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How to change the life and fate of a birthday.

How to change the life and fate of a birthday.
The best time to change your own destiny is the first twelve days after your birthday. Use this time to start the path to success and happiness.
A week before the celebration, you need to calm down the nervousness and stick to a simple plan: to forgive all your offenders and put them candles for health. Hand out debts, both monetary and spiritual. Use the evening before the birthday to draw up a plan for the coming year and analyze your activities for the past.
On the day of birth, to begin the change for the better, eliminate conflicts and quarrels, do not take money or money, exclude gossip and discussion of a person who is not present. Do not get discouraged or cry.
We change life and fate on and after the birthday.
1 day after birth will become a guarantee of your productive future. This time should be spent as comfortably as possible. Start something new: change the image, hair color, hair style, start training. This will allow you to take the first step to success.
Day 2 is necessary in order to start implementing a program to provide yourself with financial abundance. To do this, time must be devoted to cases that will lead you to profit: make plans, recalculate your own savings, use proven rituals. In the second day after the birthday of the day, you must donate a portion of the money to charity, and also start eating properly & mdash; your monetary energy depends on your emotional and physical health.
Day 3 is important for building a new line of conduct. At this time, you need to change your tactics in communication. If you are used to talking a lot, stop today and take the position of the listener, and if you are not verbose, try yourself and start to establish contacts with people. The third day is favorable for business cooperation, so do not miss the opportunity to organize important meetings or write letters to potential investors or partners.
Day 4 is designed to find help and support. At this time it is worth to go to visit the people close to whom you trust, invite to visit the most reliable friends, write messages with gratitude to those who are far away from you. To improve your own energy, put things in order in your own home so that the flows of positive energy freely circulate in space.
Day 5 is important to hold for creative pursuits. Disclosure of your own potential and creativity will allow you to achieve success in life much faster. Choose those classes that you like: draw, write poetry, communicate with children, just "fool around" & raquo; in the company of people close to you in spirit.
6th day is important for the beginning of health-improving activities. This time you devote the transition to a more healthy diet, remove the slag from the body. Also today it is important for you to start any exercises to keep your body in good shape: walking, jogging. Any physical activity will favorably affect your biofield.
Spend the 7th day with your family. Start building plans for the future, discuss possible repairs, moving, traveling, rearranging furniture. Couples can organize a romantic dinner, lonely people & mdash; Do not sit too long in four walls and go in search of love.
Day 8 is designed to immerse yourself in your own world and determine your life priorities. This time of introspection and solitude. Try to exclude contacts with people. Use meditations to balance your own emotions, achieve peace and comfort.
Day 9, use for a good rest. It is advisable to spend time in nature, recharging by the forces of the elements. Devote time to gaining new knowledge and skills, visit art exhibitions or galleries. This day is designed to receive and spread positive emotions, so try to help those in need.
10 day spend for drawing up plans and projects of your own achievements. Set goals to which you will strive to change the fate for the better. Any actions aimed at development, today receive additional energy support, so do not refuse to help colleagues and subordinates, take time to relatives and close people.
Spend the day with the closest and most reliable friends. Today, you have the opportunity to revise the circle of your communication and break off relations with those who are obstructing you. It can be envious and ill-wishers, as well as those who are used to managing you for your own well-being.
12th day is important for spiritual growth. It is important to hold this time for prayers and repentance. Repent of your own unseemly acts, pray to the Higher Powers about the health of your loved ones, if possible, visit the church or temple. Do not refuse help and use this time to prioritize your own life.
Each of these rules will significantly change your destiny, and by the end of the twelfth day you will surely feel that your life has played with new colors. Remember that capricious Fortune favors strong and self-confident people. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to click on the and buttons.
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