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How to get permanent residence in Germany.

How to get permanent residence in Germany.
"Mine brooder istin ain tractor driver in unzerber kolkhoz!" - if your knowledge of German ends, moving to Germany for permanent residence will not be easy. However, even without a good knowledge of the language, everything can turn out. The most important thing is to know what documents you need to collect on the topic "Permanent residence Germany" and prepare them with the accuracy proper to the Germans.
First, to be in the country permits a visa - of course, his Majesty the Schengen. Secondly, being in Germany for more than 90 days within 6 months allows a temporary residence permit. The purchase of housing in Germany of this status, alas, does not, therefore, judging by the reviews, the most reliable way to find it is to move there and the design of GmbH, that is, in our company. But the firm "Horns and hoofs" is not going to roll-you have to show a real business plan and confirm that it was in Russia that was doing exactly this activity, and not suddenly switched suddenly from combiners to designers.
Another way to move to live in Germany is a program of family reunification or immigration in Jewish origin (if at least one of your parents has such a nationality, there are reasons to leave).
The residence permit is issued for a maximum of three years (can be extended), but if you left the country for more than six months, the documents are canceled - for unpatriotic, apparently. And the forced departure will follow.
Getting the Blaue Karte EU is a "blue card". You can get it if you are a highly qualified specialist. After receiving a job, after 4 years you will be able to apply for permanent residence in Germany. The application can be submitted after 22 months (if you have mastered the German at B1) or 33 months (if the average level is A1). To the note: most of all in the country there are not enough IT specialists, specialists in natural and exact sciences. Permanent residence permit. Permanent residence Germany will issue, if you stayed here with a temporary residence permit for at least 5 years, regularly received a decent amount, paid contributions to the pension fund, learned the language to B1 and have a home. All the checkmarks in the treasured list "Germany to leave permanent residence" are marked? Congratulations! You have every chance to go to Germany for permanent residence from Russia and get the rights of native Germans. Only you will not be able to vote in elections and work in public positions and in law enforcement agencies.
And if without it to the person who has received permanent residence in Germany, it is quite possible to manage, then without Russian friends nearby - in any way! To prevent an inescapable longing in a foreign land, the Russian Place application was invented specially for immigrants from Russia (and also all tourists). This Russian-speaking diaspora in your pocket: useful addresses, lifhaki (including how to move to Germany with a child), hangouts for Russians and special discounts for their own!
Russians in Germany.
The life of Russians in Germany today is not simple, but interesting. It is difficult to calculate how many thousands of Russians live in the country - this value is very labile, changeable.
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