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How best to get vaccinated if moving is planned.

How best to get vaccinated if moving is planned.
It seems to me (herself would have done so, and you in this plan will support), vaccinated more conveniently on the vaccine calendar of one country. They can differ markedly.
I have not planted my own in the maternity hospital and now I regret not having vaccinated against hepatitis B so far - the elder is sick, then she is a snot, then some more urgent vaccination, which she does not tolerate well and can not be done together. now do not do, because she was in contact with a sick chickenpox.
In the United States, a vaccine against hepatitis is produced immediately after birth. But it is done in almost all countries.
Not true. In Europe, they begin to inoculate not earlier than 2 months.
The main inoculations are starting to do with 2 months, I agree. But the very first of hepatitis B, as a rule, is done in the hospital.
in the hospital, in Europe, do not do the vaccinations. Begin to vaccinate from two months. Including from hepatitis. Hepatitis vaccination is not done for all children, but only for those who are at risk (parents who came from the East Europe for example), ordinary Dutch children of hepatitis are not vaccinated.
Daria, what other significant differences from the Russian vaccine system can you tell us? Very interested in this topic.
Or maybe give a link to the Dutch site with the vaccination rules. I will be very grateful.
And on April 1, 2006 plus they make another inoculation against pneumococcus. I do not know what it is, but they were born after 01-04-06, so they do not get this vaccination.
** Kinderen van draagsters (zie *) en kinderen waarvan een van de ouders afkomstig is uit een land waar hepatitis B veel voorkomt, krijgen vanaf 1 juni 2006 bij 2, 3, 4 en 11 maanden het combinatievaccin DKTP-Hib-HepB waarin ook een vaccin tegen hepatitis B zit.
but I already understood it myself, it's about 01-04-06.
This vaccination can and should be abandoned.
may vary by state.
. but we did not get an inoculation from hepatitis in the hospital. my reaction was negative, we are not at risk, so our immunization started almost 3 months ago.
right 🙂 I did without moving either - no one has any questions.
"vaccinated more conveniently by vaccination calendar of one country" +1.
Schedule vaccinations in the US and Germany will differ very little. You will go there in the vaccine first from hepatitis B, and then already do according to the German schedule.
I seem to have found information according to which the first inoculation from hepatitis B (and all other vaccinations) in Germany is done at the beginning of the third month. I am confused by any breaks between vaccinations, because if you immediately get this vaccine in the hospital, you need to do a second after a certain period, but what if I miss the right moment because of the crossings?
first move and arrange, and then have the grafts done. if at all decide to do them.

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