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Housing in Australia. Buying and renting housing in Australia.

Housing in Australia. Buying and renting housing in Australia.
Moving to another continent, including Australia, will not be difficult. Registration of documents, packing of suitcases, ticket for the plane and ready. But if you need to buy in a foreign country while your own corner for permanent residence, it should be clarified, but is it possible? In this mainland country, foreigners have such a right, but without special reservations only as a new building or an apartment in it.
It will be problematic to become the owner of a living space in the secondary market, if before that within a year not invested in its maintenance or construction. Buy housing in Australia in recent years has become more difficult, but all the advantages of real estate in this heavenly corner of the planet from this only increase. A unique nature with its flora and fauna will be a pleasant fire-resistant bonus even to a small house or apartment. If the property is near the ocean, it will certainly affect its price status. Especially popular today are small mansions and modern townhouses. The cost of housing in Australia after the global crisis first fell slightly, but then acquired a different vector. The price per square meter on the Green Continent increased in January this year. This growth varies within 10%. Housing prices in Australia also depend on the city in which the property is located. It is noteworthy that here the city of Canberra becomes not attractive for migrants, but such large centers as Sydney and Melbourne. In the latter, the price level is at around 500 thousand dollars, and in the "Olympic" city by 20 thousand more. Again, the matter is in the location. The capital is located in the interior of the mainland, and these cities are closer to the ocean. And since the problem of transport is obvious here, joining waterways becomes a big plus. The province is valued several times less. Incredibly, but if you try, it is possible to find a house worth just over two hundred dollars. It is worth remembering that the purchase of a house in the property in this country does not lead to automatic acquisition of citizenship. Namely, this "fishing pole" is often caught by settlers by unscrupulous agents. But, however, when you leave after the expiry of the visa period, it is not necessary to sell the property. You can always go back. After there are available documents for any living space, real estate in Australia to buy in the secondary market will already be much more real.
The question of how much housing costs in Australia can and should be considered in terms of rent. After all, buying a property can not afford to everyone. Rent housing in Australia, like everywhere else, is easier than buying. The cost of this service varies considerably in different parts of the continent. We will carry out a small analysis of the above two cities. In Sydney a week for one room will have to pay from 15 thousand to 21 thousand rubles. When you take two rooms to the top bar for one night, we add the option to 35 thousand A, for example, in Melbourne you can rent a room from 9 thousand to 14.5 thousand rubles. Two-room apartments will cost 11 - 17.5 thousand. So experts evaluate the rental of living space. It turns out that rental housing in Australia is quite comparable to the Russian rates for this service, and by the standards of Moscow, even it will be cheaper. The matter is that the authorities render all kinds of support to migrants in order to stimulate investments in their region. Competing with Europe and America has always been difficult, variable success often forces to take serious measures. It is necessary to study in detail all the nuances in order to be able to save where you can not overpay. The main thing before you rent a house in Australia, you need to analyze which city is more attractive and for what purposes (recreation, work, etc.), how often you have to leave, what are the financial opportunities and some other points.
On payment for the service to rent a house in Australia, if you want to move there, you will have to earn money in the homeland, but you can actually save money for purchasing at a new place of residence. Moreover, real estate prices in Australia are growing in accordance with the development of the entire economy, and the local level of wages allows it to be done much faster.
After all the primary tasks are fulfilled, you can start looking for a suitable job placement. Moreover, work in Australia will find its own staff. The country has a program for migrants, according to which it is possible to obtain a visa for 4 years at the expense of the state or employer firm. But this is provided, if the job of the applicant is in the list of necessary. Work experience with training should be at the time of search 6-7 years. However, in many other areas the state is experiencing a shortage of personnel. Therefore, you need to contact a recruitment agency with a well-written resume in flawless English.
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