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Gold Visa in Portugal | Golden Residence permit in Portugal.

Gold Visa in Portugal | Golden Residence permit in Portugal.
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Overlooking the ocean.
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Golden Residence Permit / Golden Residence Permit / Golden Visa / Golden Residence Permit is a new immigration program for foreign investors that allows you to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.
On October 8, 2012, the Law on Receiving the Golden Visa in Portugal came into force on the basis of investments. On January 28, 2013, amendments were introduced to the law, simplifying the process of obtaining a residence permit. June 30, 2015, the law was supplemented by the introduction of other grounds for obtaining the Golden Vid. January 9, 2017 published a new regulation on the timing and documents relating to the program of the Golden Visa in Portugal.
A Gold Visa in Portugal can be obtained on the basis of:
- Purchase of real estate with a total value of 500 000 euros and above by one investor.
The holder of Golden Visa has the following privileges:
- The ability to quickly and simply obtain a residence permit for a period of one year and extend two times for 2 years.
- In 6 years the opportunity to obtain Portuguese citizenship.
- Free movement in the Schengen countries and the EU.
Requirements for investors for obtaining a Golden Residence Card / Golden Visa:
- Documents for the purchase of real estate, made after 8/10/2012 without acceptance of a targeted loan, are accepted for consideration.
- There are no restrictions on renting a property and using it for tourist, commercial or other purposes.
- The compulsory stay in the territory of Portugal is 7 days a year. 14 days in the next two years.
- The Portuguese law does not limit the types of companies for investment, investment activities should be conducted within the next five years from the date of receipt of the Golden Visa.
- Confirmation of investments by the Financial Institution registered in Portugal, the Portuguese Stock Market Regulator and the Board of Directors Providing a certified financial report.
- The company staff can consist of both Portuguese and people of other nationalities who have a work permit in Portugal.
- After five years of investing, doing business or owning Portuguese real estate, the holder of Golden Visa can apply for a permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship.
Required documents for consideration of the application:
- Proof of legal residence in the territory of Portugal.
- The medical insurance of Portugal is obligatory only for those who are going to permanently reside on the territory of Portugal.
- A certificate of non-conviction in the country where the applicant previously resided.
- Information on the verification of personal information in the Service for Foreigners and Borders in Portugal (SEF)
- Evidence of the acquisition of Portuguese real estate.
- Evidence of compliance with tax obligations (certificates on the absence of arrears from the Tax and Customs Administration, Social Security agencies, bank statements of the applicant's solvency)
The costs of submitting documents for VLT in Portugal:
520.40 & euro; Euros & ndash; initial application for the investor and 81.10 euro; for each member of the family.
5202.60 & euro; & ndash; primary state. the fee for obtaining a residence permit (for each family member)
520.40 & euro; & ndash; application for extension of the application for the investor and 80,60 & euro; for each member of the family.
2,601.30 & euro; & ndash; extension / renewal of residence permits (once in 2 years, for each family member)
The procedure for submitting documents, the time for consideration and approval of the process *
- SEF has 90 days to complete the process with a report on the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the process, except in cases where any additional documents are required that must be requested also during this period.
- The whole process must be satisfied without fail for 90 & ndash; 120 days.
- After satisfaction, there are 60 days for the delivery of biometrics and payment of state fees.
- SEF has 60 days to process and approve the renewal, if the process was not satisfied within 60 days, it is considered automatically approved.
Our company MICHAEL & amp; JENEVA PORTUGAL PROPERTY offers a residence permit service in Portugal based on the purchase of real estate and investments. We work with several lawyers who speak different languages (Russian, English, Chinese) and have extensive experience in legalizing foreign citizens in Portugal and provide a wide range of consulting services, starting from the initial consultation on the issue of residence permit, ending with full support of the process of obtaining residence in Portugal (residence permit, Golden Visa).

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