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How does Brestchanka live, who retired to work in Vietnam.

How does Brestchanka live, who retired to work in Vietnam.
Now in her free time she swims in the sea, goes to a spa, eats soup fo in a cafe and travels through Asia.
Olga Khasanshina is a native of Brest. Two years ago on the day of retirement, she boarded a plane and was in Vietnam. It is not going to return to Belarus yet.
About the decision to move.
For more than 35 years Olga has worked as a musician in kindergartens and schools in Brest. A couple of years ago, a woman visited Vietnam, when she went to visit her daughter Katerina.
"I really liked the country, the warm sea, friendly people, and I decided for myself: as soon as I retire, I will immediately move here. I wanted to change my life. Cardinally. In Brest nothing held: parents and husband died, the children flew away, I was left alone. I was waiting for a sofa, TV and old seniors, "- said Olga.
On the day she turned 55 she had a flight to Vietnam. "The eldest daughter said she was proud of me. With the younger Anna, we quarreled because of my departure.
Colleagues in the majority said: "Why do you need this? What do you miss here? "Only a few people expressed admiration for my decision," the heroine shared.
About life and work.
So Olga was in the resort city of Nha Trang on the coast of the South China Sea. Now she has new friends, although she does not forget the old ones. Biological clock, according to her, here turned around: in Asia, she feels younger than recorded in the passport.
Nha Trang is the capital of Khanh Hoa province in central Vietnam. Located 1 280 km from Hanoi and 439 km from Ho Chi Minh City. One of the most popular resorts in Vietnam among Russian-speaking tourists. The city is 40 years old. It used to be a fishing village.
First Brestchanka rented a familiar cottage on a Vietnamese ruble in the village of An Vien in the south of Nha Trang. Now rents a one-room apartment in the center of the tourist quarter. From the balcony overlooking the sea.
As for the work, Brestchanka was concerned about this in advance. While still in Brest, she threw a cry on the Internet that the musician with his own accordion was looking for work, and received a response. She was invited to work in the Russian children's club "Ladushki", which then only opened.
"In the morning we work with kids like a regular kindergarten. In the evening, students come. We deal with them in the school curriculum, because there is no Russian school in Nha Trang. In the garden, I work as a tutor, for the elder I lead musical and theatrical faculties, "Olga explained.
In her spare time she rests on the sea, goes to mud spa, massage, meets friends in a cafe and travels around Vietnam and beyond (in Asia cheap air travel)
On the interaction with the local.
Olga's circle of contacts in Nha Trang is now only half of its compatriots.
"I have a lot of Vietnamese friends, especially in the area where I live. I constantly treat kids with sweets and fruits when I go out of the market. Vietnamese like it when a "white" person strokes a child. This, they believe, will bring him happiness. Similarly, they treat me, especially on their holidays, with national dishes. I always take, I thank, but I can not always eat - very specific food, "the heroine told.
She does not speak Vietnamese. For a European, this is a complicated thing, Olga admits. The same word has six meanings, depending on the key or tune. These tunes are designated by hooks, chopsticks, arcs over vowels. However, one can live without language in Vietnam:
"In supermarkets - price lists, at the ticket offices and airports helps the English language. In the market we agree on the fingers. The main thing is always to smile. This I learned from the Vietnamese. "
About similarities and about what is missing.
Olga said that in Vietnam, at times, she feels as if she was in her past. On each pole, house, car - red flags with a star. There are portraits of Ho Chi Minh everywhere. Schoolchildren are dressed in a uniform with red ties, as in the Soviet Union.
"Older people remember the help of the USSR in their war with the Americans and are grateful to us so far," Brestchanka said.
And at every corner you can see the symbol of rebirth, which we are more known as a swastika.
Olga admitted that in Vietnam she does not have enough bread, spectacles, forests and an old hobby - quiet hunting.
"There is no buckwheat, mango, oatmeal, pearl barley, horseradish with mustard, cottage cheese and sour cream, herring. When something is not, this is very desirable.
Vietnamese do not eat black bread. I was very bored without our "Borodino". A couple of times I asked tourists to bring it, but it was not as delicious as it was in Belarus, "the native of Brest-Cherishka admitted.
In addition, she lacks theater and concerts.
"Festivals are often held here, artists come, but the Asian stage is very specific, after the second or third speech I go home," the interlocutor shared.
About townspeople and mountaineers.
The Vietnamese, according to Olga, are very poor people, but hard-working. Proud, happy, but cunning. They smile all the time, but they do not mind taking advantage of the tourists. The Vietnamese urban family consists of three generations: grandparents, parents and two children. A norm is two children in a family.
"If there are more children, then there may be trouble at work, up to dismissal, because you are already a bad worker, you think how to support the family, and not about work," - said our interlocutor.
They get married in 28 - 30 years. Before that, adult children work and give all their salaries to their parents. Pensions are received only by civil servants, so children are looking for elderly parents.
"It's their duty, as their parents learned," Olga explained.
And the debt in the literal sense of the word: education paid from the 4th class - about $ 30 per month with an average salary of $ 100 - $ 150. However, Vietnam is an agrarian country, and 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture.
"The mountaineers' family are the poor. The more children, the better: there are no superfluous hands in the field. They finish only primary school, and then, apparently, not everything, because in the country is not 100 percent literacy, "- told Brestchanka.
Only 4% of Vietnamese have higher education.
About religion and traditions.
Half of the population of Vietnam are Catholics, the second half are Buddhists. In each house there is a separate room-altar, where the ancestors are revered. There are a bouquet of flowers, fresh fruit, clear water, smoking incense.
"Sometimes on the altar I saw canned beer and cigarettes - something that the deceased loved. The same mini-altar is in every store, institution, "the heroine of BG continued. There is no Orthodox church in Nha Trang. Once a year, on Easter, the father comes to the city: he communes, consecrates cakes.
The Vietnamese wedding lasts about an hour, usually in a cafe from 8 to 9 am. At the entrance is a huge portrait of the young. On the tables - beer and fruit.
"They briefly congratulated, they presented gifts and to work," Olga said.
But the funeral is stretched for three days.
"Rich food on the tables, bikers with colorful flags scatter fake 100-dollar bills, the orchestra plays something cheerful. and only a hearse, all in fake gold, suggests that this is a funeral, "the interlocutor continued.
Many are cremated, because the land is expensive: it is more profitable to store ashes in an urn in the columbarium.
It looks like Stonehenge, only it's not stones, but petrified trees. They are several thousand years old. All the columns in the temple are also made of these trees.
Vietnamese build their houses without heating. Banks give them an installment plan for 10 years at 4%. In addition, it is customary to rent out their 3-4-storey houses to visitors, but to live in cheap guest houses. Buy an apartment or house here you can, but you can not forget that the land belongs to the state. Prices range from 20 to 40 thousand dollars.
Marinated fruits and vegetables.
The whole life of the Vietnamese takes place on the street. In the morning they take out small tables and chairs from the house and sit down to have their breakfast. From 12 to 15 hours - siesta: life in the city freezes, everyone sleeps, because in the tropical noon it is impossible to work.
"Vietnamese grandparents in the mornings, at 5 o'clock, when our return from nightclubs, on the embankment doing exercises. All in white robes and with red fans. In the evenings, they go to the sea with big companies. By the way, almost all do not know how to swim - they are floundering, laughing and screaming like children when a wave is running, "Olga Nikolayevna said.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner of Vietnamese consists of a large portion of rice. Various sauces, small pieces of meat and fish, huge amount of greenery are served to it. They drink very strong natural coffee.
"Usual Vietnamese at once buys in the market a gram of 80 - 100 meat, shrimp 5 pieces, 2 pieces of potatoes and carrots and 2 large packages of greens," says Olga. - Vietnamese cuisine - for an exotic lover: very sharp, with a sharp, repulsive smell of fish sauce. Without it, no Vietnamese will sit at the table. "
If you exclude sauce, you can eat soup pho (the favorite Vietnamese dish of our heroine, which costs 1 dollar) or spring rolls with seafood (rice paper with filling).
On tourism and immigration.
"Living in Vietnam is inexpensive, it's expensive to be a tourist," Brestchanka said.
Prices for "their" and "foreign" differ in dozens of times. Even in the cafe there are always two menus - for local and tourists. A room in a guest house will cost $ 100 a month for a newcomer, a good home starts at $ 300 - $ 350.
Nevertheless, Vietnam is considered the safest country for the lives of foreigners in Asia. Recently, however, this reputation has become corrupted by stealing youth. Natives of the post-Soviet space in Vietnam mainly work in the tourist business, shops, pharmacies and restaurants.
"It's easy to fly to Vietnam: order an invitation through the Internet and buy a ticket. But know that nobody is waiting for you here. Not everyone can find a well-paid job. Someone is lucky, but someone can not raise money for the journey home, "Olga shared her experience.
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