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For your and our freedom!

For your and our freedom!
Abo Sharansky is not allowed to sing!
May 18th, 2018, 10:19 am.
Rules of behavior in the blog.
2. An explicit and secret insult to the United States of America and institutions of democracy is prohibited.
3. If you want me to respond to your comments, please call me by name-patronymic - Lev Natanovich or respected Lev Natanovich. I will not tolerate any sympathy.
4. The author of the blog reserves the right to enter into the special list the IP-addresses of commentators suspected of links with the KGB, for the use of lustration in a democratically elected authority in the future.
5. If you want me, it is advisable to explain why. In turn, only friends of the blog of civilized and intelligent people.
January 23rd, 2018, 04:41 pm.
Results of the year.
Current Music Willie Tokarev - Happy New Year, Aunt Haya Tags # For Hague, #attachment to the rally for the sake ofism and Stalinism, Aristocrats of the Spirit, Freedom Fighters, HBO, Gay Parade, Holodomor, Civil Activists, Yeltsin Center, Live Not Lies, UPA Hall, Forbidden Art , Intelligentsia, CPSU, Creacliad, Peremoga, Performance, Crimes of Stalinism, Chekist terror, Sharansky-2017.
January 18th, 2018, 05:09 pm.
True hip-hop.
Current Music Emperor - Aristocrats of the Spirit, HBO, Gay Parade, Holodomor, Grantkor, Forbidden Art, Creakls, Lustration, Sloosi, Conscience, Tolerance, The Holocaust, Artist and poet.
January 11Th, 2018, 02:48 pm.
Current Music VIA Cannibal Bonner - Handshake Tags Aristocrats of the Spirit, Fighters with the regime, Brighton Beach, HBO, GULAG, Gay Parade, Homophobia, Civil Activists, Grant Masters, Grantkor, Grants, De-Stalinization, Dissidents, Yeltsin Center, Live not for lies, Forbidden Art, Intelligentsia, Creakl, Performance, Provocation of the KGB, Artist and poet, Elite.
January 9th, 2018, 04:44 pm.
The fall of the black hawk.
Current Music Willie Tokarev - The Thief Holders Tags # For Hague, # Hour Fair, Aristocrats of the Spirit, Lawlessness, Freedom Enemy, Holodomor, Destalinization, Euroukry, UPA Hall, Creacliad, LGBT, Invisible Hand of the Market, Fall of Regime, Peremoga, Stalinism Crimes, Provocation of KGB, Repression, Values and Ideals, Chekizm, Chekist terror.
December 28Th, 2017, 07:38 pm.
The holiday is knocking at us.
Sincerely, Lev Sharansky.
Current Music The Sorrow - Knights Of Doom Tags Aristocrats of the Spirit, Fighters for freedom, Fighters with the regime, Brighton Beach, HBO, GULAG, Gay Parade, Grant Masters, Grantcore, Grants, De-Stalinization, UPA Hall, Forbidden Art, Israel, Intelligentsia, CPSU, Mordor, The New Brave World, Nuremberg-2, The Fall of the Regime, Peremoga, Performance, Human Rights, Human Rights Defenders, Chekism, Shcharansky-2017.
December 26Th, 2017, 03:39 pm.
Operation "Receiver".
Current Music Willie Tokarev - Rostov Urka Tags # For Hague, #ChasPravdy, Aristocrats of the Spirit, Marsh, Freedom Fighters, Freedom Enemy, HBO, GULAG, Gay Pride, Grants, Euro-Atlantic Choice, Yeltsin Center, Jean-Jacques, Live Not by lie, UPA Hall, Intellectuals, Creacliad, Mordor, The New Brave World, Nuremberg-2, PZiV, Fall of the Regime, Peremoga, Performance, Political Prisoner, Provocation of the KGB, Repressions, Free Elections, Slozi, Twitter Revolution, Prisoner of Conscience, Chekizm, Chekist Terror , Shampoo for dogs.
December 20th, 2017, 05:27 pm.
Presidential program of Lev Shcharansky.
Readers of my blog often ask about the items of my presidential program. Everyone is interested in what kind of reforms the CPSU (s) will implement after coming to power. And finally the time has come when I can put my program on public display. I do this only now, so that all the unclean candidates will not steal it from me, as tweets are used to steal. And they could not add whists to the treasury of their election campaign at the expense of the intellectual power of Brighton Beach. In addition to the best minds of the Matryoshka tavern that worked on the program during the most powerful brain storms, such outstanding personalities as political analyst Oleg Ponomar, stock analyst Stepan Demura and editor-in-chief of Our Canada Moisej Zhidoplyasov also put their hands on it. So, my program of action after coming to power in this country:
- Accession to NATO. The new democratic Russia will undoubtedly become an important outpost of civilized mankind against communist China, which is totalitarian oppressing Tibetan monks. The saying "Fight for Anglo-Saxon interests until the last Russian", ruthlessly spoiled by a tyrant and bloodsucker Stalin, should return to its own places. The Russian soldier must atone for Europe with the blood of hundreds of centuries of oppression of free peoples, as Ukrainian sepoys do now.
- Prohibition of Russian rap. In order to distract the youth from the struggle for your freedom and our freedom, all TV channels and YouTube have flooded low-quality handicrafts from oxymorones, purulent, face and staple agents. I will put an end to the suffering of your ears and let you listen only to rap from African Americans (Timati does not count for them). Legally allowed for listening will be only indie rock, arenas, chanson and emocor.
- Thursday and Friday are non-working days. On Thursday evening the creative intelligentsia, and on Friday the day of the HBO, so work these days - haraam. I legally guarantee every Russian citizen these days free of charge on a bottle of Royal alcohol, two packs of juice of Jupi and a bonus discount for elite Polish moonshine.
- Decommunization and de-Stalinization. Legally, the arms, the anthem and the symbolism of the communist and imperial periods of Russia will be banned. As a hymn of Russia the "Black Crow" voting will be chosen as an ideal soundtrack for paying and repenting (after the hymns of Ukraine and Poland). Congress of the intelligentsia in Vilnius will be involved in the development of a new coat of arms and the flag of free Russia. In each settlement there must be at least one monument to Shcharansky, Senator John McCain and Academician Bonner for every 10 thousand people. The mass construction of Yeltsin centers, Holodomor museums, Holocaust museums, Katyn museums and Soviet occupation museums is planned in every city with a population of not less than 400 thousand.

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