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How to apply for citizenship of Liechtenstein.

How to apply for citizenship of Liechtenstein.
European countries are becoming more attractive for tourists who are looking for an area on which you can later settle for permanent residence.
At the same time, not large countries, such as Germany or Spain, are chosen by migrants recently, but small states, for example, Liechtenstein. The question of how to obtain the citizenship of Liechtenstein, allows tourists to seriously think about carrying out their life in this country.
Let us consider this process in more detail.
In fact, the acquisition of the citizenship of this state is virtually impossible not only for Russian residents, but also for persons from the European Union.
But still, there are ways to move to Liechtenstein for permanent residence, and also to obtain the citizenship of this state. Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to obtain the citizenship of this country, nevertheless, there are loopholes in the legislation of this country.
Features of life.
Any foreign citizen is interested in living in this principality, because, in essence, it is an offshore company located in the European center.
Of course, there are countries with more simplified taxation in other world corners, but in Liechtenstein there are some nuances that can increase its attractiveness for other foreigners.
First of all, it should be noted that in this country there are no special rules and laws for offshore companies. In addition, there are low tax rates.
At the same time, it is worth noting that there is an income tax here, and also there is a need to pay a tax on luxury. It is noteworthy that the fact that inheritance and gifts can not be taxed.
It is important not to forget that it is possible to become a citizen of Liechtenstein on the assumption of two situations:
When acquiring a person, or owning any real estate within the state. In this case, a person must arrange it as their own place of residence. In a situation where a citizen lives legally in the Principality and has his own organization on its territory or a workplace.
Each resident of Liechtenstein undertakes to pay tax levies. At the same time, income received outside the principality also applies to them. In most European countries, taxation is an independent nature.
It should be understood that in Liechtenstein there is support for the institution of marriage, and for this reason married couples pay a single tax, which has a cost per person. The income tax type is calculated here in a special way.
The primary role is played by the level of earnings.
Notable here is the fact that the maximum tax rate can be valid only in the situation when the income of one person exceeds the bar in 180,000 francs.
How to obtain the citizenship of Liechtenstein.
Registration of citizenship of this principality is available for citizens from the European Union. It is important to understand that they will receive the status of a resident solely on an individual basis. Local authorities to them will be a bit more loyal than to other applicants.
Citizens who come from Eastern Europe can receive citizenship only in those situations when they have certain merits before the principality.
If a citizen of the principality makes a marriage with a foreign person, then the foreigner must live in the country for more than 12 years, although the marriage connection will take at least three years. Only in this case a foreigner can obtain citizenship.
All persons who on official grounds have lived in the Principality for more than 30 years, are also able to obtain the status of a resident of Liechtenstein.
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General provisions.
This principality has a tiny population of # 8212; 36000. Therefore, here are wary of people who are going to take citizenship. Foreigners are only welcome in situations where they act as tourists.
It is important to understand that there is no immigration law in this principality. Here there is no system on which the main bases of authorities on immigrants are formulated. Requests will be considered solely on an individual basis.
Foreigners from countries that are not members of the European Union can buy property only in certain areas, which in the principality is very small.
It should be noted that visas of a student nature in Liechtenstein are very rare, and representatives of the local population usually prefer other countries of Europe in order to get an education.
Working permit for residence.
All foreigners who come to Liechtenstein from the EU zone can do so freely. But in order to live permanently in this country, you will need a residence permit, as well as a working patent. It is worthwhile to understand that migrants from Switzerland and Austria usually come to Liechtenstein.
If you rely on the opinions of the local population, then foreigners who were born not in the European Union, in fact can not count on getting a residence permit.
In the reverse situation, foreigners who want to obtain a work permit must do so: after arriving in the country, you must immediately register in the capital of Liechtenstein within 10 days.
If a person plans to work on arrival, you will need to make an application for residence and a working patent for 4 weeks before arrival.
Permission is given in the same format as in the neighboring state & # 8212; Switzerland. The residence permit will be issued either for 5 years or for a year. It is important to understand that the last option can be extended for another 2 years.
Obtaining residence permits can be granted in the following cases:
Availability of labor contract for a year or more. Human activity requires a permanent presence in the territory of the state. The applicant previously had a residence permit. Availability of high qualification in the area of demand in the labor market of Liechtenstein.
It is understood that the annual residence permits can be issued in favor of the following categories of persons:
Employees of management positions. Entrepreneurs. Specialists in the sports field of activity. Narrow specialists. Employees employed in commercial enterprises. Foreigners involved in social and cultural events.
Online registration for citizenship of the Federal Migration Service. You will find by the link.
Immigration with refugee status.
One of the most original ways to obtain the status of an emigrant in Liechtenstein is to register a refugee. Here, emigration will begin immediately after the transfer of the state border.
It is worth noting that the territory of the principality begins from the place where the usual road sign is installed.
In a situation where a person has a need to obtain refugee status in a given principality, it must be remembered that if there is a denial of a person in any European country, Liechtenstein will act as the last chance.
In this country you can enter either from Switzerland or from Austria. Trying to get refugee status and legally leave for the country is virtually impossible. After this, it is worth contacting the criminal police in order to explain a particular case.
Police officers will bring a citizen to the capital, since there is the only law enforcement unit in the principality there.
After filling out the initial documents, the police officers conduct a refugee in the hostel. Then they go through an interview, which explains the reason for applying for asylum in the country. Individuals whose cases are considered by the authorities receive a benefit of 80 francs a week.
If there is a need, then such persons are given the opportunity to earn extra money. At the same time, an amount not exceeding 3 francs per working hour is given to the refugee, while the remaining funds are accumulated in the bank account and issued when the person is granted refugee status.
Other possibilities of being in the country.
To be honest, there are no other possibilities for finding a country, except for a tourist destination. You can just stay in the country for as long as allowed by law, people who are tourists.
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Apparently, very serious efforts have to be made to obtain the status of a resident of Liechtenstein. Russians do not actually have a chance to obtain citizenship, except for situations when there is a marriage connection, or when purchasing real estate in the Principality.
It is worth noting that making a purchase of a site in the principality is not easy due to a suspicious attitude towards foreigners.
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