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Getting a residence permit when buying a property in France.

Getting a residence permit when buying a property in France.
France is one of the most promising areas for the acquisition of real estate. Its geographical position allows you to feel comfortable both for lovers of skiing and for those who prefer warm sea and white sand. Here you can buy any property. For sale are offered:
Apartments & # 8212; from studios to multi-room apartments; separately standing houses of rural type; Alpine chalets; villas with different levels of comfort; ancient castles of the XVII-XIX centuries.
The price of housing in Europe, and in France, in particular, depending on the region and the level of real estate, can vary within fairly wide limits, but almost everyone can find an apartment or house to their liking.
Real estate can not be bought, but rented out & # 8212; this also allows you to count on getting a residence permit, but the acquisition of housing in private ownership gives a sense of confidence in the future. French law allows dual citizenship, unlike some EU countries, so after a certain period of residence in the country you can apply for French citizenship without losing the status of a Russian citizen. For Russians, dual citizenship with France has always been the highest priority.
Perspectives of living in the country.
In 2018, there is a sharp decline in interest in French real estate due to the threat of terrorist acts. Many who already have housing in this country will offer their property in the secondary real estate market at much lower prices than it was purchased, so those who hope to change the situation for the better or just not afraid of terrorists can get beautiful houses and apartments at a price much lower than the market.
According to analysts, this situation will not last long, and French real estate will again be in demand.
For Russians, France has been the second homeland for more than a hundred years, so the Russian diaspora in the country "# 8212; one of the most influential. Many plan to buy property in France and get a residence permit. For Russians, living in the country is facilitated by the fact that the attitude towards the inhabitants of Russia is quite favorable, but since the majority of French people perceive the inhabitants of other republics, by the similarity of languages, as well as Russians, then for Ukrainians and Belarusians living in France will be quite comfortable and problem-free.
In many shops, cafes and restaurants, the service staff speaks Russian well, and in the resort regions language knowledge is compulsory due to the large number of Russian tourists. The availability of own property significantly facilitates the process of obtaining residence permit, and in the future the status of permanent residence in France. In 2018, no changes are expected in the visa system, the receipt of residence permits for Russians and the registration of citizenship for Russians, but due to the rapidly changing international situation, such changes may occur.
Acquisition of real estate in France.
There is an opinion that after the acquisition of real estate in France, a foreign citizen automatically receives a residence permit, but this is not entirely true. Acquisition of real estate in ownership gives the right to receive a French multivisa, and in case this property is owned more than six months a year, you can make a residence permit. The acquisition of a house or apartment in France for Russians can be a profitable investment of capital, because the price of real estate in the country is steadily growing, despite recent developments.
Particularly successful for Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians can be the acquisition of property in the most prestigious corner of France.
The Cote d'Azur is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean and, of course, the acquisition of property there is only available to wealthy citizens. For Russians, it may be a good idea to purchase small private houses in the central part of the country. Many buy houses together with vineyards, which allows us to further open our own small business.
In state institutions of France, owners who own real estate in ownership, take advantage of the design of residence permits, unlike tenants. Moreover, the higher the value of real estate, the higher the level of favor. The resort zones of the country are actively being built up, and soon there will simply not be enough free space, so if you invest now in the resort real estate of the French coast, then in a short time the price can greatly increase. The same applies to the areas of ski resorts, where very well-off people prefer to rest.
When buying real estate in France for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians there are no benefits or restrictions. In 2018, any citizen of a foreign country or any company has the right to purchase any real estate, as well as land, outside of France. Under French law, the owner of any property becomes a resident.
Registration of real estate in the property.
All questions on registration of real estate in the property is handled by a notary. Under French law, a notary acts not in the interests of any party, but only in the interests of the state. He is an independent person, and in the process of buying and selling it is the notary who checks the proposed property. A notary must provide the Russians with the most complete and detailed information on the property being sold. All payments are also made through a notary.
Initially, a preliminary agreement is signed between the seller and the buyer, which indicates all issues related to the acquisition of real estate, the price of the object and the terms of payments. At the conclusion of this document, an amount equal to 10% of the total value of the object is paid. This money will be on the account of the notary until the transaction is completed. When you make a deal with a resident of another state, you must have a licensed interpreter, but Russians can always find a notary with knowledge of the Russian language.

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