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How the Belarusian family left for the closed city of Saudi Arabia.

How the Belarusian family left for the closed city of Saudi Arabia.
Tourist visa to Saudi Arabia does not exist, so few can get there. "Afisha Daily" tells the story of Veronica, Sergei and their daughter Vlad, who have been living in one of the most closed countries for three years already.
How to move to Saudi Arabia.
In my home country of Belarus there is an obligatory distribution, according to which all graduates of budget departments are sent to work in other cities. I was sent to Minsk, where I met my husband. Prior to that, he studied physics at the Belarusian State University, then continued his education in America and, at the time of his acquaintance, had already returned to his homeland in search of work.
A year after the wedding, when I was pregnant, we finally decided to move. My husband loves Belarus, but the authorities do not invest money in science. He is an expert in high-precision microscopes, and such a scientist is in demand in any country - except for ours. There was no choice, and we responded to a job offer from Holland.
Five years of life in Holland went like this: I did not work, I was sitting with my child, cycling and doing some kind of entertainment like embroidery. When my daughter needed to go to the kindergarten, I started looking for a job, but it turned out that the Dutch gardens are so expensive that my expected salary would be almost equivalent to paying a kindergarten. So I stayed with the child, but seriously started studying the language to get citizenship. But one day my husband came home and said that we were moving again - to Saudi Arabia.
About work, salary and citizenship.
In Saudi Arabia, now the biggest salaries and the best conditions for scientists, so, we can say, we went to save money. Now my husband is also engaged in science, and I work as an administrator at the university: I help employees to issue visas, documents, permits for equipment and so on. I can not say how much we earn, because everyone who lives in this country (a visitor or a citizen) signs a non-disclosure paper. But I can say that we spend only 15-20% of our earnings, and the rest is postponed or sent to parents.

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