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Getting a residence permit in Portugal.

Getting a residence permit in Portugal.
Portugal is a country located in Southern Europe. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. The official language is Portuguese. The population is about 10.5 million people. The state structure is a parliamentary republic.
Immigration to Portugal is very interesting for Russians, since the country is part of the Schengen zone, it is economically and politically stable. And thanks to the Convention on avoidance of double taxation, having paid taxes, for example, in Russia, a person is no longer obliged to pay them in Portugal.
There is an opinion that you can get Portuguese citizenship by buying real estate. However, obtaining Portuguese citizenship is a long way. In fact, the purchase of real estate is just the basis for obtaining a special visa, which is issued once for a period of 6 months. The process of obtaining a visa takes up to two months.
A special visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a maximum of three months. To stay more than three months, but less than a year, you will have to apply for a temporary residence permit. The process of obtaining such permission will take about 6 months.
With a longer stay in Portugal, you need to apply for a residence permit. Initially, a five-year residence permit is issued for category "A" subject to its first extension in 11 months, when the documents are submitted for an extension for two years at once, and after their expiry for another two years. And already the next stage is getting the residence permit of category "B", which is renewed once in 5 years. Permanent residence (visa type C) can be obtained after 20 years of residence in Portugal.
Gold visa and residence permit in Portugal.
One of the ways to immigrate to Portugal is to obtain a residence permit on the basis of investing money (the Russian name is the program "Golden residence permit, the English name is the Golden Residence Permit Program", also the name "golden visa" is used).
In 2014, in February, the Portuguese government made even more accessible the conditions for obtaining a "golden visa". So, to issue a temporary residence permit in Portugal for this program can be at the time of arrival, and you can get it after 2 months. Temporary residence permit in Portugal for a period of one year in the future can be extended for a period of two years. After five years, the temporary can be changed to permanent residence permit for a period of five years. And after six years of possession of residence permit in Portugal, the investor gets the right to Portuguese citizenship, while retaining his Russian. When acquiring Portuguese citizenship, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the migration legislation of this country.
Benefits of participation in the program:
- only six years of possession of residence permits and compliance with the requirements of migration legislation give the right to obtain Portuguese citizenship,
- visa-free visits to EU countries,
- An attractive taxation system.
The program "Golden Visa" provides for 3 investment options:
- starting a business plus the mandatory creation of at least 10 jobs in the country,
- placement of monetary investments in the amount of 1'000'000 EUR in a Portuguese bank, or investing in securities.
Purchasing real estate under the terms of the program, you can buy either one or several objects, the total cost of which reaches the required cost. It is important that real estate assets are acquired without obtaining mortgages. This property can not be sold within the next five years, otherwise the residence permit will not be renewed.
For investors there are a number of other restrictions:
- Real estate can not be purchased with the help of mortgages,
- Real estate can not serve as collateral.
In the fifth year, you can start receiving permanent residence permit, and from the sixth year you can apply for citizenship, however, provided you pass the Portuguese language test successfully.
Own business and workplaces.
When choosing your own business in Portugal, it is important to fulfill two conditions. The first is to create a minimum of 10 jobs for local citizens, while the minimum authorized capital of the company may be only 5,000 EUR. The second is the payment of taxes in Portugal. As for bureaucratic procedures, they do not take much time, so the process of opening a company and processing documents is quite easy.
Investments (minimum 1'000'000 EUR) can be placed in one of the Portuguese banks, invest in shares / bonds of local companies, purchase state securities for this amount.
When an investor receives a residence permit in exchange for investment, the investor's spouse, his underage children and retired parents can also apply for a residence permit in Portugal.
Birth in Portugal.
Children born in Portugal, but whose parents are foreigners, will be entitled to Portuguese citizenship only if their parents have lived in Portugal legally for at least 10 years with a residence permit. This period can be reduced to 6 years if the parents have the citizenship of the country where the state language is Portuguese.
Getting Portuguese citizenship through naturalization.
Persons who have attained the age of 18 or more and who have expressed a wish may be naturalized as Portuguese citizens only if they live in Portugal for at least 6 years on conditions of possession of a residence permit. They also need to know the Portuguese language and to integrate sufficiently into the local community.
If children receive Portuguese citizenship in the process of naturalization of their parents, the process of obtaining citizenship is carried out through filing a declaration.
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