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How do I go to America

How do I go to America
Yesterday before going to bed, I prayed to the Lord to reveal to me whether it is possible to believe this prophecy about the fall of the asteroid to America, which should happen in May of this year 2016. or not.
In order to refresh this prophecy in my memory, I posted it here yesterday:
On April 17, when we should already see this asteroid in the sky, we will be able to understand whether it is possible to believe this prophecy or not. And, if there really is an asteroid in the sky on April 17, this will be one of the evidences that this prophecy is true. And there will be time to leave the places mentioned in the prophecy, because there will be about a month in reserve.
Also, before going to bed, I prayed for the children of God in America and in places where people can suffer, if this is a prophecy from God. And I prayed that the Lord would save their lives so that He would not let them die so that His protection was over His children.
And I dreamed such dreams, which, perhaps, are the answer to my prayers.
Saving to the shelter through a narrow wooden bridge.
The first dream began with the fact that I saw myself in the car with my child. I was sitting on the right, and my son Victor was sitting behind me.
We had to go somewhere urgently, but I saw that the car was already going by itself (it was at that moment that the dream began), and there was nobody at the wheel! And just, the car had to make a turn. And there was a risk of an accident without a driver at the wheel! I immediately, quickly jump over the seat at the helm, which was pressed, so it was a bit uncomfortable. But I manage to turn the steering wheel, and, then, immediately slow down at some stop next to the school.
I immediately quickly fastened on the seat at the helm, the child also said to do it, and we continued our journey in the right condition, as expected. I drove well, coped with driving and reached my destination. We got out of the car, and my child, who was disabled in my life, walked calmly and spoke. And I took his hand, and we quickly began to go somewhere further. Next would be a narrow wooden bridge, along which all passed somewhere to escape from something. But my child noticed a beggar right at the bridge, which nobody paid attention to, everyone thought about himself, no one was going to help her and offer to pass through the bridge in order to be saved. And she, besides, like, was sick of something. And my son took pity on her and told her to get up and go with us. He took her by one hand, and I son by his hand and so I took us all in single file with this woman across the bridge: first I walked through the people punching through us, then my son, and after him a beggar. I, too, took pity on her and was not indignant, but on the contrary very much approved of this noble act of her son, although it was so difficult for me to lead them. But I did it.
Passing the bridge, we found ourselves in a large room, where in one large hall all the completely different people sat together side by side and waiting for something, talked. I saw that all such completely different people were together, fleeing from something that would happen outside. All sat very closely together, back to back, as one.
Then the picture changed immediately.
And I saw another moment.
Prepare for the wedding, the false turtledove and rat "Razorha".
There was bustle around and preparations were underway for the wedding. And some girl was sitting on the street in the gazebo and was waiting for the team to release the turtle-dove as a sign of the beginning of some wedding. I approached her, and I saw that this pigeon, as if from transparent glass, looked more like a candy "Cockerel", and there seemed to be some red contents inside .. And I thought it was jam. I asked this girl why her dove is not real, not alive. And she told me that it's a turtledove, not a dove and before I release it, I can kiss her. And she began to kiss this turtledove in a glass inanimate beak. But I refused such a kiss, thinking that it was strange to kiss the glass somehow. And when I was going to leave her arbor, where she was sitting, someone came up to me, carrying a white well-groomed rat on a leash. And this someone began to offer me to kiss this rat instead of a turtledove, as if keeping in mind that she, too, would participate in the wedding ceremony. And I abruptly pushed this "someone" with his rat from himself. But he again wanted to bring her closer to me, but I pushed him away again, and for a moment, seeing this rat very close, I suddenly realized with horror what her name was, and called her name aloud, saying:
Then I immediately came out of this arbor urgently, wanting to warn those who are preparing for the wedding, that they plan to destroy it.
And then I see another dream.
Destruction of the enemy's plan. Angel's messages that He is always there.
I'm with some friend of mine, whose faces I have not seen, somewhere in a hurry. And we go either by bus, then by motorcycle, then by something else. And I understand that we need to hurry in order to spoil the plan of some of our enemy, who seemed to us like a friend. And he was externally, like a Terminator, but his face was gray, like a stone. And we needed to get ahead of him for this. And, behold, when we ran past him and ran far ahead of him, we continued on the road with festive jubilation.
And, when we made a small stop in a hurry, someone quickly joined me from behind as a friend, saying:
And here he ran forward, somewhere in a hurry. And I saw already his back, and noticed that he had white and yellow long curly hair on his shoulders. And I immediately realized that it was an Angel. And he ran forward, performing some task.
And then suddenly I was in another dream.
Prophetic school. Anointing. Preparation for the holiday.
I'm in a room with my own friend. There are rooms, as in a train, narrow, but wider, of course, than on a train. In one of the narrow and long rooms there was a lot or not (no number was shown) of the person, but everyone was there with prophetic gifts, there was an understanding that it was like a prophetic school. And we were gathered there by a man, also a prophet, but more important than all of us. And he was like a blue silhouette, his appearance was not visible, it was clear that he was not skinny, but full-bodied slightly. And he knew each of us. And I knew that this prophet was a famous person. I was surprised that he also knew me from somewhere. I was a little embarrassed among all, thinking that I was unworthy to be among the prophets. Therefore, I did not talk to anyone, but just watched. Everyone talked, even joked and prepared for the holiday, and it was like celebrating the new year, or rather the eve of the new year. There was a feeling that until 12 o'clock in the morning there was not much time left. And this prophet each invited to himself separately one by one (he sat on a slightly elevated place) and asked some questions.
I remember standing next to the piano. In general, shy to touch something there, but the piano touched a little, opened, touched the keys and closed, although she wanted to play it (although in life I can not play). Immediately there was another moment, I see that I have a bottle with fragrant oil. And I somebody anointed them. And then this oil spread over my hands. And I stood and rubbed this oil on my hands, inhaling its aroma. Then, I saw that everyone was already preparing to pour out their glasses and start drinking wine.
I turned out to be standing right next to the table with a lot of empty vessels. We were very dense near this table. Nearby, on the left side was my friend, with whom we were there together, and on my right side I saw one sister in Christ-Ruth, she has a prophetic gift, and we are very friendly with her. And I was very happy that among all there is someone I know and who knows me. Among all the glasses, everyone knew what it was, and I also knew what my, or rather, mine, there were two glasses. And they stood right next to me. And now, the time of the holiday has not yet begun, but many have already begun to fill their glasses. And I knew inside that there is no sense, because you can drink only after 12 hours. And this time in a dream sounded like the "second half". And Ruth, too, poured, although she also, as I was not in a hurry, because she, too, did not want to drink wine in advance. And she kept saying the glass, saying that it was still early. And in her voice were cheerful and joyful notes:
I feel that I will drink this wine already in the second half. "
And I understood, it is about the time when the new year is coming.
But the holiday atmosphere continued to heat up among us, and all the prophets began to clink glasses. And my girlfriend and Ruth and many around, as if in advance, despite the fact that my glasses were empty, they also began to be coded. And then I see that many people wanted to check with my glass, and it became embarrassing for me that my glasses were empty. And it was even amusing to see them directing their glasses to my empty ones.
Then I said to my friend, already laughing from what I saw, because in a dream it seemed very funny:
"Okay, and I need to pour!" And she began to pour me wine, but accidentally dropped some empty glass on the table. And then everyone began to laugh at this situation, it was very fun. Among us there was an incredible joy, freedom, love, unity. And all continued to laugh and paddle to communicate with each other, and I laughed so that I woke up from this laugh, and laughed again, after this dream. ))
These are the dreams that I dreamed after that prayer.
What do I think about these dreams, if it was God's answer to my prayers?
1. God made it clear that He is a merciful God and will give a chance to be saved by everyone who seeks Him and is saved in Him.
Whoever is in Christ, that God will keep from His anger and judgment. He is a God who does not change, and how He did not destroy His people in the Scriptures, so He will not destroy today. And He will save and hide His, who is faithful to Him and who is moving after Christ.
There were thoughts that if this prophecy was from God, He warned specifically about the date of appearance of the asteroid, because when it appears really in the sky, His people will be able to react before the fall of this cosmic body, and hide in safer places. He did not specify only the date of the fall of the asteroid, when already there will be no time to be saved and to check the falsity or truth of this prophecy.
But, if this prophecy is false, then no one loses anything, and the date of April 17 will put everything in its place.
2. God revealed a little more than what I asked for. He showed that the devil started under a white guise to deceive the Church of God. He will offer a false Holy Spirit, creating something artificial, and this will entail the destruction of the Wedding of the Bride and Christ. And whoever does not discern a lie will enter it. Therefore, we, in order to avoid the false lead of the "turtledoves" about the beginning of the wedding, you need to be on the alert. Perhaps there is a connection with false ascension. This can also be related to the false prophecies and destruction that these prophecies can bring.
3. God showed that when the enemy plans something against us, then His Angels are always with us, and when we move in God, He will not allow the enemy to defeat us. We, even if we do not know the plans of the enemy, or what God does with us, will simply move in the direction where God will guide us. And what the Angel said was the words of God to me, and He, as the messenger of God, only delivered this message. And this was shown as an encouragement to the fact that God is always near us. We do not have to fuss, He knows how to defeat our enemy. And our business is to obey God and move in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
4. God confirmed to me and encouraged me that He sees me among the prophets, although I do not think so, thinking that because no prophetic schools have passed, I can not be rightfully considered a prophet. Therefore, in the group itself, I saw myself too modest and silent. But God showed that through my hands He transmits the anointing, and this blesses as those whom I anoint with oil, so it is with me.
Wine in glasses, as an image of the beginning of the entrance into the full ministry of the prophet. And I myself did not see myself as a mature prophet, but God encouraged me here, and let me know through the other prophets that it's time, it's time. And do not wait for the second half, the time of trouble, to enter into full service, but it's time to do it.
In general, more personal sleep was the last. But it was as confirmation to those first dreams that those dreams were prophetic and were given for encouragement.
If someone else has any thoughts about my dreams, write. I will be very grateful.
Maybe you will see more clearly what was shown to me through these dreams.
Later I had a short vision, which I shared here:
Also on the topic of very close vessels was a warning from the Lord:
Information came from England, that they also see this star!
But in my understanding, the most important thing that needs to be paid attention is the celebration of the new year.
You do not need human prophetic schools, so the others know each other they went through together with Ruth. But Ruth is able to meditate on the Holy Spirit herself, but allows some compromises.
Your empty glasses are like an image of spiritual poverty, but the desire to be with everyone will fill your vessel with human teaching until the time. What the prophets tried to do, and even Ruth hesitated to be with everyone or wait for the fullness of time. Stay true to the Lord. And you will be the bearer of the truth, of wine.

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