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How did the Armenian Diaspora appear in France?

How did the Armenian Diaspora appear in France?
Currently, the Armenian diaspora in France is about 600,000 people.
Relations have been established between the Armenians and the French since the time of the Crusades, and the Armenian branch of the French noble family de Lusignan was formed from the union of representatives of the French feudal clan Lusignan with the kings of Cilicia Armenia.
His Eminence promised the Armenians heavenly bliss. 🙂
The same, the well-known, Cardinal Arman Jean du Plessis, the Duke de Richelieu can be considered the founder of the Armenian Diaspora in France. 🙂 The cardinal's decisions show that he sought to induce Armenians to settle in France - books were published in Armenian, during his reign, at the beginning of the 17th century, Armenian merchants were granted privileges for trade. It was a far-sighted financial and political move - on the one hand, the Italian merchants filled Italy, and on the other hand the Dutch ones. French only had to deal with resale. And Armenians with ties in the East, supplied to Europe from India, expensive, at the time, cotton fabrics, cotton and dye. Printed fabrics with intricate patterns went to the upholstery of furniture, sewing dresses and enjoyed great popularity.
After the death of Richelieu, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the Minister of Finance at the court of Louis XIV, contributed to the strengthening of the Armenian dispensation. In 1669, by the decree of Colbert in Marseilles, a port-franco was created, which also strengthened the positions of Armenian merchants. Over time, the Armenians settled in Marseilles. Knowing the secrets, master the technique of Indian painting on fabric, become artisans.
Over time, the Armenian Diaspora was replenished by emigrants after the genocide in 1915. And again Marseilles became the first city to accept Armenians. And from there they settled in different cities of France.
I must say that the Armenians are well entered in the culture of France, and the French responded reciprocally. 🙂
In France, the Armenian diaspora appeared, immediately after the last, large-scale earthquake in Armenia.

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