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How to get from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar by yourself?

How to get from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar by yourself?
Between Barcelona and Lloret de Mar the distance is less than 80 km, and how best to get to this ancient city on the coast, depends only on the preferences of the traveler.
As a rule, after leaving the plane at Barcelona airport, tourists either immediately go to the coast of Spain by direct transfer from the hotel or ordered independently, or prefer to stroll around the city and leave Barcelona for Lloret de Mar after some time on transport.
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There is no railway station on the coast, therefore they cover the distance from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar by buses, taxis and, of course, own or rented cars.
A trip on the bus.
To get from Barcelona to the coast or, conversely, from Lloret de Mar to Barcelona, it is possible very quickly and economically on an ordinary intercity bus.
On the way from Barcelona to the resort station and vice versa, from the platform from Tossa de Mar to Barcelona, the bus is about an hour, plus minus 10 minutes, depending on the traffic congestion.
Worth a trip of 11 euros, you can pay for when boarding the bus, at the ticket office of the bus station or book in advance on the portal of the carrier, the company Sarbus. However, in early booking there is no special reason, because it does not give discounts on suburban routes, and buses in the right direction depart quite often.
The distance from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar can be reached immediately from the airport. Getting to the coast in this way is very convenient and most economical if you do not want to stay in Barcelona.
The cost of the trip from the airport to the coast and vice versa, from Lloret to the air gate of Catalonia is only 13 euros, but on the way these flights are longer - just over a couple of hours. Tickets can be purchased in advance, on the carrier's portal, which is the company Sarbus.
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The only drawback is that on the day from Barcelona airport only two flights depart - at 9:50 and at 16:35.
If you do not plan a walk around the capital of Catalonia, and bus direct flights do not coincide with the arrival time, then you can use the high-speed train, get off at Sants station, follow the signs for line R1 (blue branch), or R3 (red branch) , or R4 (orange branch) and take the train to Arc de Triomf station.
The city bus station is directly opposite the exit from the metro, and you can leave it on the coast every half hour.
The cost of a trip to the coast of Spain in a taxi directly from the airport is more profitable than travel to the city first, and from there to Lloret de Mar. If the journey in a taxi starts immediately after the arrival, then its price will be from 120 to 140 euros per car, regardless of the number of passengers and luggage.
You can order a car in advance, for example, on the Kiwitaxi portals, or you can order the delivery immediately upon arrival at special racks, usually the waiting time of the car does not exceed 10-15 minutes.
If there is a desire to travel in a taxi, but before you reach the coast, it is planned to visit Barcelona, the car needs to be ordered to the center, with the proviso that passengers will then need to be picked up after a while and taken to Lloret de Mar.
Such a trip will cost between 160-210 euros.
In a rented car.
Such a trip makes sense if you plan to travel anywhere from Lloret de Mar, for example, to drive around nearby towns on the coast of Spain or go on excursions and shopping in Barcelona.
Time for the journey from the city center will take about an hour, if you rent a car at the airport and go straight to Lloret de Mar, then about a couple of hours.
Average gasoline prices in Barcelona range from 1.17 to 2 euros, respectively, financially, the cost of the route will depend on how to get to the coast and where, on average, fuel costs are from 6.5 to 13 euros.
Of course, there are cars and more expensive, for example, to rent an SUV equipped with the best model of the navigator is cheaper than for 80 euros, it will not work. The minimum rental period is three days, if you want to take the car for less time you will have to pay more.
However, in addition to finance, to rent a car you need also an idea of the current rules of the road, at least an approximate knowledge of the behavior on the road in Europe and, of course, it is desirable to at least have a little guidance in road signs and signs and have not only theoretical knowledge about the routes of Catalonia .
Of course, the atlas of roads and the navigator available in every car can help with the latter, but often in inexpensive navigational "on-board" systems, most of the country roads are missing, which will have to be used for independent travel along the coast. Moreover, many of them do not exist on paper maps, because these are narrow "local" roads that do not have "state" significance.
Therefore, before renting a car you need to carefully weigh all the advantages and possible shortcomings and adequately assess your driving and orientation skills on the ground.
In addition, renting a car has another disadvantage - in Catalonia, very strict laws about being behind the wheel in a "podshofe" state and for using while driving by mobile means, even if it's a headset. The absence of police stations here is a deceptive illusion, each road is equipped with full video control, and the cameras are mounted so that almost no violation remains unrecorded.
Therefore, it is quite likely that when you return the car you will have to pay a number of fairly noticeable fines before leaving the country.
Video: the way from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar.
Proceeding from this, renting a car is not the best option for an hour trip to Lloret de Mar, traveling by bus or by taxi is much less problematic. And as for trips to nearby cities or to Barcelona from the coast, it is easy to get from Lloret de Mar to either side and at any time by bus or taxi.
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To get there by bus is the simplest and most economical option, you buy a ticket and you do not need to explain anything. But, if you're late for the last bus ride and want to take a taxi, how to communicate with the taxi drivers in Barcelona, if you do not know Spanish? Gestami or in English?
All prices listed below are relevant only at the time of publication, so they may differ from the prices at the time of reading.

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