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Hillary Clinton announced the transfer of Americans to Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton announced the transfer of Americans to Ukraine.
"An unexpected statement was made by the US presidential candidate from the Democrats Hillary Clinton, in an interview with our correspondent, about the future of the United States & raquo ;, & ndash; reported the leading American edition of ABC News Ros Childs.
Asked by the reporter about the future of the country, Hillary Clinton unexpectedly replied that the United States can not ignore the significant deterioration of the geophysical situation in the Yellowstone National Park area and the San Andreas Fault, which has catastrophic consequences for North America and jeopardizes its very existence.
According to Ms. Clinton, there is very little time left to preserve the independence and further prosperity of the United States, and, consequently, it is necessary to consider more resolutely and consistently the question of transferring American statehood to European territory. The main variant of such relocation should be considered the territory of Ukraine, the climatic conditions of which are most favorable for American citizens, but due to a combination of some circumstances, the solution of this issue is in jeopardy.
"We should not abandon this territory as the most favorable for the global US move, because of Russia's position and continue to coordinate international pressure to return the Crimea to a single territorial space as of February 2014. In addition, preliminary work is required to include the territories of several Eastern European states in the future European United States & ndash; Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic countries. Thus, we will be able to expand the necessary living space in order not to feel cramped and have the prospect of further industrial and economic development & raquo ;, & ndash; Clinton said.
On the issue of the future of the citizens of the countries she mentioned, Hillary Clinton noted that this issue is not paramount, because based on the existing situation, the residents of these territories will be happy to be able to become citizens of the new European United States, but this will not be for everyone and some part will be settled in the countries of the Middle East and Africa, since this is, unfortunately, an inevitable process under geopolitical changes, where strong countries occupy the vital territory they need thorium weak and unpromising States which, as history shows, stop their continued existence.
"Naturally, the European United States in the long term will occupy that territory, where the statehood is in a coma, without hope for recovery. To date, this is without doubt Ukraine, located on a significant and economically advantageous territory, which the Ukrainian authorities have not been able to manage rationally for more than a quarter of a century, where from year to year the whole world observes only the progressively growing state, social, demographic and economic degradation. This can also be attributed to the countries of the Baltic region. I hope that the European United States will be able to adequately replace these non-state misunderstandings on the European platform.
And with Russia and China, we eventually find a common language and become good neighbors and equal trading partners who do not need any wars and shocks & raquo ;, & ndash; Clinton concluded.
Commentators in the network express their doubts about this news. Officially, Clinton did not confirm this. But history knows a lot of examples, when & la leakage & raquo; was organized by the most "aggrieved" raquo ;. Is not this the case? Moreover, there are moments that allow you to take what you said in the news with confidence.
Highlights of the news & ndash; This is a geophysical catastrophe that will erase the USA from the face of the earth. Second & ndash; the need to relocate the "precious" & raquo; Americans somewhere in Europe or somewhere else better.
It's unclear why Christmas should be the last, but the forces that destabilize the political life of the planet are not at all in the Yellowstone volcano. The main instigators of the global earthquake & raquo; go in white shirts and build themselves out of the world & "decided". These are bilderbergers, and they will set fire to the "Reichstag" & raquo; Peace until it lights up.
They are joined by a variety of other & laquo; world governments & raquo; in which groups of schizophrenics who consider themselves gods are assembled.
We must understand that the most dangerous gang is believers. They intend to translate the script of the Apocalypse & ndash; otherwise the Bible simply stupidly cease to believe. In Europe, the complete fall of churches & ndash; because of the lack of flock, and in Asia, crazy people go crazy in their own way: they do not draw their hands to the sky, but their backs.
This is sadism and masochism. It seems that this is an invention. But the last US president, as predicted & laquo; sacred & raquo; books, really black. And he really brought the country to the brink of destruction. Perhaps, it is the American resettlement that is preceded by this sluggish world war, which the world government unleashed all over the Earth.
Recently and the news & laquo; Why did Elizabeth II secretly visit Moscow? & Raquo; seemed incredible. But today, many already know that it was so, and a new head of state has already been appointed. The only question is whether the Elizabethan script is being implemented or not?
As for the resettlement of Americans directly to Ukraine, we already wrote about this & ndash; in the material of April 18, 2015, "Ukraine: The Biblical Theater and the Mythology of the Ukrainian War". But the main demon is not a religious devil at all, but some monstrous monster, painted to the beast, & ndash; & la Committee; 300 & raquo; (see the book "Moon Flipping").
You, probably, will be surprised, but such & laquo; committee & raquo; was always. He existed in an ancient fairy tale dedicated to the days of the year. Another thing is that some "great uncles" & raquo; they poured so many silver pennies into their own wallets that they seriously believed that they could make this fairy tale happen. And gathered in a real & laquo; Committee of 300 & raquo ;.
It is he (in the collective sense) dropping airplanes, exploding metro and railway stations, undermining suicide bombers. It is he who grows gangs of various fanatics, financing them between parties in golf. White-toothed gentlemen and illegible women in sexual relations & ndash; they are those who flooded the World with incomprehensible creatures brought from Asia and Africa.
Everything would be utterly deplorable, if not for one thing, but "& raquo ;. There is a certain force that has already mown down Rockefeller, Rothschild, Primakov. No wonder, if she turns her punishing scythe and the side of the old Clinton.
Andrei Tyunyaev, editor-in-chief of the newspaper & laquo; President & raquo ;, twitter, vk.
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