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Girls who went abroad for permanent residence (not married)?

Girls who went abroad for permanent residence (not married)?
About myself I can say that with the first paragraph I can not accept. Most likely we will return with my husband, but it's 1.2 hours fly.
Try to find a Russian forum about Australia, where you will find more information.
from personal experience-they left 10 years ago in Germany with his family. his wife is still working in a restaurant, first a dishwasher, now allowed "knead dough". but she did not really want to learn anything, she did not aspire. he learned the language, got off to teach economics in the institute, he was a great umnichka always. So here. students were enrolled precisely to him on the course, and he received half as much as a fellow German. infringed in this. left there. earns now on another, but very difficult. and it's hard to buy your home and take up a normal job if you are an expatriate. but this is in Germany. by the way, he does not intend to return, but he does not experience any special enthusiasm from life there. Of course, much of his arrival to his native land surprises him and has become unaccustomed to many things, of course, THERE is another life.
the second family-doctors, specialists, left, a year of retraining, confirmed qualifications, lived on benefits, now 10 years there, they work in the clinic under contract, they rent housing. They are not going to return .. but it's easier for doctors to get a job.
adolescents adapt very quickly, because language is quickly given and are pouring into a new environment, they are educated and able to work .. many classmates left after the institute or graduation, adapted, and work.
In general, here you have a meaning and age, and knowledge of the language and who you can work there. gather more information about the country where you are going. especially there is an acquaintance there. it would be nice to go and see the prospects, to assess the prospects.
There is a familiar family, they live in Germany, so they have no European education, so they work at the plant for 1500 euros, and it is for 1200. horror and not life, "33;
So first find a job, and then leave.
And Australia is so far away. can what-thread to find closer?
the only thing, you do not need to think that having come to live in another country, get rid of the internal problems of your family. On the contrary, everything becomes aggravated, since there are no air vents (friends, relatives, habitual environment).
I want to try and do everything possible so that my son would be competitive and in the future he could leave for permanent residence in another country.
badgerm (September 26, 2012 - 10:53) wrote:
I live in the German part, it's not so beautiful here as in Italian and French. But germanium is close, you can products and much more much cheaper to buy & # 33;
And support your husband & # 33; who does not risk, he, you know what. & # 33;)
alerma (September 26, 2012 - 11:05) wrote:
Salaries are bigger, food and clothing are cheaper. The people are kind, they smile. Children in 15 years do not smoke or sit with beer, but do sports. Many different sections for children, the pool costs 30 rubles. Parks are clean, without drunks.
On the streets there is no mud, the winter is warm, the summer is hot.
I adore this country & # 33; & # 33;
Fakruna (September 26, 2012 - 11:09) wrote:
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