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History of refugee status in Canada. Part 1.

History of refugee status in Canada. Part 1.
Today we have a very unusual and very detailed history of immigration to Canada. A story about two guys from Ukraine. Both came as tourists three years ago. After several months of stay in the country decided that you need to try to stay and get permanent residence through refugee status in Canada. What they went through and what they got, Andrew will tell, one of the guys.
What was the agency's obligation? In what format did the work take place and how much did you pay for the services, if not secret?
1. There will be enough maps, a list of places that you want to visit in Canada. If you want to be more convincing - provide a reservation in the hotels of Canada or the USA (many hotels give proof of reservation without a single cent of prepayment).
2. The short term of study in the language school in Canada can also be explained by your desire to try to learn in other schools. Show a list of other schools or correspondence in one of them, where you ask about the cost and the training program. That is, you need to convince them that you need more time to spend in Canada.
3. Not many students know that a tourist visa in Canada can be extended for another 6 months (6 months of a visa you were given immediately + 6 more if you renewed). There are almost no refusals to renew the visa.
The option of obtaining refugee status with the help of a lawyer in Canada. In this version, you need to calmly and peacefully exit the airport, do not tell anyone anything and do not admit. Further, it will be necessary to search for a good lawyer, make up the whole history and collect documents and evidence. Of course, very good and powerful facts and evidence are needed. I advise this option, since it's almost impossible to do something on your own in such a complicated business, especially if you do not have perfect English.
In order to successfully and successfully pass the refugee process in Canada, one must understand and present the following evidence and facts:
Provide evidence that all of the above violations have threatened your life and / or the lives of your loved ones.
Provide evidence that there have been appeals or attempts to appeal to law enforcement.
Evidence that appeals to law enforcement agencies did not bring any results.
Evidence that the threat to life is constant and that this is not a temporary phenomenon.
It is necessary to prove that there were attempts to change the place of residence or evidence that such a change would not help to eliminate the threat to life.
If you quickly found a lawyer, filed and filled out all the documents, then somewhere in 45 days you will have a court. The Court for the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants will review your entire case and make a verdict. You will either be believed and given permanent residence in Canada, or you will be told that you did not convince the court that you really need refugee status and will be ordered to leave the country.
Paper that your statements and appeals have not been adequately addressed or even ignored.
A doctor's certificate proving that you had serious beatings, fractures, concussion and other injuries.
Help from a psychologist.
Photos with injuries and beatings.
The friend had a similar set of pieces of paper. The main thing is that all dates and events in the notes coincide with your testimony and history.
2 Evidence, facts and arguments.
3 Correctly issued and submitted documents.
2 The refugee certificate. With him, you can receive free medical care and other benefits of Canada.
We had all the necessary documents to live normally, work and wait for the court. We also could receive a state allowance of about $ 600 per month (Ontario province), if we do not find a job or do not want to work. But we could not study, I'm talking about college. The language courses were completely free for us. That's how they lived.
My first official job was at one local fast food restaurant. Having worked there for several months, I went to work at a furniture factory, where I paid more and in cash (not officially). He also went to the state allowance in the amount of $ 600 per month. As a result, even very good money came out. Then he threw the factory and went to work for a construction company in a big company, where they paid even more. There I still work to this day (also unofficially).

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