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Go to Thailand and stay with.

Go to Thailand and stay with.
Surrounded by other Asian countries, Thailand in history and culture is almost nothing. I did not fight with anyone, did not arrange loud revolutions, did not make great discoveries. I did not interfere in anything, did not participate & hellip; in general, is not seen anywhere. Ethnos with low passionarity. He looks like a quiet, modest woman who attracts exclusively by her invisibility and warm, silent softness.
Nearby much louder neighbors. China, one of the oldest states in the world, with a great history of five millennia; who committed an uncountable number of inventions that changed the world; with a deep ancient philosophy and culture; a world factory of clothes, shoes, household appliances, cars, toys and more. India, one of the oldest cultures, gave the world 2 world religions, the teaching of the Vedas, yoga, a unique architecture and art that influenced the history of mankind. Nepal & mdash; a country of eight thousand people and mountain tourists. Further Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar & hellip; interesting in that they are almost unknown. And Thailand is known only for the fact that it is a tourist and hipan place, warm and beautiful.
For the sake of what is it worth to go here? And is it worth it? For the sake of beautiful scenery? A warm climate? The abundance of a variety of juicy fruits and delicious inexpensive food? Or a soft, friendly atmosphere?
The country of hipsters and downschiffers, yoght and holoknutyh is good for rest & hellip; yes, it is for complete relaxation from heavy plowing in a stuffy and hateful office during the year. Nothing here foreshadows adventures & mdash; local soft, delicate and smiling, tourists nirvAnisty and shivasAnisty. Here, you will be understood even if you do not know English and Thai & hellip; and even Russian. Do not think here & mdash; just enjoy and eat. Fans of adventures and thrills in the form of any meaningless achievements, will feel deceived. Here you can only get acquainted with a funny character from hanging in Tae and learn something about another life. And you can take motsik and travel around the surrounding villages and forests. Walk at high speeds & mdash; the only reason to go to the quiet, non-charismatic beautiful nature of Thailand for an amateur to fool around and be extreme & hellip; although somehow brightened up the general prosperity and thoughtlessness.
And if you want something deep, complex and eternal, then go to your neighbors & mdash; India or China & hellip; but keep in mind, it's difficult, if not on a tour, without a guardian & hellip; but only so you will understand what China is and what is real India .. and most importantly & mdash; what are you and your mind.
And yet something about Thailand.
In Bangkok, such traffic jams that even on a paid highway you move at a speed of 20-40 km / h. There are no more traffic on the river. But there are so many ships that it's a pleasure to go to rush hour on the river only for connoisseurs of dangerous adventures. For your information: boats do not go like cars strictly on the left side. They rush from shore to shore, dodging from oncoming ships and at times sharply slowing down the course, so as not to flip the lateral wave. And in these wonderful moments the whole river tram breathes in chorus: "Oh!" & Raquo; and is imbued with a feeling of love and sympathy for each other.
I was in crematoria: in Varanasi in India and Pashupatinath in Nepal. Now in Thailand, in the royal crematorium. There is a difference.
Everything that you did not know about orchids: the flowers grow, suspended in the air on carbines as climbers, and they put on pots only from shyness - cover up the ass.
Thai children (like adults) are not interested in foreigners and do not ask for money for filming (unlike the neighbors of Indians and Nepalese).
There was in my experience individual therapy from two psychotherapists at the same time. In Tae I was driven by two drivers of a bamboo raft. I will say authoritatively: two drivers are better than two psychotherapists!
On the traditional night market in Chiang Mai you can buy everything: from honey soap and paper lanterns to a sign on the toilet. And also make manicure and tattoo. And, of course, to eat chocolate hend maid, lobster and crab, grown up independently and something else, the names of which I do not know.
About the most interesting part of life in Pai, in the north of Thailand, you will find out in the next article if you want.
But the main thing is to help others organize their lives so that they envied themselves. Come - we will organize everything! I'm already in Tomsk. And not Tomsk citizens can call me on skype: reddakinya108.
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