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German citizenship by marriage and birth.

German citizenship by marriage and birth.
One of the fastest ways to get a German residence permit is to marry a German citizen. The citizenship, marriage with a citizen of that state you conclude and to which you enter as a spouse is by no means guaranteed and depends on many factors.
Registration of marriage in Germany and citizenship.
Traditionally, the basis for obtaining a permit for long-term residence is the restoration of the family. However, before submitting documents for reunification, it is necessary to formalize a marriage either in the territory of the Russian Federation or in any other country, or have the intention to register a legitimate marriage union in Germany, for which a special national German visa must be issued (somewhat different from the Schengen visa).
In 2007 there was a toughening of requirements in relation to spouses of German citizens. Now, in order to obtain a national German visa granting the right to marry in Germany, each applicant for a visa and wishing to travel to Germany for the purpose of marrying or reuniting the family with his spouse must confirm the basic knowledge of the German language. For this purpose it is necessary to take the exam for knowledge of the German language and provide proof of this, for example, by.
presentation of the certificate "Start Deutsch 1" of the German Cultural Center. Goethe.
Obtaining residence permit on citizenship.
Initially, a German citizen is issued a one-time visa for 90 days, during which it is necessary to issue a residence permit in Germany. The first residence permit is valid for one year, and then extended for one or two years. At the expiration of 3 years of marriage (two, if married children are German citizens), the applicant has the right to apply for permanent residence (permanent residence) or German citizenship. To do this, it is necessary to go through all the steps stipulated by German law, including, among other things, the renunciation of the former citizenship. With this option, the refusal to issue citizenship can occur only if it turns out that the marriage was originally of a fictitious nature, and also if at the time of receipt of the passport it is disintegrated.
German nationality by birth.
Many parents who wish to open for him as much as possible bright prospects in life even before the conception of the child plan a child in Germany, whose citizenship they would like to acquire after the birth or "by birth". In Germany, as in many European countries, the so-called "blood principle" operates, which means that the birth in Germany does not guarantee citizenship. If none of the parents is a citizen of the FRG, the child by birth acquires the citizenship of the parents.
Thus, Germany does not provide automatic citizenship on the basis of the birth of a child on its territory from foreign citizens, except for cases when children are born who have at least one parent who is a foreigner who has been legally residing in Germany for at least 8 years before their birth and has the right to stay or has already been granted a permanent residence permit for three years (an amendment to the German citizenship law, which was enforced in 2000).

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