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For permanent residence in Bulgaria. Cheat sheet for the emigrant.

For permanent residence in Bulgaria. Cheat sheet for the emigrant.
In recent years, many people who wish to move abroad to live abroad are choosing Bulgaria for these purposes.
In recent years, many people who wish to move abroad to live abroad are choosing Bulgaria for these purposes. However, the way of the emigrant is not so simple. The countries of the European Union are constantly tightening the requirements for immigrants. Another 8-10 years ago it was possible to issue a residence permit in Bulgaria, collecting a minimum of documents. Today, everything has become much more complicated. And yet experts say that Bulgaria remains one of the few European countries where you can move without having hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account.
"We issue a residence permit in Bulgaria" - today the Internet is literally full of such advertisements. Dozens of companies offer their services to those wishing to move to the Black Sea coast. And if earlier firms specialized mainly on Russian citizens, in the last 2-3 years, Kazakhstan was also interested in Bulgaria.
According to the director of the Bulgarian company "Katarina 2014" Elena Viktorova, for 9 months of this year only through her company passed 6 families from Kazakhstan, who wished to move to Bulgaria. According to statistics, in 2013 more than 200 Kazakhstanis decided to get the status of long-term residence in this country. According to forecasts, in 2014 this figure can double. "People in the first place are attracted by the opportunity to buy real estate at 2 times cheaper than in Kazakhstan. For many, this is a chance to buy a home. In Bulgaria, prices for food and clothing are significantly lower. The Black Sea has a mild climate, there is an opportunity to relax for free. Very good ecology. You can do business in pretty attractive conditions with low taxes. For many, it is important that there are no destructive earthquakes on the southern coast of the Black Sea, "says Elena Viktorova.
However, the move to Bulgaria, in addition to certain advantages, there is a significant disadvantage. Bulgaria takes very seriously its labor market, and, according to the law, people who are not citizens of the country can not get a job. The exception is rare specialists, who would like to hire Bulgarian companies, but such cases are rare. There are too many bureaucratic obstacles. There are two exits. Either open your business, or arrange unofficially, without any guarantees.
"Of course, moving to Bulgaria is much cheaper than in Spain or Greece. This can afford, let's say, the middle class, - says the project manager Eugene Martynov. - However, one must understand that no one is going to provide resettlers here with work. Therefore in Bulgaria and in general in the European Union it is necessary to go only to people with an active vital position and financially held ".
As for the move itself, there are several ways to implement it. The first one is for financially secured pensioners. That is, a person confirms that he has some savings and there is a pension. It is necessary to take a certificate about the presence or absence of a criminal record. It is desirable, but it is not necessary to have your own accommodation in Bulgaria. In principle, that's all. You can go to the Bulgarian Embassy in Astana and get a long-term visa D. Upon arrival in the country, the pensioner goes to the migration police and gives them the documents. After about 2 months, he receives a personal card, according to which he can stay in Bulgaria for 1 year. If a person has spent at least 183 days in the country for 5 years, he can apply for permanent residence. For pensioners, everything is quite simple.
According to the director of the company Katarina 2014, pensioners in Bulgaria are treated very well, and on the Kazakh or Russian pension you can buy food and things much more than at home. Plus, the marine climate will help restore health and prolong life.
People who have not reached retirement age can receive the status of long-term stay in several cases. To contribute 300 thousand euros to the economy of Bulgaria, to open a company and provide work for 10 Bulgarian citizens, to be a seconded journalist or to get a work visa - all these ways are very specific and do not meet the needs of the majority of those who want to move.
Therefore, the most real way to move is to register a trade representative office in Bulgaria. What it is? The resettler must be one of the founders of a legal entity that (like) sends it with his family to another country, so that he there was a representative. Thus the person can not conduct any activity. That's why 99% of migrants go exactly along this path.
It can be divided into several steps.
Step 1. To register a trade representation in Bulgaria, one must be one of the founders of a LLP in Kazakhstan. You can organize a legal entity for your family or ask for friends or acquaintances. After that, the director of the LLP must give a power of attorney to open a representative office in Bulgaria at the notary's office. Also on hand should be a certificate of the current status, copies of title documents, an extract from the register, an extract from the bank account and confirmation of the signature of the individual.
Step 2. The collected documents on the legal entity are sent to Bulgaria, where the trustee will transfer them to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where, in fact, the representative office will be registered. This process takes about 20 days and soon the documents are returned back.
Step 3. Collecting personal documents and preparing for visa application D. Before you go to the embassy for a visa, you need to collect the following documents:
� Completed visa application forms;
� Passports (for both adults and children);
� Birth certificate of the child;
� Marriage certificate;
� Insurance coverage not less than 30 thousand euros valid in EU countries;
� Information on the absence of a criminal record (after presentation in the embassy they must be apostilled to the Prosecutor General's Office in Astana);
� Documents for representation;
� Evidence of the provision of housing for the duration of stay in the country (this may be a notarial act of the owner of the home or a lease);
� Evidence of financial and social security for the period of stay in the country (a certificate of the presence of a settlement account in a Kazakhstan bank, 2,100 euros per person);
Photos of everyone who intends to leave;
� A statement, certified by a notary, that you are ready to provide financial support to your children. It's just a bureaucratic piece of paper, but it's needed.
It is very important - all documents must have 2 copies per person.
According to the project manager Eugenia Martynova, the Bulgarian authorities are rather supportive towards the people of Kazakhstan. "For example, according to the rules, the proof of financial and social security assumes that the account must be in the Bulgarian bank. And the Russians are forced to follow the rules. And Kazakhstanis make indulgence. And more nuance. When submitting documents for a long-term visa D it is advisable to already have documents that you have your own home in Bulgaria. Such people are more likely to be given a visa and refusals are very rare, "says Evgeny Martynov.
Step 4. A trip or a trip to the embassy. The Bulgarian office accepts documents for a visa D 3 days a week - from Tuesday to Thursday, from 10.00 to 12.00.
Step 5. Answer on the visa will be given after about 2 months. If the migrant is not a resident of Astana, then it is better to leave a power of attorney for someone in the capital, so that he can not go after passports himself. If the answer is positive, you can meet in Bulgaria.
Step 6. Upon arrival in the country you need to put money in a Bulgarian bank, arrange local insurance and you can file documents with the migration police for a long-term stay for 1 year, that is, residence permit. If the answer is positive here, then the system is like that of pensioners. The same 5 years and 183 days a year.
As for the costs of processing documents. The firm's services range from 1,000 to 1,500 euros. No matter if 1 person or family rides, the price will not be much more expensive. Almost 100% of immigrants use services, as it is rather difficult to delve into legal subtleties themselves, and consultations are needed on a very wide range of issues. In addition, it is necessary that someone is engaged in documents in Bulgaria itself, and flights to and from here and hotel accommodation will eat an even larger amount.
Collection of documents, notary services, apostilling documents in the CSC, transport - it is better to lay about 100-120 thousand tenge per family.
Travel and accommodation in Astana: everything here will depend on the type of transport and the cost of a rented apartment. From 30 to 200 thousand tenge per family.
Tickets to Bulgaria. Here, too, the dispersion is very large. In summer, you can fly by charter for quite a bit of money. In winter, you will have to fly with transplants. Fill in 100-120 thousand tenge for transportation.
Collecting documents in Bulgaria, too, will result in a certain amount. We will have to make out local insurance, pay for translation and legalization of Kazakhstani documents, such as a certificate of criminal record and others. Also, in case of a positive decision, you will have to pay 250 euros per person to the Bulgarian treasury. In general, on a place it is necessary to give still on 400 euros for the person.
Language classes. In general, Bulgaria has no language barrier for Russian-speaking people. But to learn the language does not hurt - it costs from 70 to 120 euros for two months.
"It is important to understand that the representation gives the right only to be in Bulgaria. If a person wants to do business, he will simply register a commercial company - it's quick and easy, says Evgeny Martynov. "On the whole, the Bulgarian authorities understand that registering a representative office is a loophole for moving. But they close their eyes to this for several reasons. First, people make significant payments to the budget, buy real estate, pay for the services of notaries, lawyers, translators. As a rule, immigrants are active people, businessmen, specialists who invest money and labor in the development of the country. That is, it is a serious flow into the economy of the country. Secondly, in Bulgaria today there is a demographic crisis, the country loses more than 150 people a day. And migrants with a similar mentality and often one religion are favorably received. "
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aide 04.28.2015 20:57.
I would like to move to Bulgaria but my husband has a criminal record.
Catherine 12.07.2015 12:13.
Hello! How can I transfer to Kazakhstan a pensioner? How much do I know, if you change your citizenship or even if you get a residence permit in Bulgaria, a pensioner from Kazakhstan is deprived of the right to receive a Kazakh pension?
Valentine 8/8/2017 9:15 PM.
How can I receive my pension?
Valentine 08/04/2017 9:19 PM.
I mean when moving to Bulgaria.
����� ������ Tuesday, 22 July 2012 22:09.
Easily. All pensioners receive a transfer or mail.

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