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Flights to Cairo.

Flights to Cairo.
Booking of air tickets online.
How to find out the price of the air ticket.
Fill in the flight search form, indicating the city of departure (field "From") and the city of arrival (field "Where").
Specify the desired departure date (the "Departure Date" field) - in case you buy a ticket to "One way"
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Select the number of passengers going to the flight and click "Find"
Within 30 seconds, the system will search for air tickets among the 190 most popular airlines in the world (including budget) and provide a full list of flight options starting from the cheapest.
Pay attention - the system works in Real Time mode, i.e. it shows all the available variants of the flight and the final price for the air ticket "at the moment."
Now you can see all the variants you are interested in, the options for the flight to the specified dates and the final price for the air ticket, and if there is a Credit Card - and buy a ticket in onLine mode!
How to buy a ticket online.
Simply select the flight option you like and click the "Pay" button. Enter the passport details of departing passengers, contact phone number and your E-mail.
After paying for air tickets - within 20 minutes your E-mail address will receive the Air Ticket Receipt (Electronic Ticket).
This electronic ticket must be printed out and provided at the airport upon check-in for the flight.
We wish you a happy flight!
Flights from Moscow to Cairo.
Cairo and Moscow:
direct flight from Moscow:
Prices of flights to Cairo.
Discover's selection of low-cost Moscow to Cairo flights.
The cheapest flights from Moscow to Cairo.
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The cheapest flights from Moscow to Cairo.
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Approximate prices of flights to Cairo.
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Schedule of direct flights to / from Cairo.
The schedule of flights without a transfer to Cairo from Moscow.
The schedule of flights without a transfer from Cairo to Moscow.
How to get to the city.
There are several ways to get to Cairo:
Map of Cairo.
Cheap tickets to Cairo -
shares and sales.
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Cheap flights to Cairo from Moscow (from Aeroflot)
Before the New 2013, there are less than 100 days left! And maybe all the same it is worth a stroll in Cairo?
Trip type Round Trip (RT) - in both directions.
Details of the schedule and the availability of vacant seats on flights check with our operators.
Flights to Cairo from the airline Aeroflot.
Flights to Cairo from Turkish Airlines.
Flights to Cairo from Lufthansa.
Cheap flights to Cairo from cities.
Cheap flights from Cairo to cities.
Number of airports: 88.
Drunk driving: the maximum norm of alcohol in the driver's blood is 0.5 �
Official language: Arabic.
Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)
(the length of the land border is indicated)
If the surgeon in Ancient Egypt lost the patient during the operation, the doctor was severed hands. Thunderstorm in Egypt is only once in 200 years. The pyramid of Cheops is the only one of the "Seven Wonders of the World", which has survived to the present day. The height of the pyramid is 137.2 meters. The pyramid of Cheops is the only one of the "Seven Wonders of the World", which has survived to the present day. The height of the pyramid is 137.2 meters.
near the city of Cairo:
(the service is running in test mode)
Not only the passengers of the German Lufthansa suffer from the strikers' strikes. The Egyptian national airline Egypt Air also interrupted international flights: this morning the employees went to protest, which lasted twelve hours.
The crew members who took part in the strike had to serve a number of morning flights. They did not go to work, and therefore the company's management suspended flights from Cairo from 4:00 to 16:00 local time (from 2:00 to 14:00 Moscow time).
The staff action did not affect the internal flights of Egypt Air. Flight attendants started strikes, seeking to improve working conditions. Note that some passengers stuck in the airport of Cairo, supported the protesters and themselves joined the speech.
We can not fail to mention the new successes of the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo: October 26 there was exceeded its own maximum annual indicator for passenger turnover. The border in 2 261 630 people was earlier fixed on December 31, 2010. Growth following the results of 9 months amounted to approximately 21%.
Alexander Borodin, general director of Tolmachevo, said that ahead of the previous figures for two months - an important indicator of the effectiveness of the complex. And there are a lot of good things: new flights are opening, a route network is developing, new important partners are emerging, passengers are smiling approvingly, noticing innovations: for example, 18 new registration racks and more than 60 conveyor belts for handling baggage in the domestic terminal.
In 2011, passengers were able to fly direct flights from Tolmachevo to Berlin, Kiev, Larnaca, Thessaloniki, Harbin, Guangzhou, Nadym, Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk, Salekhard, Ufa, Kyzyl. In addition, at the world forum "Routes", dedicated to the development of new routes, the delegation of the Novosibirsk airport held preliminary talks about the prospects of opening flights to Seoul, Shanghai, Cairo and Helsinki.
Cheap flights to Cairo for flights with a transfer through Amsterdam are offered by the airline KLM.
Air tickets for direct flights from Moscow are offered by Aeroflot and Egypet Air.
The center of Cairo from the airport can be reached in 8-9 euros by taxi. The trip will take from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the traffic situation. You can leave the airport in comfort - in a black limousine. The maximum cost of such a trip is 10 euro.
The taxi is the main public transportation of Cairo. In addition, the city has several bus lines and a lot of shuttles. Many people drive cars that are rented.
The subway in Cairo is clean and comfortable. The length of the Cairo subway is 70 km, there are both ground and underground stations. The ticket, which costs approximately 0.1 euro, must be preserved until the end of the trip - it can be checked at the exit.
There are a lot of buses in Cairo and they form traffic jams during peak hours. Travel by bus is inexpensive - less than 0.1 euro. A little more expensive is a trip in a minibus (route taxi). Minibuses travel all around Cairo and between cities.
Taxis in Cairo are so many that they do not even need to be called or stopped - they drive up themselves. From the city center to any district, you can drive less than 1 euro. But this price is the result of trade. Machines, as a rule, are not equipped with counters, and drivers are very fond of bargaining.
Buying air tickets to Cairo, take care in advance about your transport in Cairo. The lease agreement can be issued in Moscow. You can also rent a car on arrival. The rental price per day is up to 10 euro. For registration of the contract rights and a passport are needed, confirming that the driver is more than 21 years old.
In Cairo, a sharp subtropical climate with pronounced differences in daytime and night temperatures. In summer it is hot and, as a rule, dry. Precipitation falls rarely, but abundantly, sometimes causing flooding. In winter, the air temperature during the day rarely falls below 20 � C, and at night there are frosts up to 0 � C. If you buy air tickets to Cairo in October or November, you will find the so-called "European" season, when the weather is cool and comfortable. Departing to Cairo from March to September, do not forget the umbrella - autumn and winter are rainy here.
Average air temperature in Cairo.
Cairo is famous for its many attractions. The Citadel, the old Cairo, the Egyptian Museum - it's just a small part of them. Monuments representing Muslim architecture are a real decoration of the city. Mainly, it is worth highlighting the citadel of Saladin, who dominates Cairo. This fortress is the oldest in the whole world, it repeatedly had to reflect the armies of conquerors. On the territory of the fortress there is an incredible mosque. A beautiful city panorama opens from the walls of the citadel.
The main asset of Cairo, of course, is called the pyramids. The three most famous pyramids are Mikerin, Chephren and Cheops.

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