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How to get a working visa in the US: requirements and walkthrough.

How to get a working visa in the US: requirements and walkthrough.
Work in America, receive a salary in dollars and measure the number of rooms in the apartment only bedrooms dream of many. But getting a work visa in the US is not an easy process. The editorial staff of the Zagranitsa portal tried to figure out how to do this, and gladly shares this knowledge with you!
Working visa in the USA.
Working visas in the United States are of several types. Some allow immigration to the States, and others - only temporarily work there. The most popular visa is H-1B for highly qualified specialists. About it, we'll talk.
To obtain this category of visa it is required that the future employer file a petition and pay several thousand dollars for you. In addition, the number of H-1B visas issued per year is limited: the total quota is 65,000 visas, and for holders of a master's degree and above there are an additional 20,000 visas. This visa is issued for a period of three years, after which it can be extended for a total of another as much. Over the past three years, you have a chance to fulfill the necessary conditions and become a permanent resident of the United States.
Working visa in the USA: requirements.
To obtain a work visa in the US, you must have a minimum degree of bachelor or equivalent. And not in any horrible area, namely, in the one to work in which you pretend. Your specialty does not need to sound exactly like the title of a potential position, but the number of hours for the required subjects in the diploma insert should be appropriate. Those who do not have the necessary education can try to "take" America's experience. But its presence must be adequately formalized and proven.
How to get a working visa in the US: step-by-step instruction.
Step 1. Search for the employer and preparation of documents.
Find an employer who is ready to issue you an invitation and pay several thousand dollars is not so easy. Find on the Internet the rating of sponsor-employers, check the websites of major technology companies, look for open offers or contact a company professionally engaged in the search for such employers.
Once you have found an employer, he must prepare and file a petition. To do this, you need to provide it with the necessary documents (translations of your diploma and insert with objects, copies of the passport, resume in English, marriage certificate, etc.).
Step 2. Obtaining the necessary permissions.
At this stage, the main character is the employer. He needs to fill out several forms, get approval from the Department of Labor and enlist the support of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Annually, the number of petitions submitted is several times the size of the quota, so a lottery is held, which determines the lucky ones who will go to work in the States.
Step 3. Applying for a visa.
Only after the approval of Form I-129 by the Citizenship and Immigration Service of the United States, the future employee applies for a non-immigrant visa (Form DS-160). The application form must be filled in electronic form on the website of the US Department of State. You will also need to pay a consular fee (the cost of a working visa in the US is $ 190). And do not forget to print out a confirmation on completing the questionnaire, with him you will go for an interview.
Step 4. Record for the interview and the actual interview.
It is most convenient to register for an interview at the embassy in your country via the Internet. Confirm the record and print it with you. For the interview, take all the prepared documents. They are of two categories: mandatory and confirmatory. The list of the first is clearly regulated, their availability is necessary for obtaining a visa. Confirmation documents are needed to prove that you are planning to be in the US for a certain time, as well as social and economic ties that guarantee your return at the end of the trip.
To obtain a work visa in the United States, you need to have with you:
confirmation of filling out the visa application form (DS-160); valid for travel to the US passport; 1 photograph measuring 5x5 cm, made during the last six months; receipt for payment of the consular fee; a printed copy of the invitation letter for the interview; The incoming number on your approved petition I-129.
The supporting documents may include diplomas on higher education, originals of job references, payroll slips, names, names and phone numbers of heads of personnel services of current and previous jobs, your resume, etc.
Step 5. Hello America!
Registration of a work visa in the United States is completed! Having received a ready passport, you can start collecting things, buying plane tickets and getting ready for customs control.
You are approved visas, good work and pleasant travel!
Comments (2)
The information is good. It's only over the past year that the situation has become more complicated - in 2015, there were 230 thousand petitions and a lottery for 65 + 20 thousand visas. And then neither a doctoral degree from the American University, nor a proposal to work in Google did not help. So it is desirable to stock up plan B. Good luck!
Thank you for the article! but still had to contact the agency, because it was very important to get a visa (depended on personal circumstances) helped with the preparation and design. If anyone needs it, I recommend it.
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