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How to get from Russia to Finland?

How to get from Russia to Finland?
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The author of the report: Kirill Porshakov.
What did our route for Europe look like? We made the route based on the time and duration of the visa planned for the trip.
Initially, we allocated for each visited country a certain number of days. As a result, we got 12 countries that we successfully visited: Finland-Sweden-Denmark-Germany-Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Monaco-Italy-Austria-Czechia.
The route was drawn up quite thoroughly. Particularly carefully we studied the train schedule. We prescribed everything in our itinerary, including the sights that we would like to visit.
As for how many days in which country we spent, it is now difficult to say. But on average for each city we took 1-2 days. The main focus of our trip was on culture, architecture and nature.
In Europe by train with the help of InterRail Pass. Part 4 - costs and fellow travelers.
The development of the route across Europe took a full 3 days of thorough work on it. As a result, in the way the route changed and quite strongly, because there were unforeseen difficulties, such as, for example, the lack of camping. In Germany, we did not get into any camping. In Hamburg we were told that there were no seats, and we arrived back to the central station and on an overnight train went to Berlin, and in Berlin that camping did not turn out at all, so we spent the night at the station.
By the way, in Berlin the most functional railway station is from all where we were. And for the night we stayed there.
The plan of travel on the road was changed because the money was running out, and we decided not to go to Poland. That is, in fact it turned out that drawing up a thorough plan does not save, because the timetable of trains varies, somewhere you linger, you want to leave somewhere faster, and so on.
How did we get from Russia to Finland?
It was decided first to go from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, take the Interrail ticket and go on a European trip. There are several ways to get from Helsinki to St. Petersburg and vice versa.
A bus or minibus? There are regular buses and buses of various companies. Regular buses, as a rule, cost around 35-40 euros per seat. Transportation from St. Petersburg to Helsinki is carried out by 2 companies:
The company "Sovavto": St. Petersburg - Vyborg - Helsinki - Turku. Specify, please, details and check the information on the website of the auto carrier The company "Savonlinja Oy" - "Finnord": takes the route St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg, sent twice a day.
Details on the website of the auto carrier Tickets in Russia can be purchased at the bus station. Another useful site with a bus schedule between Russia and Finland
Cheap option to get from St. Petersburg to Helsinki - go by bus to the shopping tour. Landing in St. Petersburg near the hotel "October" (Ligovsky, 10) from 20 to 22 hours. Back - departure to Helsinki from "Finkino", landing between 11 and 13 (local time for an hour less). There is such an option of the order of 30-40 euros.
Details about how to get from St. Petersburg to Helsinki - in the best way are presented on the site
In Helsinki, you can also get on the train (sedentary cars worth about 3000 rubles from St. Petersburg and 2 trains from Moscow). By plane, you can fly too, the planes land at the Vantaa airport in Helsinki.
How did we solve the issue of sleeping on the road.
Since the night was in our way in different ways. In general, these were campsites, because we took a tent and sleeping bags. In general, we drove with rucksacks and left them in the storage chambers while walking around the city. By the way, the option of camping in Europe in fact was not the most reliable, because there were cases when we came there, but they were not there at all, or there were no places for tents.
Recommendation: just in case, you need to have several hostels in mind, but since we were not prepared for this, sometimes we enjoyed the night walks through the cities and railway stations.
Yes, it was not possible to spend the night at all the stations. For example, in Paris we decided not to spend the night and not to waste precious time, and to walk around the city with a bottle of wine, baguette and cheese! In Nice we slept right on the beach in sleeping bags. There are so many people doing.
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