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From Georgia, home through Abkhazia.

From Georgia, home through Abkhazia.
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From Georgia, home through Abkhazia.
2. Georgia does not have official border crossings in the area.
3. When entering the territory of Georgia, a photo of the tourist is taken, a scan of the passport.
4. Further - illegal stay on the territory of Georgia, if there is no stamp - illegal crossing.
5. Under certain circumstances, other states may pay attention to this for permissive and prohibitive purposes.
first: through Azerbaijan.
second: Trobrzon-Sochi.
the third: Poti / Batumi-negotiations with the captains of Russian ships - loading in Russia.
You can go to Abkhazia. went for a drive - and went back to Georgia. Departure to Sochi is PROHIBITED. Specifically, categorically, irrevocably.
It does not matter if you go to Georgia later or not. The decision of the Georgian court can be supported (but not necessarily) by other countries. But you will know it in the most unnecessary case.
Easy death should be asked.
Okay, do not look. I found it myself. Read: "After a couple of hours, after passing through all the controls and checks, we are allowed to enter the territory of Abkhazia. Georgia does not return, we violated the law ".
In general, the topic is already beaten on the forums of caravanning. (By the way, what are you eating?)
Back the same way on August 25th.
What kind of insurance is needed? Payment of roads?
Where do you advise to brake for a couple of days, or maybe more.
Mitsubishi Grandis, 2006 (09 / 12-)
Hang for a couple of days is quite possible - and sleep off there is good, and take a dip. If, of course, there will be no rain.
Easy death should be asked.
For example, you can stop in Mtskheta. This is under Tbilisi.
Near to Mtskheta there is a good restaurant Salobio (maps do not accept) GPS 41.828442,44.725319.
In summer you can relax on the Tbilisi Sea in the Aquapark.
In general, it is necessary to understand in which particular Georgian region you are planning to make a stop, or - on what route to move - from this and there will be advice.
Easy death should be asked.
That's the route!
Mitsubishi Grandis, 2006 (09 / 12-)
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