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From GB to BG, or why the English are moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence.

From GB to BG, or why the English are moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence.
International Migrants Day (International Migrants Day), is celebrated annually on December 18, and it is usually customary to focus on migrants who either flee from war and devastation or go in pursuit of a long euro, bucks or ruble. And I will break the template, as a decent number of migrants leave from quite prosperous countries. Residents of the United Kingdom, for example, want to fall from the islands, where migrants from all over the world are breaking.
Moreover, among the citizens of the UK, not only the pond-prudi, but also those who have already fallen asleep, have been raided. In today's small Bulgaria (according to the Royal Embassy in Bulgaria) about 7000 inhabitants of foggy Albion have been piled for permanent residence and 18,000 people have come to the seasons.
So, given: a family from London, a son three years ago was born in Bulgaria. Susan (32 years old) works as a freelancer (writes on legal issues for various publications), prepares a doctoral dissertation and is a housewife, Stephen (40 years old) is a business coach, skating through Europe with training. Bill (3 years) while sitting at home with his mother, from next year will go to kindergarten to socialize and learn the Bulgarian language.
The Bulgarian epic of the English began in 2007 when, at the peak of the popularity of Bulgarian real estate in the UK, friends invited them to buy apartments in Bansko (and our neighbors are very keen on mountain skiing and mountain tourism, even in my small homeland were in search of adventure))). But then they came across the fraud of realtors and refused the deal on time. However, Bulgaria liked it, and they began to come here with frightening regularity, until Susan became pregnant and they decided that they want to raise a child under the gentle Balkan sun. By that time the enthusiasm for spa property had passed and they decided to stay in Sofia, since you can ski on Vitosha too, and the capital city with its infrastructure has more to live comfortably with a small child, and the constant travels of Stephen made the proximity of the international airport a necessity . And then the price of real estate in the capital of Bulgaria began to decrease, so we became neighbors (our complex is generally distinguished by a rare for Sophia multinationality, except the Bulgarians, it is home to Russians, Englishmen, Americans, Irish, Germans, Greeks, Spaniards, Estonians, Latvians, Belarusians).
What is it that attracted Bulgaria to the British, who for 4 years not only did not get disappointed, but also decided to stay here forever?
The first is of course the climate, the sunny days here are as much as on the Isle of the Cloudy))) As an option for life, they first viewed Spain (and there were a lot of Britons pinched there for a permanent residence), but after spending one summer there, they realized that they were not up to so much love the sun - it's very hot. Well, in Sofia they are pleased that at +10 in December in the city, 10 minutes on the lift and you're in a snowy winter with skis and sledges and all the winter joys.
Second - the various antiquities of the times of the Thracians and Romans, and the last time of the Danube matriarchy (so far the oldest known civilization with writing). Both migrants are great connoisseurs of ancient history and an abundance of artifacts of that era within a day trip by car they are very pleased.
Third - natural beauty, incredible beauty of the Balkans as bewitched, and does not let go.
The fourth - mineral water - both fans of balneotherapy, and the diversity of this kind in Bulgaria will please even the most fastidious fan of mineral water.
The fifth is an opportunity, with not very high incomes, to save up for a house in the old age, as the cost of living in Sofia is not comparable to those in London.
Sixth - as a champion of a healthy lifestyle, they are very pleased with the quality of the water in Sofia, clean air (and our district is one of the most environmentally friendly in Sofia), the availability of eco-products directly from farmers (and Susan especially stressed that it is very important for them products produced there, where they live), an abundance of inexpensive but high-quality wine (and they fell in love with the Bulgarian wine, still living in their homeland).
Stephen also stressed that, annoying many, Balkan relaxation and razdolbaystvo him, after the British strictness and zaorganizovannosti, very impressed))).
In general, the meaning of their migration is the same as for those who go to distant countries for earnings, benefits or runs away from the "bloody regime" - improving the quality of life. Only ways to achieve others 😉

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