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Several years ago, my future husband, Cyril, and I decided to describe the place of our dream, in which we want to live. The criteria were: good ecology, mountains, a lot of water, an international airport, a friendly community.
Not counting on anything, they decided to participate in the lottery on the green card. It is worth noting that about 2 years have passed since the first application was submitted to the consulate for the last interview. All this time we lived quietly, prepared for the wedding and did not think about anything.
After the first half a year I received an answer that I went to the next round, so you need to collect and send them a number of documents. After another 9 months & mdash; an invitation for an interview in Moscow. At that time, I was pregnant and was about to get married, so we had to go together with Kirill. For this it was necessary to again provide a bunch of documents and certificates, undergo a medical examination and even make additional vaccinations. The interview itself took place like in the old film with Gerard Depardieu, it was like a real interrogation: & laquo; what color are your toothbrushes & raquo ;, and how you met & raquo; and so on. They wanted to make sure that we did not have a fictitious marriage. When it was over, the consul solemnly announced: "Welcome to your new life!" & Raquo; And after 2 months we crossed the Atlantic on a two-tiered aircraft.
Before our move, I, and Cyril, had already been to America. I spent a year in Florida, he came to work twice on Nantucket Island. When the question arose where exactly we want to live, the husband offered San Francisco where he once visited as a tourist. We decided that it would be logical to move there, because the city is famous for its architecture (and Cyril is an architect by profession), and the state of California is known for its loyal attitude to such things as home births, which was important for me.
For the first month, we rented a house in the suburbs of San Francisco, since it's quite difficult to choose an apartment for rent for a long time at a distance. When we arrived and reached the place, it became clear that this is not a suburb of San Francisco, but a small town, to which it takes a long time to get there. Having decided the question with the car, first of all went to study the neighborhood. It's hard to imagine what our surprise was when San Francisco and the whole bay turned out to be exactly the way we imagined our dream place. First, there is a lot of water here, which is surrounded on all sides by hills, secondly, an incredible number of parks with century-old sequoias, clean air and many farms with natural products; thirdly, there are even two international airports, from which one can safely fly anywhere in the world.
In San Francisco it is recommended to dress like a cabbage & raquo; because at different times of the day and even in different parts of the city the weather can vary from hot to dank and cold. In addition, the city stands on the hills, so for a walk moms with prams are particularly difficult. Trying to take into account all these factors, we decided to settle on the other side of the bay, where the climate is milder, and fewer hills.
As a result, the issue with the place of residence was decided in an unexpected way. I was at the 30th week of pregnancy, so I started looking for home midwives. I was lucky enough to arrange a meeting with midwives from the city of Berkeley, who even have their maternity center. Berkeley & mdash; A small student town on the opposite side of the bay from San Francisco. We immediately liked this place by the fact that the campus of the University of California is located here, but Berkeley, as the Americans like to say, is family friendly: many parks, schools, children's development centers. Apparently, this city was so much in love with our child, because at the first visit to the maternity center in Berkeley I was put in a local hospital, and two days later our seven-month-old son Savva appeared. So we settled in Berkeley and began to live our little family.
In addition to housing when moving all interested in the question, where to find work. We were very lucky, because in the US we were ex-employer Cyril, an American architect. Then with all our events it was a good option, but now Cyril wants to get a job in a company in San Francisco. For 2 months there was no result. He even listened to lectures on the correct design of the resume, because in America there is a specificity. For example, in no case can you attach a photo or write a date of birth & mdash; this is the ground for discrimination. Local friends say that looking for a job for 6 months, or even a year & mdash; this is in the order of things. Let's hope that in our case everything will happen faster. In general, we live next to Silicon Valley, and San.
The company is flooded with startup companies, maybe we'll find our calling in this.
If we talk about food, I'm very anxious about restaurants and cafes, because I worked in the restaurant and hotel industry. In San Francisco, a lot of completely different institutions, but so far I have not been able to visit some kind of memorable place. In Berkeley, we live next to the campus of the university, so there is a huge number of small restaurants with cuisine from around the world. Literally on one street you can find Korean, Chinese, Mexican, Indian cuisine. I never thought that I would say this, but the most delicious dish here was sushi. In Russia, I never liked sushi and considered it a bad form to add them to the menu of each institution. But here I discovered this dish in a new way.
Frankly, I do not like traditional American breakfasts. Usually it's a huge portion of tasteless egg from egg mixture, fried potatoes, fatty sausages or bacon and a small slice of fruit, which it was not clear why, as if it would save all this gastronomic horror. We stopped several times at local hotels and really missed the European buffet with warm croissants, cheese sliced and freshly prepared omelette with vegetables.
There are still a lot of small coffee houses that do not belong to large networks like Starbucks, and I really like it. You can enjoy pleasant authentic interiors and drink coffee with some new flavor. By the way, recently we all saved one community by signing a petition forbidding Starbucks to open near this institution.
In general, people here are quite friendly. We live in one of the most tolerant places on the planet, I would say. Here people of different ethnic groups, different orientations, cultures, religions coexist: for example, only around our house I counted about 15 different churches. And in the group for young mothers, where I go, there are several gay couples. So the main rule in local communication is & mdash; be tolerant of the way of life of the surrounding people.
There are many events in San Francisco. We, of course, try to choose those where you can go with a small child, for example, museums, small festivals in the open air, parades. Now we want to get to the Burning Man festival, which has been going on in the desert every summer for 28 years. If you do not have the opportunity to come, be sure to watch the video & mdash; it's something unimaginable.
For 7 months of our stay here we have already traveled quite a lot of interesting places: the mountain lake of Tahoe, the park of the secular Muir Woods, the vineyards in the north of the state. Every time we go on a trip, we are surprised how in one place there can be so many different climates, landscapes, and most importantly, & mdash; how still it is important to describe your dream place, and then it will definitely find you!

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