front of the entrance to Odessa, about 15 kilometers after the passage of the bridge over the estuary) and we move to the right along the sign to Chisinau, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Ovidiopol, Illichivsk.
- After 3.5 kilometers there will be a roundabout (called the Two Pillars, since there are 2 concrete columns in the center of the circle), we go straight along the sign to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.
- We are passing through the village. Avant-guard, after 5 km we reach another roundabout, and turn right.
- We go another 12 km, driving through the town. New Valley and village. Velikodolinsky. At the end of town. Velikodolinskoye immediately after the railway crossing we turn left along the index of the main road and drive all the time along the main road (the road will pass through another railway crossing without a barrier and turn to the left).
- After 4 km we reach the next intersection with a traffic light and turn to the right.
- After 1800 meters there will be another intersection with a traffic light, turn left.
- We enter the city of Illichivsk. At the first crossroads, turn right onto Karl Marx street and continue straight until the end of the street. On the right is the hotel and restaurant complex & laquo; The Snow Queen & raquo ;.
From the highway Chisinau-Odessa.
You need to go the same way, starting with the circle Two Pillars. On the circle we go to the right to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, and then everything is exactly the same.
1. Routes of buses: 60, 70, 80, 81. Buses depart from the bus station, which is next to the market "Privoz". There is a stop at the railway station. The interval of movement is 10-20 minutes.
2. A shuttle bus 25 from the luggage offices of the railway station. The interval of movement is 5 -10 minutes.

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