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How to get and what gives residence permits in Poland to a Ukrainian.

How to get and what gives residence permits in Poland to a Ukrainian.
Poland is quite an economically developed country that borders seven different countries among which Russia and Ukraine, it is washed by the Baltic Sea on the northern border on the coast of which there are a lot of beaches and bays, and also rich in a large number of glacial lakes. Partly for this reason it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, the capital of this country is Warsaw & # 8211; cultural and economic center of the country. Residents of many countries would like to live and work here and Ukraine is no exception, as always, documents can not be dispensed with. So how do you apply for a residence permit in Poland for Ukrainians?
Types of permits for temporary residence.
The card A residence or residence permit is a temporary document that gives the alien rights similar to citizens of the state and allows you to legally live and work in the country. In Poland there are three types of such permits:
ordinary residence permit - a temporary permit, limited by the period for which it was issued, allows to legally reside on the territory of the country, issued for 1-3 years; Permanent residence permits to live and work without restrictions, the maximum period of validity of this document is 10 years; the third type is the permission of a long-term resident of the EU, 5 years are valid.
Grounds for receiving the Card.
In order to legally live and work on the territory of this European state, it is necessary to register the Card for Replacement, the Provincial Office issues it, as in other countries, to receive this document, a foreign citizen must meet certain requirements. To apply you need to stay in the country for more than three months.
The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Poland for Ukrainians is no different from that for citizens of other countries, the grounds for obtaining may be:
you are officially employed (in this case, if you lose your job or change your employer, then within 15 days you must notify the local authorities in writing.) Then you have 30 days to find a new job), one of the options This method is the Blue Card of the EU; going to do business. When choosing this option, there are two basic conditions, the execution of which is necessary. You are required to employ at least two Polish or EU citizens who do not need a work permit in the country. Activity of your company for the last 12 months. should bring high income and be the most effective); plan to open your business on the territory of the country (the terms for this item are not very different from the previous one, and you will have to report that the turnover is not confused with the income of your company is 16,000 euros per year); you are married to a citizen of the state (in this situation, state services verify the truthfulness of your union, whether it is fictitious, for this purpose, the spouses can call for a special interview where they will be asked a number of questions about their marriage); entered the higher educational institution (in this case VNG is issued for a period of one academic year plus 3 months, then it will need to be extended).
Unlike other EU countries, Poland is more loyal in terms of conditions for moving and doing business. Living in the country for 5 years on a residence permit, you can get permanent residence, and even after the same period to apply for citizenship. The approximate period of consideration of the application for residence permit is 2 months, permanent residence - 3 months.
Those who entered the universities to receive the Card The time will be enough to take a certificate from the educational institution and attach it to the main package of documents. Those who plan to get a job at work will be able to move to the country only if there is an employment contract that confirms your official employment.
Obtaining permanent residence for Ukrainians of Polish origin.
In this case, the main condition will be the availability of a document confirming the presence of Polish roots (parents, grandparents, great-grandfather, etc.), such can be:
certificate of marriage (wedding or baptism); birth certificate or death certificate; passport or military card;
It is also necessary to speak the language at a colloquial level (for interviewing). And also the knowledge of basic information about the PR such as traditions, major public holidays, famous personalities and geographical data.
Attention! In connection with the innovations of the Polish legislation, Ukrainians who have Polish roots can get Polish residency in Poland without having an official job.
What documents are required to receive the Card.
Depending on the basis for filing, state bodies may require additional documents, but the main package consists of the following set:
completed application and 4 copies thereof; a copy of the passport or the document of its substitute; document on health insurance; color photos 3,5? 4,5 cm in the amount of 4 pcs .; a certificate of sufficient funds for their own security, as well as for keeping relatives who are in the care of an immigrant; confirmation of the lawful place of residence (lease of premises or certificate of ownership of real property); document confirming the official grounds for obtaining a residence permit (marriage certificate, certificate from the university, a certificate of business registration, employment contract, etc.).
Children under the age of 13 can not apply for the Card to the Self alone. The fee for the registration of permanent residence and residence permit at the moment is from 249 euros. In order to avoid delaying the process and problems associated with improperly drawn up documents, it makes sense to seek help from an organization that deals with similar issues or with a qualified lawyer.
What are the advantages of Map to Replacement?
When all the conventions and difficulties with the registration of documents behind, and you are the lucky owner of the Polish residence permit, you are given a number of advantages, as well as to the citizens of this country, namely:
the ability to move freely within the entire Schengen area; conducting business activities and official employment within the country; the right to education and scientific activity as citizens of the country; The opportunity to take advantage of the euro system of lending with low interest; under certain conditions, receive benefits and state aid;
Since Poland is one of the largest countries in the European Union, obtaining a residence permit with the subsequent registration of permanent residence and obtaining citizenship gives broad opportunities for development and business at the European level, as well as the possibility of subsequent employment in other EU countries.
Exchange or loss of the Card.
There are a number of reasons why, when the authorities are informed in time, the document should be exchanged:
changes in the data entered into the VNI; the appearance of the owner has changed, making it difficult to confirm his identity; The residence permit was damaged, damaged, lost or stolen.
Attention! The request for replacement should be submitted no later than within 14 days from the date of the occurrence of these circumstances.

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