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From Russia to Georgia, suddenly.

From Russia to Georgia, suddenly.
It is very difficult to bring to the end, and even simply to develop something to which the interest is lost. I often lacked the ability to follow the planned Path, the life concept, but I believe that dull stamina can contribute to progress in this. If I start a hundred times not different things, but one, then for a hundred and first I will not abandon it. Therefore, again & # 8211; hello, I go and write.
This time about how to get from Russia to Georgia.
I have had a number of changes in my life, including dismissal, eviction and parting, which were excellent in helping me to start all the way to all serious problems. Georgia turned up by chance, friends went there for work and for the company, and I also decided to join.
I am writing this text on the second shelf of the Moscow-Vladikavkaz car. The train goes 35 hours, and tomorrow we will be in Georgia.
Three of us are traveling, and three more will meet us in Tbilisi. We just want to travel to several cities, see life, and after Georgia, some of us will go to Turkey, and part of it will go to Turkey. to Armenia. Where will I go & # 8211; decide on the course of the play 🙂
To begin with, I will describe the ways of getting to Georgia from Russia, which we considered. All prices are given at the time of evaluation. approximately 7 days before the trip, around October 19-21.
The first, and the most obvious way of delivering & # 8211; by plane from Moscow to Tbilisi. It costs about 5700r, which for me was a little expensive, and not at all interesting.
The second option is also obvious, but much more long and interesting: Moscow-Vladikavkaz by train (2200r for a reserved seat), and then Vladikavkaz-Tbilisi, which will be necessary. According to our information from Vladikavkaz, for small money (about 50 rub.) To the border with Georgia, minibus minibuses from area # 8220; Swallow & # 8221; and from the market, and from the border (before the border, that is) it is assumed landing in the ride, as the border can not be crossed on foot, and no transit transport passes through it. Also, in Vladikavkaz (and often in the train, at the entrance to Vladiku), you are eager to catch taxi drivers and take them to Tbilisi. Standard Dachshund & # 8211; 1500r per person.
Well, the third option of getting from Russia to Georgia is quite cunning and interesting. First you need to go to Ukraine :)) Moscow-Kharkov aby as (reserved seat for 1500r or Moscow-Belgorod for 900r, or in general, and then the train / bus Belgorod-Kharkov). With the help of WizzAir, which flies only from blessed Ukraine, you can fly from Kharkov to Kutaisi for 409 hryvnia (it's only 1700r) if you buy a ticket in advance. Closer to the date of departure it is already 509, 609, 709 hryvnia. Total, roughly turns out 1500 + 100 + 1700 = 3300r. From Kutaisi to Tbilisi comfortable night trains run, I do not know the price for them, but it should not be expensive.
There is still a little-known way of getting to Georgia on water. I read about the existence of ferries Odessa-Batumi, Kerch-Batumi and Kerch-Poti, and about high-speed boats that jump on the waves so that the passengers of the guts fly out. This topic is dark, the schedule is indistinct, the prices are decent, and people are waiting for the ferry from Odessa to go to eternity, because this ferry is huge. What will happen to the shipping now (after the Crimean events) & # 8211; one can only guess.
We did the following: we arrived in Vladikavkaz by train, agreed with the taxi driver for 2000r for a car (3 people) to Stepantsminda settlement (former Kazbegi), and then boarded a minibus to Tbilisi for 10 lari (200r). It turned out approximately 3200r. The taxi driver knows how to cross the border, and pedestrians pass it very quickly. The only note from the taxi driver is & # 8211; it is better to pass the border early, because by the day-evening, a large queue of machines is being accumulated on the border. The train from Moscow to Vladik is in the morning & # 8211; do not waste time, and the road from Vladikavkaz to Kazbegi, with the crossing of the border, took us three hours, no more.
Kazbegi & # 8211; it's a settlement after the border. Those who got there are strongly encouraged to go up to the Gerget Church of the Holy Trinity, which is located at the foot of Kazbek.
We did not do this, because we wanted to get to Tbilisi as soon as possible, and the minibus departed earlier than we would have managed to drive there: the road to one side takes about an hour, although it was possible to take a taxi.
In Kazbegi you can find a place to sleep & # 8211; I saw there is a hostel there, and for certain there are private offers, so if there is a desire to take a walk in the mountains & # 8211; in my opinion this is an excellent option, even before reaching Tbilisi. Also, already there, Georgian cuisine begins, but this is an occasion for a separate conversation.
The minibus from Kazbegi goes to Tbilisi about 2.5 hours, and stays at the metro station station square, where the railway station is located and there is a pile of buses. This is the place from which you can go to other parts of Georgia, or simply dive into the Tbilisi metro.
All the pictures are taken down the road, from the traveling transport, and I must say, the views here open up such that I want to ask for a landing. We have many times regretted that we are not riding bicycles.
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6 Responses to & quot; From Russia to Georgia, suddenly & quot;
Thanks for the instruction! For a long time I chose a route to Georgia from Russia. Your option is the most optimal for me. In August, I'll move.
we are going to go in early September, and the military-Georgian road is closed, how to get to the territory of Georgia in a different way, while bypassing Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Through Vladikavkaz the road is closed. Very much I doubt, at me the girlfriend recently went so, by the machine.
Hello! It's so well written! Thank you for such a report with the photo. I really want to go to Georgia this fall, to visit Rtveli. Let's do it together?
Alas, it's just that I'm not going to break out right now "# 8230; this year goes under the sign of Work)
Strange building in one of the villages on the road to Gudauri. Maybe representatives of some non-traditional religious movement tried to build a church here?

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