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How to citizens of Uzbekistan to obtain a RWP and registration in Russia.

How to citizens of Uzbekistan to obtain a RWP and registration in Russia.
Russia is a country that annually attracts hundreds of thousands of foreigners. Someone comes here for recreation and tourism, visits to relatives, but most migrants are looking for work here. Most of all labor migrants in the Russian Federation from the countries of the former USSR. Residents of friendly republics - Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine, etc. enjoy preferential terms when crossing the Russian border, and there is also practically no language barrier between the peoples. There are a number of factors that contribute to the growth of Uzbeks in the country, but citizens of a friendly power must still register their status during their stay within the federation, comply with the rules and requirements for migrants.
The registration of Uzbeks in Russia begins with the registration for migration registration. You can do this in the FMS department at the place of actual residence. Then in the same state structure it is possible to obtain a RWP and to issue a residence permit. The migration legislation of Russia is a vast field with numerous subtleties and peculiarities. A citizen from abroad is sometimes difficult to deal with all the nuances, so you need to consult with experienced lawyers.
A qualified expert will answer any questions, explain the rights, duties and responsibilities of the foreigner in the Russian Federation in 2018, and also help organize the registration procedure of the RWP.
On the territory of Russia there are many legal companies that provide services on a fee basis. Increasingly, temporarily or permanently resident citizens prefer online advice to lawyers.
Prospects of living in the Russian Federation for citizens of Uzbekistan in 2018.
A citizen of Uzbekistan does not need a visa to enter the Russian land. This rule applies if a foreign national plans to stay in Russia for no more than three months. Otherwise, he needs to obtain a patent for the implementation of a professional activity or a visa. Having decided to live in Russia for a long time, it is important to timely and correctly register a RWP.
Permit for temporary residence entitles the Uzbeks to stay in the Russian state for three years. This status can not be extended, it can only be re-registered in a residence permit.
This document opens wide opportunities and prospects for foreigners. Registration of residence permits in 2018 allows citizens of Uzbekistan:
buy real estate; to be registered for work without a patent for the implementation of prof. activities; receive social and pension insurance; to conduct entry and exit to the Russian Federation unlimited number of times.
The Uzbeks can acquire a residence permit no earlier than a year later in the status of a RWP. In exceptional circumstances, legislation allows foreigners to obtain a residence permit without temporary registration.
Residence permit in 2018 can be obtained within 3-6 months.
The status is granted for five years. It is important to comply with Russian legislation, to support your family without state benefits, to know the language. Otherwise, violators will be deported and banned from entering Russia.
Application for RWP in the Russian Federation.
Registration of temporary residence and residence permit is the initial stage in obtaining Russian citizenship.
The procedure for registration of RWP for citizens of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation.
To apply for a RWP according to the rules of 2018 is necessary within a week after entry into the country. The application should be submitted to the Federal Migration Service. You can apply in two ways - by personal visit to the FMS at the place of residence or remotely via the Internet. The second option of registration is becoming more popular every year. In order to use such a system. It is enough to register on the portal of the State Service. The site opens wide prospects to users.
In order to arrange your entry and a residence permit in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to prepare documents competently and responsibly.
The list can vary depending on the individual situation. The standard list includes:
application for RWP; international passport; migration card; passport passport photos - 2 pcs .; a certificate of the absence of contagious diseases; receipt for payment of state duty.
In 2018, for registration of entry and temporary residence in the country will need to pay about 1000 rubles. If a citizen lives abroad, but plans to move to Russia, then you need to pre-arrange all the paperwork. RWP and residence permit abroad can be obtained at the consular section of the embassy. If the list includes papers in a foreign language, they are subject to translation and notarization.
It is important to note the importance of legal literacy of securities. If there are errors in the documents or corrective tools are used, they may not be taken into consideration. Providing false information or forged documents not only threatens to refuse a temporary residence permit, but also deportation.
If, in conjunction with the Uzbek, his minor children enter Russia, their registration must be undertaken by parents or official guardians.
Hello! Was in Russia in April from 7 to 13 without registration. I want to go again on May 31. Will they welcome me to Russia under the new rules? Thank you!

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