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Germany | Hamburg (Hamburg): Fischmarkt is the famous fish market in Hamburg.

Germany | Hamburg (Hamburg): Fischmarkt is the famous fish market in Hamburg.
Well, it's time to look at the market itself. Walk along the tents and trays with all sorts of goods.
Of course, as in any other market, there is a "department" with Chinese junk. Fortunately, it did not grow to indecent size, taking up only a little space in the backyards of retail space.
Several flower shops expect romantic visitors.
Well, the full owners of the market are, of course, fruits, vegetables and fish. They are in bulk here!
Another attraction of the fish market is the old pavilion near the waterfront. Despite the fact that we were here only at 9 o'clock in the morning, it already hosted a rock concert, which probably listened to more than one hundred people. Those who paid the entrance to the upper floors, you could enjoy not only the live performance of Bon Jovi songs, but also an excellent breakfast. And the building itself! It's just amazing!
By the way, about breakfast. Before you is a signature Hamburg sandwich. Its filling can vary, but we like the herring with the onion.
The market is full of very colorful characters. Each of them is just created for photography! They all shout, yell, offering their goods, and immediately coming up with a price. Here there is an incredible chaos, which, however, does not bother at all.
And this is the most famous fish trader in all of Hamburg. Legendary personality! Now with a head went into business and all kinds of tele-shooting, and used to be the real soul of the market. Differed by the fact that he liked to throw fish in the crowd.
Another fish dealer collects assorted items to sell it for 10 euros. 5 or 10 euros is the standard price at which traders choose different parts of fish themselves, after which they offer the buyers.
Baskets with fruit also cost 10 euros. These are usually taken by native Germans, without waiting for the final sale. Drawers are the same, as a rule, visitors - and it does not matter from what country.
Immediately after the fish market, a wonderful view opens up to the port of Hamburg, as well as a Russian submarine museum, but this is about to happen another time!
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