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How to find a job in the USA.

How to find a job in the USA.
What to consider when looking for work in the US. Review of US employment rules. What vacancies are available to Ukrainians and Russians in 2017.
Today, the US is the largest and most powerful economy in the world. Let her and cripple world crises and external debts, the American workers live very well. Since this country, culture, its economy and mentality are completely built on emigrants, it's very easy for everyone who comes to the US to find a good job here. However, now finding a job for a foreigner, especially without proper knowledge of English, is quite problematic. The blame is the strong competition for jobs.
What you need in order to get a job.
To get the right to stay in the US you need to get a visa in any of the embassies of this country in your homeland. It is best to try to get a work visa, but it is very difficult to get it. You can expect to receive a tourist or student visa.
So it looks like a student visa to America.
On a tourist American visa you can stay in the country for about 3-6 months, this visa is issued for travel to the USA. On a student visa you can stay on the territory of the country for about 6-9 months, this visa is issued for study and work. Also, visas can be extended later, but this article is not about this.
Then you should write your CV (Curriculum vitae) - this is a kind of resume. Here is a list of the main points, which need to be told briefly:
About your skills. Example: "I can drive well, so I want to work as a trucker." About his past work (if there was one). Example: "I used to work as a trucker in Russia". About the place of your training. Example: "I got a secondary education in school, then a secondary education in a technical school". A little bit about yourself. Example: "I was born on June 7, 1987. I have a family with one child, etc. ".
Example of a resume in English.
It is desirable to write about yourself as much basic information as possible as small as possible. CV is made in the form of one or several sheets in A4 format. If you write about your work or school in which you studied, then try to submit documents that confirm your words.
In addition to your resume, just in case, prepare a motivation letter for the employer. In the letter you should write, why you are suitable for this post better than others.
How to get a job.
Once you are in the country and have made all the necessary papers, then look for sites that offer jobs in small cities. It is easiest to get a job in small towns, as the competition and housing prices there are lower.
Work in an American diner.
In large cities, like New York or Los Angeles, you can get a good job for an immigrant from another country, but it's very difficult, and prices for housing are constantly rising. It is best to find several options for work in two or three towns.
The most popular professions among emigrants are work by a programmer, trucker, engineer, waiter or cook in small restaurants. You can work on a farm - either help someone on the farm, or open your business.
When you decide on the possible places of work, be sure to visit the site of each town, which has a suitable job for you. Almost every settlement in the States has its own website or Facebook / Twitter page. Look at the statistics of the population of each town. It is best that there are emigrants from your country, since you will later find it easier to settle there.
Prepare all your documents and go for an interview with the employer. If you seriously think about the prospect of working in the US, then definitely work on the knowledge of English, especially over pronunciation.
When talking to the employer, tell in detail about all your skills, provide CV, documents and visa. Tell us in detail why you should take this position. If necessary, go through some tests or tasks.
Also, when talking, be sure to consider the mentality of Americans:
Try instead of categorical "no" to any proposal that does not suit you or which you do not want to talk about, answer "I'll think, let's talk later," etc.
Work team of one of the American companies.
If you do not fit the employer, at the end of the conversation, most likely, he will say: "We will contact you later." If the employer really needs to contact you later, then he will call a specific time and date - you can assume that your position is. Here is a successful example: "You are right for us, but we need to discuss some issues. We will contact you today at 18:00, please leave your phone number. "
The mentality of Americans is a separate topic. Once you get a job, try to please the bosses in the first month, so that you get the impression of being an excellent employee.
Expenses for life.
Be sure to stock up with a small amount of money, at least for the first months of your life in the States. The minimum amount of money to be borrowed is 2000-4000 dollars. Provided that you want to build your "American Dream" in large cities, then you need to take with you no less than $ 5000.
Here is a list of all the necessary expenses for the month:
Housing rent - 500-800 dollars in small and medium-sized cities (one-room apartments or a small house). 1200-1500 dollars will be required for the removal of medium-quality housing in a large city. Food and other necessary goods - 400-1000 dollars. At this point, it all depends on your ability to save. The cost of transport will be about 100-200 dollars. Perhaps you will not need this. Put some money aside for medical expenses - about $ 500. It is advisable to have another 250-500 dollars for unforeseen expenses.
Prices for some food in America.
Total, we get the amount of 1550-4000 dollars - this amount will be enough for a month's residence in the States. Since you are not yet a full-fledged US citizen, you do not pay taxes, insurance fees and other fees.
After you get a job, you can earn a living by yourself. Before settling down, find out when payroll payments occur. Most often, salaries are given out on days or weeks, a little less often - by months and even less often - once a year. However, in the United States, only the revenue for the year is considered to be the main one.
For example: the annual income of the middle class in the US is about 15,000-60000 dollars a year, which is about 1250-5000 dollars a month. It would seem that the average salary for a month is about 2-3 thousand dollars, and Americans should hardly have enough to live (plus they also pay taxes).
Schedule change in the minimum hourly wage in the US.
However, in the country citizens can receive large loans on favorable terms, which non-citizens can not. Also about 40% of the population gets some more benefits or benefits.
As you understand, until you get a full list of rights and duties of citizens, you will have to live completely on your salary. You can not get insurance, loans favorable for you, vote in elections, it will be very difficult for you to open your business, in any financial disputes the law will be on the side of the citizen. To receive all these privileges, you need either to issue a Green Cart, or to obtain citizenship. Now let's talk about specific types of work.
Today in this area of activity there is a shortage of personnel, so any emigrant who can speak fluent English, can drive and understand cars.
Work as a trucker in the states.
Also remember that the rights received in the Russian Federation in the United States have no significance.
In order for you to become a truck driver, you need:
re-take the exam in order to obtain American rights; to pass training in a special school, which costs 900 dollars.
Most companies pay for the training of their workers. The study lasts two days, after which exams are taken.
The salaries of truckers in the US are very different - from $ 500 to $ 3000.
Programmer and engineer.
Such professions today are very prestigious and well paid in the USA. Usually a job search of this kind takes place on company sites or message boards. Since the work of a programmer or an engineer is considered prestigious, then you should try to get through only if you are good at English and get along well with technology or write programs.
Approximately in this scheme it is necessary to get a job as an engineer or a programmer:
Look for ads on the sites of various companies, towns or on Facebook / Twitter. If an employer has contacted you, be sure to clearly and clearly explain to him why you should work for him. Be persistent, but do not overdo it. After the employer has agreed to give you a trial period of work (about 2-5 days), you must show all your knowledge in this area, otherwise you will immediately be replaced by another employee.
Since many Americans, including teenagers and school children, often like to collect or program something, then you will have a huge competition in this field of activity. But, if you prove your suitability, then you will have a permanent large income of $ 2-5 thousand dollars a month.
On the farm you can work both legally and illegally. The meaning of the work is simple - you must either help someone to run the farm, or start your own farm. However, it is impossible to work legally on a farm without a Green Cart! But if you are a lucky owner of a green card, then you can either start your farm by taking a loan, or work on an existing farm.
If you manage to get a job on the farm, then you will be provided with:
Free housing and food (quality depends on how much the farm is rich in); Low payment in cash (about 300-800 dollars a month). However, if you consider that you will live with them and eat on a free basis, then this is a very substantial amount.
If the search on the Internet has not yielded results, then travel to your state (best in Arizona, Texas, Ohio).
Harvesting by an American farmer.
To find out if a farm worker is required, it is enough to pay attention to the presence of a sign before entering the farm with the inscription Help Wanted or simply Work.
If you are going to work in the US, then choose only legal methods to subsequently get Green Cart, and later, full citizenship.
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