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How is life in North Cyprus.

How is life in North Cyprus.
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The third largest island in the Mediterranean is Cyprus. Since 1974, there actually exist two states: the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). Tourism is developed throughout the island, but is it worth it to move there permanently? We will try to see life in Northern Cyprus through the eyes of a migrant.
Advantages and disadvantages of life in Northern Cyprus.
In this country, migrants can attract the following benefits:
low crime rate; the Russian diaspora; low prices for real estate; simple obtaining of residence permits; excellent ecology; sea and warm climate.
Of the obvious drawbacks mention:
impossibility to officially work for the holders of residence permit; too hot summer; Left side traffic; high price for electricity; problems with water supply.
The standard of living in North Cyprus.
The standard of living in the country consists of various factors. This is real estate, prices for food, medical services, education. Northern Cyprus is not recognized as a separate state, therefore it is difficult to find official statistics, wherever the standard of living was indicated.
As mentioned above, only Turkey officially recognizes this state, so the main currency there is & # 8211; Turkish lyre. It is quite stable, and the economic situation in the country is stable. The rate of lira is about 16 rubles.
Real estate: where it is better to live in North Cyprus.
Most often, Russians buy property in Kyrenia. Especially popular are the coast and places such as Guzelyurt, Alsancak, Chatalkoy, Arapka. The most elite area of Kyrenia is Bellapais.
A house or apartment in North Cyprus can be purchased for 55-65 thousand dollars. This is almost the minimum cost, the upper threshold is not limited. The price will vary based on the area of development, proximity to the sea, the size of the plot, living space.
Once a year, there is a tax on immovable property, according to which 1 square. meter is equal to 1 lira.
If you doubt the choice of housing, it is better to first visit the selected city. For a short stay, the hotel is suitable, but if you decide to stay in Cyprus and look around, it is better to rent a villa or apartment.
Food basket: how much.
On average, the cost of products per month will cost 10% cheaper than in Moscow. Great plus of North Cyprus & # 8211; inexpensive and diverse vegetables and fruits. As for drinking water, it is best to buy it in bottles. You can make purchases in supermarkets, such as Lemar, Starling, Tempo`s, etc. There is also a local market where you can buy the freshest and cheapest products.
Below is a list of products from supermarkets with an approximate price in Turkish lira and US dollars:
The car in North Cyprus & # 8211; a vital necessity.
Public transport on the island is not developed well enough. For example, buses run between major cities 1-2 times a day. Route taxis go only on the main routes. Therefore own car is really necessary.
The quality of roads is not bad. Sometimes there are difficulties with parking. Corks on the island are rare.
If you come to the island for several weeks, it's a good idea to rent a car. It is better to arrange the rent in advance. The minimum rental period is & # 8211; from 3 days. Documents will require a passport and driver's license. The average rent per day is about 27 dollars.
Education system.
First, children in Northern Cyprus go to a kindergarten. Institutions can be local (Turkish) or English schools. Every day there are daily English lessons.
School begins with five years and secondary education is compulsory. Public schools are free, private paid. Education in the school lasts 11 years, then boys and girls go to colleges or universities.
Education receives a lot of support from the state.
Now there are 12 international universities in Northern Cyprus, where students from 80 countries study. Diplomas meet European and American standards, but at a more affordable price.
Foreign students can count on a scholarship that will cover 50% of the cost of training.
Medical services.
Medical institutions are divided into public and private. The first free, but relies only on citizens of this country. If you come as a tourist or are going to buy a property, you will have to issue health insurance. Of course, emergency assistance will be provided in any case.
In private clinics, all services are provided for a fee or for insurance. There are many insurance companies, the prices for insurance depend on the age and the chosen range of services. The quality of treatment, equipment, service is quite high, and prices are lower than in Europe. The most developed areas such as eye laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry.
A little about work and salaries in North Cyprus.
The official work permit for foreigners can only be obtained with a working visa. The right to work does not give a residence permit. Now in North Cyprus is actively developing tourism, construction, real estate, medicine. Many vacancies are opened in these industries. The employer pays much attention to the knowledge of languages & # 8211; Turkish and English. Jobs are usually published in local newspapers.
The average wage is about 1757 Turkish liras, that is, almost 27 thousand rubles or 475 dollars. This is a minimum, less pay have no right.
Usually this amount is paid to an employee for unskilled labor. If you have a contract with an employer who is interested in you, then the salary will be higher.
Cost of living in North Cyprus.
The cost of living depends on the needs of the individual. Below we will consider only the basic items of expenditure.
Thus, the cost of living in North Cyprus is approximately 20,000 rubles / 350-400 dollars for two people. This amount is presented without spending on medicine, entertainment, clothing, car service.
How many Russians live in North Cyprus.
There are more Russians in North Cyprus. Earlier even tourists were more attracted by Southern Cyprus, now the situation is changing. The downside of North Cyprus is that its territory can be accessed only through a transfer at the airport in Turkey or by car from southern Cyprus.
The Russians in Northern Cyprus mean all Russian-speaking people who came from states formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The entire population of the country for 2016 & # 8211; 313,626 people. It is estimated that Russians permanently residing there, 3.5 thousand people, and for short-term visas live up to 9 thousand.
Attitude to the Russian.
Earlier, when Russians were not so much, they were looked at with some surprise. Now it is the norm to have a Russian-speaking employee in the company. Newspapers are published in Russian, radio stations are operating. For Russians, life in Northern Cyprus is gradually changing. Now the educational and educational center "Children's Harmony" has been created, where an educational program in Russian and English languages is provided.
The attitude of the Cypriots to the Russians is different, but they are more attuned to friendship. Firstly, Russian tourists spend quite a lot on vacation, which the local residents certainly enjoy. Secondly, Russians buy a large amount of real estate, and, therefore, pay taxes. Third, they open a business and create jobs.

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