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How easy and easy to emigrate to the Czech Republic.

How easy and easy to emigrate to the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic is very attractive for Russians and Ukrainians in terms of moving. On the one hand - the proximity of Europe, EU membership and high rates of economic development, on the other - relatively low prices and affordable options for relocation. If you want peace and prosperity, you can try your luck: emigration to the Czech Republic & # 8211; choice of many of our compatriots.
Obtaining residence permit.
There are no special immigration programs in the Czech Republic, but the legislation is fairly loyal to the successful foreigners willing to open a business, as well as to good specialists. There is an opinion that the saying "All money does not work" refers directly to the mentality of the Czechs. Therefore guest workers from Ukraine and Russia favorably differ in their ability to work and willingness to work overtime.
The first stage on the way will be getting a residence permit in the Czech Republic. It can be issued on the following grounds:
opening of your business; reunion with family members; training in a Czech university; employment.
It is necessary to extend the residence permit in the Czech Republic within five years. But in order to be able to successfully submit documents for a permanent permit, it is necessary that from these five years you leave the country for no more than ten months in total, and no more than six months for one trip. Otherwise, you will be offered to wait with the registration of permanent residence and come later.
Start your own bissnes.
Until now, the opening of their business was almost the most common way of immigration to the Czech Republic. It's all about the loyalty of local legislation that does not set any conditions for the size of tax payments in the first year of work.
In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
So the Russian middle class quickly podnatorel in the creation of fictitious firms, fly-by-night, the main function of which is to provide non-stop residence in the Czech Republic to its owners.
After some improvements in the work of controlling organizations, this scheme has become irrelevant, although business in the Czech Republic can still be (and should be) opened, only taxes will have to be paid in earnest. The only drawback is that you must have the initial capital, both for the registration of the company and for the family's living.
There is a variant of the organization of the enterprise and without the creation of a legal entity & # 8211; analogue of Russian IP or Ukrainian FLP.
Small business owners have the right to work. During the first three years, there will be no special requirements for profitability, but by the end of the first "five-year plan" it is expected that the individual entrepreneur will stand on his feet.
Family bonds.
Moving to the Czech Republic to relatives can children under 18 years old, parents, as well as legal spouses. To you as a relative was allowed to come to the Czech Republic, it is necessary that your Czech cousin (if he is also an immigrant) lived in the country for at least five years.
Marriage to a Czech citizen entitles them to a temporary residence permit, while a permanent resident spouse, a foreigner, will receive a happy marriage in two years.
There are certain restrictions on obtaining a student visa - it is available only to young people under 25 years of age who are not burdened by a family. The training period is counted in the experience for permanent residence in the Czech Republic only half.
But, despite the fact that, after studying at a university, you can not immediately get permanent residence, there are still benefits. This is a European-style diploma and excellent language training. Only you need to really learn.
To find a job.
In the Czech Republic recently it is not very easy to find a job, but, as in many cases, for IT specialists who know Czech, there is a place. Be prepared for frequent business trips, including in neighboring Austria.
Permanent residence on a working visa can be obtained after two and a half years. A significant disadvantage is that under this visa you can not immediately transport your family to your home.
Getting permanent residence.
Permanent residents of the Czech Republic have practically the same rights as citizens. So getting this status is a worthy goal for any immigrant.
The main condition for obtaining this remarkable status, as we found out, is the permanent residence in the Czech Republic for five years. But that is not all:
you must confirm your financial independence; have a certificate of non-conviction; you must have a home; you need to know the Czech language, history, traditions of the country.
The last requirement, as they say, is not difficult to accomplish, after all, after five years of living in a country-carrier of the language and daily practice! It is allowed not to pass the exam only to young applicants under 15, to elderly people after 60, and also to the disabled. It is also not necessary to do this for those who studied in Czech schools, where teaching is conducted in Czech.
How to immediately get permanent residence.
There are some categories of citizens who can obtain a permanent residence permit without obtaining a residence permit:
parents of underage citizens of the Czech Republic; single parents of Czech citizens (parents over 70); minor children of Czech citizens (in case of paternity a DNA test is required); persons of Czech descent; A person whose residence in the Czech Republic is in the public interest of the country.
Rights of permanent residents.
Immigration to the Czech Republic justifies itself completely at the stage of obtaining permanent residence.
Briefly enumerate your future rights:
the right to work without any permits; social benefits, including pension; free medical care for children; the right to apply for citizenship after five years in the status of permanent residence.
By the way, children can get Czech citizenship if at the time of birth at least one of the parents has permanent residence.
So, let's sum up: to get a Czech passport (and EU citizenship), you need to live in the country for ten years. When you become a citizen, you will again need to confirm your language skills (by that time, probably, you will be able to talk without accent), lack of criminal record and financial well-being.
It must be borne in mind that immigration to the Czech Republic from Russia is possible without renouncing Russian citizenship.

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