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House of America moving

House of America moving
Most of those who live in America sooner or later think about buying a house.
The house is comfort, tranquility and large rooms. The house is its own, which means investment.
Several years in my wife and I rented an apartment in New York where we worked. Most of these apartments are managed by management, which, in which case, and the crane is repaired, and the air conditioner will be in order.
The price was $ 1,800 / month. and this amount included parking space, a small muddy pool and a tennis court. Also in the mornings a mini bus drove the residents of the building to the metro station, which was a 15-minute walk away.
Well, a good view from the window.
It seems to be a good option, but in NY the demand for apartments is huge and prices are constantly rising. Now in that building a minimum of 2,400 $
With houses in New York, Jersey and Connecticut, the situation is similar - the real estate market is so inflated that it is cheaper than $ 400,000 to buy only an old ruin for repairs, or to leave for 1.5 hours from work. Here is, for example, a house for $ 469,000 in New Jersey an hour's drive from Manhattan.
It was decided to collect the belongings in the truck and move to Houston. 2 days on the road, overnight at the hotel, lunch in Tennessee and a square priest from the comfort of U-Haul.
So we ended up in Texas. The roads here are wider, portions in the cafe are larger, but life is more accessible.
Almost all complexes have swimming pools, gyms, various libraries and playrooms. This and removed for the first time and only 2 weeks after the move back to the idea of a house.
To begin with, it was necessary to decide where to live - closer to people or further, with or without a plot, in a new house or an old one.
And here we go to the north of the city, another day to the south, we look at houses from builders and sales from private traders. Weekends over the weekend we tried to understand what we want and where to find it. Rushed from one option to another, each time resting on various shortcomings.
As you probably guessed, this was the biggest problem - the desire to cope on your own. After 3 months we still had no idea where to look, what is important and what is not.
So we met Alex - realtor.
It turns out a lot and in one post does not fit, because I want to shove more photos of the building of the house - I will cut the sequel!
Top on top First on top Topical top.
So we met Alex - realtor.
I saw a movie that also started.
It's a lot? So I would write like everyone else, sign up - I will continue.
Th fuckin ', you live in the usa and noete? you bought a house, maybe you live under a bridge? how many pieces will be in your fucking fascinating story? 24?
To blat it was convenient to write, one informative post, and not this one for three sentences.
it's not this, but in that fucking so to divide the post into parts, if you could immediately blot out everything.
I work in real estate appraisal in the state of NJ (New Jersey).
I do not know who offers you such prices for such houses, not even far from NY.
For 300k you can buy not a shitty domino for 200-250 squares, 4 bedrooms 2-3 bathrooms, with a finished basement + ground 0,23 acres of 10000 square pounds can even be searched with a pool.
Even very cheaply sounds, in Sacramento, CA, according to your description the house can be bought about 300k-350k + in a normal area, thought NJ prices are much higher because of the high cost of land.
Prices depend on the area and city.
Can you throw a reference to the house for 300k?
that on trulia that zillov prices are overstated by 20-30% is not always true.
So that you do not spend a lot of time searching for a home, try registering on the trendmls website (if it works, as the site for agents), there is a lot of information about all active houses in different cities of the state of NJ. If it does not turn out to ask your agent, he has exactly access to this site.
They drank posts further.
Who are we. I do not want to move to the USA.
But it is interesting, yes.
So we met Alex - realtor ..
The goal is to move to permanent residence in the United States. then ordinary people have a real opportunity to LIVE under "normal" efforts, that's where the grass is greener. lucky for those who were already born there.
oh well, it's all about the territories north of the southern tropic. there are crocodiles, poisonous jellyfish and a wagon of all living creatures. the rest of everything is decent.
for some reason it seemed to me that it was more difficult to get to Canada. In the United States require IELTS?
not everywhere as far as I remember. but only a working visa, you will not live there. in Canada and Australia in 4/5 years you will become a citizen and a visa-PR. sweat only for them it is necessary, in Canada especially.

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