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How do I transfer to the kennismigranten program?

How do I transfer to the kennismigranten program?
I'm 24. I want to work in Amsterdam as a programmer. Heard of the program kennismigranten. I would like to clarify what actions need to be taken to get under this program, what documents to provide, what requirements to the candidates.
Tell me a little more about such a thing: is there such a program in all EU countries or only in certain ones? And is it possible to see the list of such countries and their conditions somewhere?
Unfortunately, we do not have information about other EU countries. Each country has its own rules, which, moreover, often change.
The program for attracting highly educated immigrants (kennismigranten, kennis means "knowledge" in Dutch) was introduced in 2004 to simplify the procedure for attracting highly educated personnel from abroad.
Previously, to invite an employee from outside the European Union, it was necessary to long and drearily prove the impossibility of finding such an employee in the EU countries (publish a job announcement, interview candidates, argue why the candidate does not fit, etc.) 3 months to six months or more.
For the registration of an alien as a kennismigrant, there is now one criterion - wages. The amounts are indexed each year, for 2012 figures are as follows (salary for the year, before taxes):
Older than 30 years: � 51.239 Younger than 30 years: � 37.575 Graduates of Dutch universities: � 26,931.
In other words, in order to come to the Netherlands as a kennismigrant, it is necessary and sufficient to find an employer who is ready to pay the above-mentioned salary.
Enterprises that wish to use the procedure are registered with the migration service (IND). To design an employee's invitation, they are provided with a convenient interface through the Internet. The immigrant worker needs to do a little - prepare documents (for example, an apostilled birth certificate) and, upon completion of the procedure, obtain an entry visa (MVV) in the Netherlands Consulate.
Prior to the introduction of this program, residence permits for immigrants who come to the Netherlands to work, was tied to the employer (the card read "Worked in the company XXX." A work permit is necessary (not necessary). "And with the change of employer it was necessary to replace a residence permit - it was necessary to fill out a pile of papers and issue a new card.Kennismigrant can work without changing residence permits to any company that is registered in IND.The card reads "It works like kennismigrant".
Kennismigrant, who turns 30 years old, can continue to work for the same employer, without the need to raise wages to the level of "over 30 years" (see above). But if he decides to change jobs, then in the new place are required to pay a salary corresponding to the age level.
could you give a link to a document that allows you not to raise your salary when you reach 30 years, without changing the employer.
The original state document is called Vreemdelingencirculaire, it is in itself very large.
Hoofdstuk 15. Kennismigranten � 5. Looncriterium 5.1. Het looncriterium.
Op het moment dat een vreemdeling die in het bezit is van een verblijfsvergunning als kennismigrant de leeftijd van dertig jaar bereikt, blijft de vreemdeling, ongeacht de functie die hij vervult, gelet op het gestelle in van de toelichting van het Besluit van 28 september 2004 tot wijziging van het Besluit uitvoering Wav voldoen aan de voorwaarden voor verblijf als kennismigrant, mits hij nog.
steeds voldoet aan de jaarloonbepalingen die voor hem golden bij de eerste verlening van de verblijfsvergunning als kennismigrant en hij niet van werkgever is veranderd. Indien de vreemdeling na het bereiken van het dertigste levensjaar van werkgever verandert en hij verblijf als kennismigrant blijft beogen, dient hij te voldoen aan het jaarloonvereiste voor vreemdelingen van dertig jaar en ouder zoals door de Minister van SZW vastgesteld.
here very office language (google translate to help!) outlines the essence of solving the issue of the salary of a kennemigrant when he reaches 30 years.
In the same paragraph, there is an explanation about the salary criterion for persons educated in the Netherlands:
Indien voor een vreemdeling bij de eerste verlening de verblijfsvergunning als kennismigrant het looncriterium voor afgestudeerde buitenlandse studenten geldt, blijft bij wijziging van werkgever en bij de verlenging van de geldigheidsduur van de verblijfsvergunning dit looncriterium van toepassing.
Google translate gives a very muddy translation. Could you help translate this paragraph?
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