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France: residence permit for qualified professionals.

France: residence permit for qualified professionals.
Employees and partners of Inimex France, including the Company's owners, immigration lawyers, sworn translators, real estate agents, integration department employees and driver-guides, work personally with you and your file, giving you and your dossier all the necessary time and attention.
You can always call us (whatsapp, viber) + 33 621 662 009 (France) or Skype (Linimex) and we will always be happy to answer your questions.
Our legal service, assistance and assistance in obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in France, is based on the immigration legislation of the Republic of France, the text of which you can find by clicking on the link: immigration, a l & # 8217; integration et a la nationalite, la directive europeenne 2009/50 / CE du 25 mai 2009.
Visa-free entry into the Schengen countries agreement; Possibility of staying in any country Schengen Agreement; Citizenship of France after 5 years of legal residence in the country; Minor children (starting from 14 years) have the right to acquire French citizenship, provided they study and live in France for 5 years; Exchange and receipt of a French driver's license (without examination); Accelerated deadlines and a simplified scheme for obtaining visas to the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand; Your children have the right to education in France on the same terms as the French (that is, not as foreign students); Qualified medicine (treatment covered by French medical insurance); Favorable geographical location and climate; In any (or almost any) French city (town), exquisite gastronomy or at least fresh delicious croissants ?, connoisseurs and wine lovers? # 8211; an ideal place for tastings, traveling the French Vignoble Chateau and much more; Acquisition of real estate, car.
Have a diploma of higher education and work experience of at least five (5) years; Conclude an employment contract with a French company for a period of at least one (1) year, as required by the Service de Main d' uvre Etrangere; Salary per year must be at least 53.331 � (29/05/2015).
Application forms (CERFA 15187 * 01); Extrait Kbis; Photo; Foreign and internal passport; Certificate of birth, marriage; Autobiography; Diploma; Motivation letter; Medical insurance issued by a company accredited in France; Certificate of criminal record; Reference from previous work, confirming work experience for five (5) years; Work contract with a French company.
The list of documents is basic.
Consultations and answers to all your questions regarding immigration to France, procedures for the registration of residence permits, integration, education, medicine, administrative and other aspects related to the move in France; Preparation and legalization of required documents; Our licensed translator in France will translate the documents into French; Signature of an employment contract with a French company; Registration of medical insurance; The contract of purchase or rent of personal habitation in France; Applying to the French Consulate; After positive consideration, you receive an immigrant visa, arrive in France and file documents in OFII (Office francais de l'immigration et de l'integration); After passing the interview and medical examination, you will receive a resident card, valid for at least one (1) year, a maximum of three (3) years, depending on the terms specified in the employment contract, with the right to renew; The first two years you must work in the company with which the contract was signed; After two years spent in France, you have the right to work in any French company. After living in France for five years, you have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) and a resident card valid for 10 years.
FRANCE: Residence permit for family members.
The spouse (s) and children included in the immigration application receive a residence permit (residence permit) in France and a resident card with the right to renew.
After five years of living in France, you have the right to the citizenship of France.
Residence permit for financially independent applicants; Residence permit for qualified specialists; Residence permit for investors; Residence permit for talented entrepreneurs; Residence permit for entrepreneurs; Residence permit for EU citizens; France: & # 8220; m ariage & # 8220; ; Student visa; Opening of a bank (nominal, commercial) account for residents and non-residents; Record children in school (public or private); Rent / purchase of real estate; Exchange of driver's license (sample) in French; Legal services in the field of corporate, banking, civil and administrative law; Services of an interpreter, a driver with a car; Extension (sample) to a residence permit; Permanent residence permit, resident card for 10 years; Nationality of France.
We present several stories of our clients who willingly shared their life moments related to immigration to France:
We constantly hear discontent with the Russian immigration offices, which, being no more than ordinary intermediaries, incur large fees and do the most, send you to existing immigration lawyers in France.
No less disturbing is the help of yesterday's immigrants who suddenly began to believe that they all know and are in a hurry to advise or offer their "services" in the design of residence permit. As if a person with poor eyesight, who had written glasses, decided to become an ophthalmologist.
Immigration with Inimex is comfort, confidence and confidentiality.
Inimex Inc. (International Immigration Experts)
Tel (WhatsApp, Viber): + (33) 621 662 009 (France). + 377 607 933 859 (Monaco)

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